How to Buy Canadian Insulin Online – 2024 Guide

Did you know that there exist people in the United States who die from diabetes because they cannot afford to buy insulin? The main reason for it is that, despite the fact that insulin is a life-saving drug, its price is unjustifiably high in the United States.

Luckily, there are several “ways out” for the U.S. diabetics who depend on insulin but cannot afford it. For instance, they can take advantage of certain health insurance plans, apply for special pharmaceutical assistance programs, or buy insulin online.

In this article, you will find details on the last option. So, go through the information below to check out why insulin in Canada costs less than in the U.S. and how you can buy it online. Let’s minimize your insulin expenses right away!

What Is Insulin?


Let’s take a detailed look at insulin by discussing it as:

  • A hormone your body produces;
  • A life-saving drug.

On the one hand, insulin is a hormone that is naturally produced in your pancreas to regulate your blood sugar levels. Here is how it works:

  • When you eat, the sugar from the food gets into your bloodstream;
  • As a response to this sugar, your pancreas starts to produce a hormone called insulin;
  • Once being produced, insulin transfers the sugar from your bloodstream to your cells, where it is transformed into energy.

On the other hand, insulin is a life-saving drug that is subcutaneously injected into the bodies of diabetics in order to regulate their blood sugar levels. Here is how it works:

  • Sometimes, the naturally produced in the human body insulin might stop functioning properly. Namely, a pancreas might either stop releasing enough insulin or a body might stop making proper use of insulin (this health condition is defined as insulin resistance), which will eventually lead to the development of a debilitating disease of diabetes mellitus;
  • In such cases, a person might need to regularly inject insulin or its analogs in order to manage blood sugar levels and keep them within a normal range. Without these manipulations, high blood sugar might lead to severe health complications (such as kidney disease) or even death, which is why insulin is considered to be a life-saving drug.

Depending on the duration of their action, insulin products are divided into:

  • Fast-acting insulin;
  • Intermediate-acting insulin;
  • Long-acting insulin.

It is always the task of a certified health care practitioner to prescribe patients the most suitable insulin type that will manage their blood sugar highs efficiently.

An interesting fact: Before the discovery of insulin (that occurred in 1921), diabetics had to stick to a special diet that did not exceed 500 calories a day to prolong their lives. Still, it had little effect on their health, so their life expectancy remained extremely low.

So, insulin might be defined from the two following viewpoints: as a naturally occurring hormone and as a drug upon which diabetics are dependent.

Where to Buy Insulin Medications?


People who live with diabetes have a number of options of where to buy insulin preparations. Namely, they can purchase an insulin pump, pen, or vial at:

  • A local pharmacy;
  • An online drug store;

While each above-mentioned option has its own benefits and drawbacks, it might be not so easy to decide which one is the most reasonable.

Moreover, if you live in the U.S., you might either buy insulin locally (in the United States) or order it from Canada. In most cases, the latter option will be much more cost-efficient: you might save up to 80 percent if you buy order insulin from Canada.

Why Insulin in Canada Costs Less than in the U.S.?

insulin price in canada

So, what is the main reason why Canadian pharmacies sell insulin at”life-saving” prices? Well, the main reason for it is that the Canadian government plays a crucial role in the country’s drug administration and tries to do its best to make insulin prices as affordable as possible.

As a result, insulin prices in any Canadian province (no matter whether it is located in western, eastern, or central Canada) will be much more customer-oriented than in any U.S. state. Furthermore, a vast majority of Canadian pharmacies provide their customers with prompt and courteous service tailored to their needs, toll-free fax, fast delivery, and other benefits that encourage more and more diabetics to order online.

Insulin is a vital medication, and often people’s lives depend on it. That’s why skipping the injection to use less medication and save some money is definitely not the right call. Canadian pharmacies are an excellent option for those who have been looking for a way to buy cheaper but still high-quality insulin products.

How to Order Insulin from Canada?

It is pretty easy to buy insulin from Canada at Insulin Store. Namely, you will only need to:

  • Select an online pharmacy you would like to buy at;
  • Browse across their website and select the necessary insulin brands;
  • Get your insulin shipped to you in a timely manner.

However, please take the following rules into account when ordering insulin from Canada:

  • Insulin is a prescription medication. Therefore, you will have to upload a valid prescription from your health care practitioner to a website you are buying from;
  • You are allowed to buy the amount of Canadian insulin that does not exceed a three months supply and is intended for personal use only.

That’s it! If you pay attention to the above-mentioned rules, you will have little to no difficulties when purchasing diabetes management products from Canada.

Final Words


All in all, there is nothing difficult in buying insulin from any Canadian prescription referral service. Moreover, most pharmacies in Canada have customer support, so they can help you if there is anything you are not sure about during the process. Buying in a few quick clicks is real and easier than you think! Therefore, how about ordering products for insulin injections online and saving up to 80 percent on them?

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