7 Advantages of Whole-Body Vibration Therapy for Older Adults

Have you heard about whole-body vibration therapy? No? That’s not an issue, as we are here to talk about it in length. It is quite an interesting therapy considering that it was first invented for astronauts. Something that was designed for space travelers can’t be bad for the elderly, right? That’s right. In this article, we are going to talk about the seven advantages of whole-body vibration therapy for older adults. There are many of them as you’ll see below, but first, let’s talk a bit about what this therapy is in its essence.

As we said, it was invented for the astronauts. Its purpose is to do wonders for bone density and muscle tissue. While before it was only available for the selected few, now, this therapy is available to a broad audience.  The whole process is not too complicated as it revolves around a patient standing on a vibrating platform. Also, it’s available to take on any position you like all depending on the platform used. Thanks to the vibrations your muscles will work and it will serve them as an exercise. The quality and the number of vibrations all depend on your selection and condition, but there’s little harm to this method of healing. Now, let’s see all the great benefits for our elderly loved ones.

Bone Density Improvement

For older adults, this might just be the thing. With age, bones tend to get weaker and more sustainable to damage. Our elderly loved ones are fragile beings, and this therapy could be helpful. Thanks to the vibration from this process the bones will be strengthened and their foundation will be better than before. This is all in conjunction with the muscles tied to the bones but more on that later.

Stronger Muscles

Here we are! As we said, we’ll get back to the muscles and this is it. Muscles and bones bode well together. You already know this, and that’s how our bodies function. This vibration therapy will do wonders for your muscles. It’s all about the contractions. Thanks to the vibrating properties that this approach has, you’ll be feeling like you’re on high-intensity training. The best part is that you can do various workouts while undergoing this therapy and even improve the results that you expected. The person in charge of your therapy will know what’s best for you. If you want maximum results you better get connected to professionals such as good people from hypervibe and their associates who without a doubt are leaders in this domain.

Weight Loss

Isn’t this what all of us desire? Yes, it is! Vibrating therapy is an amazing way to lose weight. Elderly, just like any other age group can have issues with their weight. When you get older your weight can influence your health in many ways. It can cause issues with your blood pressure, it can affect your ability to function physically, to walk and do the daily chores, or even to cause leg and back pain. With one swipe of the vibrating machine, all of this can go away in a few sessions. All that it takes is a little bit of goodwill and a desire to make progress and work on yourself.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

As you know, age catches up t all of us. With time our blood vessels stop being what they once were. Our entire body starts stagnating with age and it shows in our overall health. The blood pressure starts causing issues for many people all over the world. While not all of them have access to this particular therapy we can only hope that they will with time. It would be for the best as many studies have shown that it has a positive effect on reducing blood pressure in older adults.

Reduced Back Pain

This is another amazing benefit for older adults. Vibrating therapy can do wonders for lower back pain. This is an issue that bothers many elderly, and for many, it lowers their quality of life. If they undergo this type of procedure on regular basis, their lower back pain can go way in its entirety. When this is an issue the best is to start with shorter sessions that will use a lower level of vibrancy. With time, everyone should increase the length of each individual therapy, and increase the strength of the vibration. Even if you have a massive issue in this department, many individual sessions should make you feel better. All that it takes is time and vibrations.

Balance And Coordination

What most people don’t understand is just how effective whole-body vibration truly is. As you can see the amount of health improvements it covers is large. When you exercise on your own, your muscles will contract of course. But the number of contractions per second is very low. It stands around two. But, when you undergo this therapy, the number is much higher. It’s around thirty. A vibration machine can do much more than your body can, especially when age catches up. When you become regular on these sessions you’ll without a doubt, in no time, experience great improvement in domains of balance, coordination, and flexibility. When you’re an older adult there’s not much more you can ask for.

Aids With Chronic Illnesses

Old age is not fun. With advanced age, chronic illnesses will catch up to anyone. Luckily there are ways to treat them, and whole-body vibrating therapy is one of them.  One of the groups of patients that’ll find this therapy quite effective are those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Once you start the treatment. With time, you’ll notice that the amount of tremors you experience is lower. Furthermore, it can have a positive effect on people who have issues Multiple Sclerosis or muscular dystrophy. These are all serious conditions, and to think that a simple therapy like this one can ease some o the pain is amazing. If your loved one elderly has any of the above-mentioned issues you have to take them to this therapy. There are too many benefits to be ignored.

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