Top 10 Builders and Developers and their Features

Each year, the magazine compiles rankings of the best home builders in the United States. They are based on the number of deals closed, including the completion of single-family homes for rent, an area where the nation’s top builders have begun to enter. Choose your best builder, but first learn how to make the right choice https://newhomesmate.com/builders.

How to Choose a Builder for Your Real Estate Project


Figuring out how to choose a builder for your project is a very important task in bringing your project to fruition.

Here are the main tips:

  • Add value and find cost savings – you need a builder who will work with you through the design process to find more efficient design and construction solutions.
  • Understanding Development Economics – you need a builder who understands that sometimes less is more because he understands the economics of development.
  • Understanding the subdivision process – builders who know nothing about the WAPC subdivision process will invariably provide very inaccurate component cost estimates or push you to build because it’s “easier.”
  • Cost certainty and transparency – you want a builder who works with you on a fixed-price construction contract, with no changes .
  • Organizational and supervisory skills – your builder must have the highest commitment to organization, time efficiency, and supervision of the workforce.
  • Insurability – your builder should have liability insurance, against theft of materials and against insolvency.

Requesting a statement of financial solvency from the builder’s CFO or accountant is not unreasonable .

Features and Benefits of the Best Builders in the U.S.

Here’s how the top 5 developers in our top ten rankings are doing.

Harwood Homes


Harwood has 20 years of experience in building a commitment to customer satisfaction. What makes it special:

  • Every style and design option – because every client is unique, the goal at Harwood Homes is to provide individual style both inside and out.
  • Company awards and recognition – recognizing excellence in construction, Harwood Homes has won over 60 highly acclaimed Master Builders House of the Year Awards to date. These awards recognize the consistent quality of work and innovative design embodied in homes.
  • Personalized service – this is not a franchise. The company places a high value on a personal approach and relationship with customers, listening and understanding their needs.
  • Homes you can live a lifetime in – Harwood Homes has clear goals about what a home should not only look good, but also fit every need and situation. This means that the systems and materials they use ensure the future of the home for life, so that your home will continue to meet your needs.

Harwood Homes treats each client with care, offering only the best options for a cozy family nest.

Village Homes


Since its founding in 1996, Village Homes of Fort Worth, Texas, has earned a reputation for building unique and inspiring homes combined with quality, innovative design and classic architecture.

Hehe are its benefits:

  • Craftsmanship beyond time – a pioneer in the use of architectural purity inspired by local homes built in the pre-World War II era, the company is proud to keep this as its main foundation.
  • Bringing innovation to life – Village Homes maintains close relationships with the best contemporary architects, craftsmen, contractors and suppliers. The company is committed to deploying the best professionals to make a modern dream home.
  • Excellence in construction – Village Homes offers proven floor plans, an extensive library of inspiring photographs, and a management team that will be a trusted advisor every step of the way.

It’s worth it to think about choosing a Village Homes.

Ash Creek Homes


Ash Creek Homes goes to great lengths to design communities in a way that enhances all of the surrounding beauty. This can be by preserving as many trees as possible, maintaining natural topography, or designing with attention to panoramic views. This way of thinking is the hallmark of the company.

The company’s advantages also include:

  • Modern technology and a new approach – best practices and attention to detail in land planning do not go unnoticed. One of the reasons the company stands out among its peers in the home building industry is to build something incredible.
  • Thoughtful construction – this is a small but nimble company. They have a vision to create something magical for homeowners. Even if it takes a lot of extra time and resources to do so. The end result is always worth it.
  • Professional staff – employees, vendors and subcontractors have been with the company for over 25 years.

This forms meaningful relationships not only with employees, but also with lenders, bankers, painters, framers and landscapers.

House Building awareness is evident in everything from craftsmanship, to layout, to materials. When you walk into a home built by Ash Creek Homes, you’ll see history and feel good.

Royal Homes

Royal Homes understands that people want a break from their stress in homes that offer comfort, stability and security.

The company can also offer:

  • Focusing on family values – in addition to working to achieve a quality standard of living, they also understand that homes are about bringing families together. To allow large families to function in the context of a single home or to offer housing to those who prefer the core, Royal Home strives to offer unique ideas.
  • Eco-friendly – Royal Home’s mission is to design homes of superior quality that are modern, eco-friendly and adhere to all industry laws.
  • Ideas into reality – Royal Home will turn all ideas into reality by providing aesthetically feasible plans that use logical construction methods using quality approved materials.

The company uses time efficiently and is ready to guarantee the best results.

Sendero Homes


Sendero Homes has been building custom homes in Austin since 1994, striving to exceed customer expectations and provide the best quality product of any builder on the market.

The values they offer include:

  • Integrity – Sendero Homes works diligently to fulfill the commitments we’ve made to our clients.
  • Sub-accountability – the company takes responsibility for choices and decisions and for the results that result.
  • Uniqueness – Sendero Homes builds extraordinary homes to exacting specifications of individual vision.

In addition, Sendero Homes brings passion to its work through clear communication, flexibility and attentiveness.

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