Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

Winter is almost gone and you have to start thinking about getting that backyard pool. There is nothing better than relaxing in your pool on a hot summer day. But pools can cost quite a bit, and that makes them a very inconvenient purchase.

And while there are people who can affpoolord a nice pool, most don’t so we have to think about alternatives. But, instead of alternatives, we could be smart about it and come up with cool and clever ideas to lower the cost.

We’ve been brainstorming a lot recently and have come up with a couple of backyard pool ideas on a budget. So, let’s not waste any time and start.


1. Using Pallets

The first budget idea can be done all by yourself, and it requires two things.

First, you have to get a portable pool that will serve as the base. You can choose to get rounded, box-size, or any other geometric shape you could find.

The second thing is to get pallets. When obtaining pallets, make sure to get heat treated and not chemically treated ones. Once you obtain both, but the pool in the middle and start placing the pallets around it. You want the pallets to act as a raised wooden den, that way you the entire construction will resemble a Jacuzzi.

2. Using a Dumpster


Large dumpsters are excellent for holding large amounts of garbage. But a sturdy enough dumpster that isn’t damaged can also hold large quantities of water.

So, our second idea revolves around obtaining a large enough dumpster to act as a makeshift pool. While some of you might resent turning a dumpster into a pool, a clever New Orleanian did just that and managed to save as much as $50,000 on building one.

3. Using Pallets #2


By now you’ve probably come to the conclusion that this entire article will focus on ideas created by very clever people that don’t want to financially burden themselves.

Well, this next idea also revolves around building a pool using pallets. Namely, for this idea, you use pallets as the walls, while the inside is made from a plastic layer that holds the water. This clever idea will save you tons of money by using everyday items.

4. Using a Container


Much like the dumpster one, you’ll need to find a container unit to build this one. While obtaining a container might be a little harder than a dumpster, it is still possible if you happened to live in a city that has a huge port.

Regardless, a container turned into a swimming pool is a clever idea since it can be huge. Containers vary in sizes, so you have the option of choosing the size. If you happened to have a larger family, then a larger container will be needed.

But regardless, you can even play around with the shape, seeing as it is made of steel and steel can be easily cut and put back together. When on the subject of shapes, you can visit compasspools and browse through their catalog of swimming pools that come in various shapes and sizes.

5. Using Mother Nature


Naturally, see what we did there, you don’t even have to rely on pellets, containers, nor dumpsters to act as the base of your pool; all you need is Mother Nature herself.

For this idea, you’ll need lots of clay and gravel stone that will replace concrete as the material for which the pool will be built. And, the hardest part, you’ll need lots of water since this idea is prone to leaking.

However, the best thing about this idea is that you can even plant natural aquatic plants instead of chemicals to keep it clean from algae and bacteria. Also, this will be one of the most beautiful additions to your home, seeing as it is quite unusual.

If done perfectly, this idea can be very fun, environmentally safe, and most importantly, very functional.

6. Using Concrete


Most concrete pools can cost a small fortune. However, concrete is probably the best material to use if you’re after long-term functionality.

So, instead of having someone build it for you, why not build it yourself? This idea is very viable if you have some skills and knowledge on how to pull it off, but it can still cost a pretty penny.

The costs, naturally, depend on the size you’re building. So, before you go and buy a ton of concrete, make sure to do the math.

7. Using Solar Panels

At this point you must be thinking: “Aren’t solar panels the advanced technology and don’t you need money to invest?” Well, that may be the case, but over time, buying solar panels for your pool definitely pays off.

There might be some initial investment, but other than that, the maintenance is easy and you don’t have to spend any more money in the years to come. Check out this source if you are interested in finding out what different solar panels exist for your pool and how you can utilize this tech.

8. Using Hay Bales


One idea that might prove ideal for those living in the countryside is to use hay bales as walls and some plastic. This idea can be very easy to pull off if you have the right amount of hay bales.

Namely, you put the hay bales and create the shape and then place the plastic around them. You can then use rope around the hay bales and plastic to keep both in place. Once finished, simply fill it up and wallah you got yourself a fully functional, DIY, budget swimming pool.

While there are many more ideas that we can come up with, all you have to do is simply use the stuff around you. Not only are solutions such as these brilliant, but they can even act as a long-term alternative to having to build a swimming pool.

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