Water Sports to Enjoy in Dallas

Dallas, for now, is the third-largest city in Texas. Also known as the Big D, it’s the fastest-growing city in the United States. And tourism is growing with it. With world class museums, an incredible arts’ district, and a vibrant music scene, it’s one of the most exciting cities you can visit. And when it comes to history, it’s where one of the defining moments of the 21st century happened – the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Something that you might not know quite as well about Dallas is that it’s a popular spot for water sports. Despite being the largest inland metropolitan in the US and no link to the ocean, there are many lakes, rivers, and parks. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best water sports you can enjoy in Dallas. An awesome way to spend a free afternoon in FunkyTown!

Stand up paddle boarding

First up is stand up paddle boarding. This cool, modern board sport was invented in Hawaii in the 1940s, said to be for the days that the waves weren’t big enough to surf. It’s suited to the flat waters of lakes and rivers, so it won’t be hard for you to find a SUP spot in Dallas. One of the most popular is the Trinity River, where you can get some epic views of the city skyline.

However, if you’re looking to head out of the Downtown area, there’s no shortage of lakes nearby that you can hit up. On Lake Worth, you can paddle over to little islands where you can stop and have a picnic. Alternatively, Lake Texoma is less than an hour by car from Dallas Forth Worth, and it’s one of the largest reservoirs in Texas. There’s more than enough space for paddle boarders to share the calm waters with those who are fishing – the lake is also one of the best fisheries in the United States.

If you don’t have your own SUP equipment, there are rentals available at the lake’s marinas – as well as many other locations in Dallas. You can also pick up your very own SUP at GILI Sports.


While you might associate sailing with the ocean, there are eleven sailing lakes in the Dallas Forth Worth metroplex, with 12 different sailing and yacht clubs. So, whether you’re an experienced sailor or you’re taking your first trip onto the water, you won’t be disappointed in Dallas. The most popular sailing lake in Dallas is White Rock Lake, which was originally constructed to solve the city’s water shortage in 1910.

Other popular sailing destinations in Dallas include Lake Lewisville, Grapevine Lake, and Lake Tawakoni.


If you want to enjoy a spot of kayaking while in Dallas, you really are spoilt for choice. Past the city’s skyscrapers, on clear and still lakes, or even in hidden creeks, you’ll find a kayaking spot that will suit you.

If you’re new to kayaking, head to White Park Lake, which is just 5 miles northeast of Downtown Dallas. There are lots of launch sites and you can easily rent a kayak and all the other equipment that you’ll need.

The Trinity River is also a good option, offering you a new perspective of the city. If you’re a more experienced paddler, you may want to head to Joe Pool Lake – head downstream towards the stunning Walnut Creek for a memorable day out on the water.


If you want to get the adrenaline flowing and mix up hitting the water with getting serious air, you might like wakeboarding. This white-knuckle watersport is rapidly growing in popularity, and Dallas is the place to do it. At Little Elm, you’ll find the only aqua park in North Texas – where you can hold onto a cable and do tricks to your heart’s content and for more interesting content you should check


Another of the most exciting water sports out there, you might have seen flyboarding on the TV and social media. It was only invented in 2012, so hasn’t had as much time to gain the popularity that other water sports like kayaking and SUP benefit from. But that could also be because of how extreme it is! Essentially a hoverboard that you can use on the water, you’ll be propelled by a board attached to your feet. Get the feeling of flying and diving to the depths of a lake or river. It may look difficult to control, but most people pick up how to use a flyboard in under 10 minutes!



With all of these exciting white-knuckle water sports, you might want to take a break and do something a little more relaxed. What could be better than a spot of fishing? As mentioned above, Lake Texoma is one of the best-stocked fishing lakes in the entire United States. However, you don’t have to head as far as the Oklahoma border for great fishing. White Rock Lake, Lakeside Park, and Lewisville Lake are other top spots.


While all of the activities above are no doubt good fun, it can be a bit of a hassle getting the equipment you need. Whether you’re renting or buying it. However, there’s no such trouble with swimming. All you need is your swimsuit and perhaps some goggles, if they’ll make you feel comfortable. Then, head to one of Dallas’s many lakeside beaches. The largest is at Little Elm, where you’ll find one of the biggest swimming area in Northern Texas.

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