Bath Tubs to Promote Self Care

Throughout history, bathtubs have been a symbol of status and luxury, from the days of ancient Rome to the Victorian era. They’ve also long been associated with relaxation, and they’re now seen as a must-have in any modern bathroom. Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional rectangular shape to the more modern oval and round tubs. There are also freestanding tubs, which are becoming increasingly popular. There are a few things to consider when choosing a bathtub, such as the size and shape of your bathroom, your budget, and your personal preferences.

In today’s day and age, stress (and the detrimental impacts that stress has on health) is increasingly a serious problem. There’s not much we can do to change the ways the world is stressing us out, but we can at least try to carve out some time for self care.

One of the most relaxing ways to soothe yourself and get those relaxing vibes going is with a good bath. And as with any calming endeavor, the right environment makes all the difference.

A plain bath can be the nicest and most simple act of self care. Or, you can make it elaborate, by adding scented oils, candles, and a good book. Rosemary and lavender are known to be good for relaxation, so you might try adding a few drops of essential oil to your bath. You can totally go overboard and cover the surface of the water with a ridiculous amount of rose petals, a la “American Beauty”. Or, you can create a huge amount of bubbles, like “Scarface” in his infamous and opulent marble bath.

So if you’re looking for some cozy inspiration for a relaxing time in the tub, read up on these beautiful bath tub styles we all wish we had in our home.

The Jetted Tub

Source: houseandbeyond.org

Lean back in the hot water and let the jets massage your aches and cares away. Few things say luxury like a jetted bath tub.

If you can afford the initial cost to install, and if you remember to maintain and clean it properly, a jetted bath tub is a lovely way to find relaxation after a long day.

And aside from benefiting your stress levels, jetted bath tubs can occasionally have health benefits as well (although, do speak with a doctor before using your jetted tub for that purpose instead of for pure stress-relieving relaxation).

The Claw Foot Tub

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When you think of elegant, classic bath tub styles, the kind that probably springs to your mind is the claw foot tub. With it’s larger, roomier size it’s ideal for lounging and soaking, and it can give any bathroom a timeless, beautiful appearance.

Additionally, since the claw foot tub is free-standing, you get a lot of versatility in terms of where you place it. Perpendicular to the wall? Near the corner of the room? Smack in the middle of your bathroom? If there’s the structural support in the floor and the space in the room for it (and the claw foot tub does require a bit more room than the standard bathtub, being both big enough for soaking and elevated on its….well, on its claw feet), you can put it just about anywhere you want.

Metal Bath Tubs

Source: lowes.com

Metal tubs offer so much versatility when styling your bathroom. You can pick a metal tub that looks shiny, sleek, and modern. Or you can go with a rustic style. Or anything in between, whatever you can imagine and decorate around, particularly if you choose something visually striking like one of the CopperSmith bathtubs to be the centerpiece of your bathroom’s décor.

Cleanliness is another benefit of metal bath tubs. For example, stainless steel is, as the name implies, stainless, and copper has antimicrobial properties.

Glass Bath Tubs

Source: dedalostone.com

If you’re not accident prone (and you don’t have small children who put hand prints all over anything they can reach) you might want to consider a glass bath tub to amp up your relaxation time.

Can’t you just picture it? A clear glass bath tub full of water, creating the illusion that the water is floating there all on its own, magical and inviting.

Quartz Bath Tub

Source: housebeautiful.com

I’ll be honest, most of us will never see a quartz bath tub. The style is gorgeous, it’s unique and stunning and also incredibly expensive.

If you ever get the chance to lounge in a rose quartz bath tub, count your blessings. And also take a moment to give some thought to the beliefs of the New Age set—according to some schools of thought, rose quartz is particularly helpful in promoting feelings of self-love. What better thing for self care and relaxation?

Your Very Own Tub

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The two most common types of tub are porcelain and acrylic, usually nestled against a wall, and almost always a plain rectangle in shape.

Common and plain do not have to mean no self care and relaxation, though.

There are lots of ways to make your own bathroom as cozy and calming as possible. Pick a décor style you can accomplish on your own, consider a fresh coat of paint and a few pieces of soothing art, maybe some small knickknacks and low lighting. Light candles, put on some soft music, and find a bath product that makes you feel relaxed and luxurious.

And if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can always install a small shelf near your tub to hold a book, a wine glass, or anything else that will help you relax and enjoy your bath time.

Let Yourself Unwind

It’s a fast-paced and high-intensity world out there, maybe it always has been but it feels like this is especially true now. It’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves when and how we can. Carving out time from your day, maybe every day if you’re lucky, or maybe once a week or on a monthly basis, to take a long, soothing, pleasant bath might be the best way to ease your mind among the whirl of daily life.

What are some things that you can do to make your bathroom a haven of relaxation? Can you get a beautiful tub to turn into the centerpiece of your no-stress-zone, or can you freshen up the space you have available? Either way, take the time to do it. You’ll thank yourself later.

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