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9 Things to Know When Looking for Used Auto Parts

The main advantage of buying parts taken from used vehicles is that you can save a lot of money. However, depending on the model of the vehicle you are driving, the selection and availability of those parts can be different. On the other hand, if you have some common models like Toyota, Ford, or Volkswagen, there shouldn’t be any problems with finding any type of parts. Also, the process of selecting the required equipment is simple with online platforms. Nevertheless, you can visit any junkyard or a car dealer that is selling used vehicles. Besides that, there are services specialized for selling used parts, like

Older vehicles will require more frequent maintenance over time, which means that you should always have a proper solution to fix your car as fast as you can. On the other side, you should learn more about auto parts, and how to choose the right ones for your vehicle. Here are some of the most important things related to that.

1. Choose a Local Store

While big companies should always be the right option when it comes to new parts and vehicles, a local store might offer you a much more affordable price. Also, the advantage is that you can visit them in person, and get advice about the proper choice. In many cases, there are mechanics employed in such stores, which means that you might get everything in one place.

2. Ask About Condition and History of Used Part

Since there is always a chance to get scammed, especially if you don’t have experience related to replacements of parts in your vehicle, you should ask some questions related to the quality and condition of the product. For example, year of production, possible refurbishing, and more. Also, inspect the part properly to see whether there are some potential indications that it won’t last long. Moreover, you should avoid stores that don’t offer any sort of payback warranties.

3. Some Parts Are Better as New

While there are all sorts of equipment that you can replace for used parts, you have to know that there are also parts that must be bought as new, such as brakes, batteries, tires, and many other products. The reason for that is that some parts have a limited lifespan based on the mileage of the vehicle.

4. Ask for Help from a Professional

If you are not familiar with the mechanics and basics of car maintenance, the best way to get sure that you are buying the right products is to take an expert with you who can choose such parts instead of you. Therefore, bring a friend with lots of experience when you are visiting the store. The main benefit is that you can get more affordable parts and have security in terms of their functionality.

5. Choose Proper Design

It is necessary to select parts suitable for the exact model and series of your vehicle, especially if you are ordering some visible parts, like a spoiler, bumper, rims, and more. Maybe the part that you have chosen can fit your car, but it could ruin its appearance. In that matter, explore all of the parts from the exact model and choose only them.

6. Find the Right Source

As we already have mentioned, in most cases the best choice is to visit a local store. However, you should research the market more to find the best possible solution. For example, maybe there is another store nearby, where you can buy the same product for less money. Also, car manufacturers are introducing new models each year, which means that there is a chance to find a new part for your vehicle for the same price as the used one in a local store. Also, there are many online services like eBay, where you can search for parts as well.

7. Be Sure to Order the Right Product

Whenever a company introduces a new model of vehicle, they offer it in different versions. Sometimes, there are only some small differences between them, but with many different parts. Also, you could make a mistake and order a used part from a diesel version, while your car is using petrol. The best way to find the right one is to compare the serial number of your car and check the full list of products related to it.

8. Choose Stores That Offers Warranty

If a store is not offering any possibility for money return, that might be an indicator of how insecurity and potential scam. The biggest downside of buying used parts is that most people won’t offer you any sort of payback guarantee, and you are buying products at your own risk. In that matter, buying new parts is more recommended, especially for some parts that are crucial for the functionality of the vehicle. On the other hand, if there is a local store that is selling used parts with a warranty and payback guarantee for a certain time, that is a good solution, but only in the case that they are more affordable than new products.

9. Learn More About Car Parts


If you can distinguish the fake and functional product, there is no chance to get scammed no matter which source you chose for buying. It is not a rare case that people try to only poorly refurbish a product to make it look as good as new and sell it like it is in perfect condition. If you don’t pay enough attention, your vehicle might end in even bigger issues than before that replacement. You can avoid that only by learning more about the main features of a certain product.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the get a used car part is always a better solution, especially if you are driving some older model of vehicle. However, you have to learn more about all of the important factors related to the selection of suitable parts. You should never rush with the decision over which source should be the best option.

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