7 Best Jeep Gun Safe 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

Storing your guns is convenient and easy when you have to store them at your home. It will not take much of your time and place to fix your guns permanently or temporarily at some specific site at your home.

Editor's Pick
Bestop 4264101 Underseat Storage Lockbox - Driver Side
Good Choice
GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe (1 Unit)
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Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe With RFID Instant Access For Guns and Valuables.
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RPNB Gun Safe,California DOJ Certified Quick-Access Pistol Safe for Multiple Handguns&Ammo with...
Bestop 4264101 Underseat Storage Lockbox - Driver Side
GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe (1 Unit)
Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe With RFID Instant Access For Guns and Valuables.
RPNB Gun Safe,California DOJ Certified Quick-Access Pistol Safe for Multiple Handguns&Ammo with...
Editor's Pick
Bestop 4264101 Underseat Storage Lockbox - Driver Side
Bestop 4264101 Underseat Storage Lockbox - Driver Side
Good Choice
GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe (1 Unit)
GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe (1 Unit)
Don't Miss
Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe With RFID Instant Access For Guns and Valuables.
Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe With RFID Instant Access For Guns and Valuables.
Also Consider
RPNB Gun Safe,California DOJ Certified Quick-Access Pistol Safe for Multiple Handguns&Ammo with...
RPNB Gun Safe,California DOJ Certified Quick-Access Pistol Safe for Multiple Handguns&Ammo with...

At the same time, it becomes difficult and hefty to take your guns with you while you are on the ride. Specifically when you need it the most for your protection.

To solve this problem and secure your gun in the right place, we are here with our research.

The best jeep gun safes! Yes, these are for you to place them in your jeep and put your gun inside them to ensure proper security and quick access.

All of these selected best gun safes are chosen while focusing mainly on your ease of access and security. Furthermore, these gun safes also provide you with quick access to your gun in case of emergency.

Our Picks for Best Jeep Gun Safe

Here we explain the seven best jeep guns, which allow you to store your gun in a secure place while travelling. They ensure quick access to your gun in case of any emergency.

1. Bestop 42641-01 Jeep Gun Safe – Jeep Wrangler Gun Safe

Bestop 42641-01 Jeep gun safe

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If you are the owner of the Wrangler JK, I will suggest you go with the selection of Bestop 42641-01 Jeep gun safe to ensure safety and quick access in emergency cases.

This is the only jeep gun safe that is explicitly for Wrangler JK. It has been designed in a compact and small manner to fit under the driver seat.

This is possible only when the seat is straight and not tilted; otherwise, it will not fit under the seat.

The construction of the safe is with 16 gauge steel which is strong enough to face any harshness. Additionally, there is no requirement for additional tools to assemble this Bestop 42641-01 Jeep Gun Safe.

It is not easily visible because of its powdered matte black finish, giving it a look at the jeep’s interior.

Furthermore, this jeep gun consists of a cylinder lock that is pick resistant and contains two keys. This makes it almost impossible for the thieves to pick it up.

The interior padding and setting of this jeep gun safe keep the items away from mixing and rattling. Lastly, no need to worry about your seat adjustment as this jeep gun safe will not affect the adjustment of the driver’s seat.

  • Strong construction
  • Pick-resistant lock
  • No additional tools for assembling
  • It takes time to install


We have selected this Bestop 42641-01 Jeep Gun Safe because of its solid and sturdy construction. The presence of a pick resistant lock and the dual key system makes it most secure and safe during travelling.

Furthermore, you are not required to have extra tools and accessories with you to assemble it.

2. GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe – Jeep Under Seat Gun Safe

GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

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This jeep gun safe is renowned for being the most popular and reliable, portable and compact designed safe, focusing precisely on firearm safety.

Since 1990 this GunVault company has manufactured the best products for you and for the security and safety of your treasures.

In terms of internal space, this Jeep gun safe can store a full-size handgun with some other ammunition, all at a time.

The unbreakable and robust construction of this Jeep gun safe is with 12 gauge solid and rigid steel material. Furthermore, the outer part of this gun safe is layered with a matte black finish to make it lost in between the internal environment of the Jeep.

Moreover, with available holes, you can mount this safe in the vehicle to make it more portable and easy to carry.

The lock which this gun safely uses has no Eyes Keypad System. This helps you in locking your gun safe with advanced technology, maximising its safety and security.

With this locking system, you can program a number combination and store it to unlock your safe later. You also have the availability of 12 million codes, which will make it impossible for someone to guess the right one.

  • Advanced level locking system
  • Mountable
  • Large internal space
  • Not waterproof neither fireproof


This is another best gun safe that can be used in your jeep to ensure you are carrying your firearms safely and securely.

It consists of an advanced level locking system that gives you access to the availability of 12 million codes.

3. Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe With RFID Instant Access – Jeep Wrangler Gun Storage

Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe With RFID Instant Access

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Are you looking for a safe which provides you with convenient access? In terms of quick accessibility, Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe is the best and ideal gun safe.

The latest features and quick access makes this gun safe, highly reliable and trustworthy. The exterior of this gun safe is composed of 14 gauge strong steel material, making it highly durable and unbreakable.

You are not required to make any amendments or modifications inside your vehicle. Instead, you can safely mount this gun inside your vehicle, making it easy and quick to reach.

This tamper-proof and heavy-duty jeep gun safe are ideal for you to travel with your firearm securely.

Furthermore, the most suitable part is getting the security cable when you buy this gun safe. This is an essential feature for added security and protection purposes.

Furthermore, you can place your gun inside a gun safe in an appropriately secure and adequate manner because of foam padding.

  • Touch-free lock set-up
  • Mountable to any seat
  • Presented in a ready position
  • Not for every jeep


This is another type of jeep gun safe with the latest touch-free lock setup enhancing your security. You are not required to make any changes inside your jeep because this safe can mount on every passenger or driver’s seat.

4. RPNB Gun Safe RP19001F Biometric

RPNB Gun Safe RP19001F Biometric

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This is another beloved and popular gun safe used in your jeep to ensure the safety of your firearms. If someone asks about the most efficiently and quickly accessible gun safe, I would confidently say to go with RPNB Gun Safe without rethinking.

While preventing you from losing in extreme emergencies of theft, this gun safe is reliable in providing confidence and security to you and your firearm.

No need to spend time setting up this gun safe because this gun safe is convenient to set up and access quickly. Moreover, you will get the fingerprint lock through a biometric procedure, which operates on batteries.

You need to pay attention to the battery’s charging to avoid any lousy battery and lock situation. Various fingerprints are easy to feed into the programming on this gun safe giving various people access.

With a portable weight and size, this RPNB Gun Safe RP19001F Biometric contains enough space to carry and provide safety to two full-sized handguns inside it.

Furthermore, you can also store a magazine side-by-side to your handguns inside it. The construction of the safe is done with a dual strong steel layer, pry-resistant door, maximising the security of your firearms.

  • Dual steel layer construction
  • Large storage
  • Quickly accessible
  • Unreliable fingerprint scanner


RPNB Gun Safe RP19001F Biometric is made up of dual Steel layer construction with a pry-resistant door. It provides you with the storage of 2 full-sized handguns and a magazine in it.

This jeep gun safe is highly reliable in terms of quick access.

5. Liberty HD-90 Safe – Valuables Safe for Home or Vehicle

Liberty HD-90 Safe

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With a key and lock system, this compact and small-sized safe is ideal for versatile use. You can use this safe to protect your precious items, including firearms, both at home or for your vehicle during transportation.

The 16 gauge steel makes it super solid and sturdy to be unbreakable, specifically for thieves and those you do not permit to assess your treasures.

Furthermore, this safe consists of another layer of safety with a tamper-proof door to make it impossible for pryers to reach. The lock is bound and trained to be open only with a key; otherwise, it would be a waste of time for someone to open it without it.

The security cable adds to the security level of the safe. You can tie it to the seat of your jeep, making it very difficult to carry away.

This is a good looking and versatile Jeep gun safe that can be used for home and travelling purposes.

The lock and key system of the safe and other safety features make this versatile gun safe, solid and secure enough to carry during travelling.

  • It opens only with key
  • Strong 16 gauge Steel
  • Security cable
  • It takes time to open


This is another reliable gun safe that can be placed in your vehicle. It consists of a security cable too and ensures you can tie it to the seat, making it impossible to take away.

The robust construction of 16 gauge steel makes this safe gun ideal for extended travelling.

Buying Guide

We also need to focus on some features to make our purchase worthy and more beneficial. Make sure to look for the following specifications before buying the best Jeep gun safe.

best jeep gun safe

Mounting Ability

Mounting ability is a necessary feature that should be present in your vehicle’s gun safe. This is because the thieves do not open the safe in front of you.

Instead, they will take it away if it is not mounted correctly. To make stealing difficult and impossible for them, you need to get a safe that should be strongly mountable, to the roof of the vehicle or beneath the seat.

This proper mounting ability would be an additional layer of safety and security for your jeep gun safe.


If you are among those who are concerned about their ammunition and security, then you must get a product that would be long-lasting.

This is because you will spend enough money on gun safes, so they should be reliable in terms of durability. Durable and long-lasting products make sure you can use them again and again without any complications.

Strong Construction

The construction of your gun safe should be strong enough to handle any fighting between opening and not opening in case of theft.

Look for durable and robust construction for your gun safe so that you can use it frequently without any complications.

I recommend searching for a 16 gauge or 14 gauge dual steel layer, which automatically makes your gun safe, solid and sturdy. Alternatively, you should select at least 11 gauge steel to ensure robust construction.

Quickly Accessible Lock

When you are finalising your gun safe specifically for travelling purposes, make sure to search for the product, which consists of a readily accessible lock.

The lock should not be complicated to reach because, in case of an emergency or theft, you will not get enough time to unlock complicated locks. Instead, there would be a need for an easily and quickly accessible lock system.


What size pistol gun safe should I buy for my car?

If you look into the standard size of the gun safe, for travelling purposes, it can easily fit a 9mm handgun in it.

Most of the time, it has been observed as truth, regarding Jeep gun safe too. You should select the size focusing mainly on your need and storage.

Why are guns so expensive?

Gun safes are not ordinary safes either. They are constructed in a general way. There are advancements made in gun safes to make them safe and secure for the security and safety of your ammunition and firearms.

The cost of manufacturing and production during these gun safes makes them quite expensive.

Do fireproof safes work?

Yes, they do. These fireproof safes make the safe and items inside it secure from the fire. In case of a fire emergency, your safe will keep itself safe from the fire. It will not catch fire and will not burn the things present inside.


Best jeep gun safes have become a necessary tool to ensure the firearms you are carrying are in the safest and the most secure place.

They should be quickly and easily accessible in case of emergency. There are different models and different types of portable and compact gun safes.

Keep in mind that many other features are essential to be present in the gun safe. For this purpose, we have filtered the seven best Jeep gun safe which you can use without any worries during your travelling in a jeep.

Furthermore, we have also added the buying guide, which consists of the features you should look upon while buying the jeep gun safe.

As a reviewer, I suggest you buy

Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe With RFID Instant Access, because this safe contains the latest no-touch lock system with easily mountable features anywhere inside your jeep without making any amendments.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

Hooke Road JK Wrangler Center Console Insert Lock Vault Box Extra Storage Compatible with Jeep JK...
  • Center Console Lock Vault Fits for Jeep 2011-2018 Wrangler JK Models
  • Constructed from Durable 12-Gauge Steel, Durable Texture Powder Coat Finish
  • Fully-Welded Locking Component, Shield Your Handguns,Documents and Valuables from Loss
  • Latching Mechanism for Extra Security,Includes Backup Keys,Do NOT COME with Screws,just using the factory bolts
  • Easy Installation. Place the box into the center console and using the 4 screws to complete the installation
Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock, Mounting Bracket and Cable in Black , 8.2 x 5.9 x 2.2 inches
  • Bulldog Cases Car safe key lock provides security of a superior kind which enhances the protection of your item inside.
  • This Car Gun Safe includes 3-foot security cable; your item can be secured without bracket using this 3-foot security cable.
  • This is one of the best hand gun car safe which will fit in efficiently for concealed firearm storage and it can be accessed comfortably.
  • Car console safe can be accessed very easily with key and it can be locked to keep the item inside safe.
  • Our Bulldog vehicle safe has Black Matte Powder Paint Finish which makes it look more attractive and elegant.
Tuffy 307-01 Under Seat Lockbox, Black
  • Tuffy's product designs are engineered and extensively field tested
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Tuffy to back their products with an outstanding warranty which is unsurpassed in the industry
EZshoot 2PCS Car Seat Back Gun Racks, Automotive Car Gun Holder Rack for Rifle/Shotgun, Tactical...
  • 【PROTECT YOUR RIFLE】The 2PCS car seat back gun racks can prevent your rifles/shotguns from moving in the back seat. Protect them from damage...
  • 【MULTI-PURPOSE】The car hunting backseat sling organizer can store 2 rifles/2 shotguns /umbrellas/crutches/climbing poles. And with a pocket for...
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】The automotive gun racks can be installed directly on the seat without tools to save your time. This tactical rifle holder can be...
  • 【SAVE CAR SPACE】The car concealed backseat shotguns holder is made of upgraded 600D nylon. Easy to fold and can be stored in the trunk or armrest...
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】Package : 2PCS backseat shotguns rack + 2 adjustment belts + 1 year of quality support. This rifle rack holder is the best gift for...
WEILEITE Center Console Gun Safe Combination Combo Key Lock Box with 4-Digit Compatible with Toyota...
  • 【Direct replacement】:If you often put personal valuables in your car, there may be a risk of being stolen. It is recommended to buy this product...
  • 【High Quality】:Anti-rust coating and solid steel structure design that are not easy to rust, very safe and practical. Offers you security a...
  • 【Fit For】:2014-2021 TOYOTA Tundra 【OE#】:00016-34174 0001634174
  • 【Specification】: L*W*H: 15.7 x13.8 x11.8 inches ;Weight: 23.3 pounds. Please be careful do not hurt your fingers while putting it in!
  • 【Buy With Confidence】:Our center console gun safe combination combo key lock box has a lifetime warranty. If the part fails or breaks, please...
Rocket Offroad RO-JP-LK1 Black Locking Underseat Storage Box for Wrangler (Driver Side)
  • Fits Jeep Wrangler 2 door 2007- 2010 and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2007-2017
  • Lockable storage space that is hidden under the driver seat
  • Easy installation
  • Made from carbon steel with a black powder coated finish and includes a pick resistant lock and two keys
  • Will not foot 2011-up Wrangler 2-door models

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