A Guide to Troubleshooting Lennox Air Conditioners

Lennox air conditioners have some of the highest SEER ratings on the market. The efficiency of these air conditioners is unrivaled, and people who use air conditioners consider Lennox AC as a reliable and cost-effective option. In fact, this brand of air conditioners is far more efficient than any other air conditioner on the market when used for 9 hours a day.

Lennox is a brand that is known for quality products and great values including honesty, respect, and expertise. This results in dependable, high-performing HVAC systems that consumers can rely on.

However, even the best air conditioners require regular maintenance to perform at their best. If you’re looking for an expert air conditioner service provider for all your AC needs, don’t hesitate to click here.

Common Air Conditioner Issues


As a homeowner, you can do a few things to extend the life of your Lennox air conditioner and avoid costly repairs or replacements. Taking care of your unit and inspecting it on a regular basis will help you detect small issues before they become significant problems.

That said, here are some of the most common air conditioner issues you’ll normally encounter:

Worn Out Fan Motor

Older devices have a fan motor that spins rapidly. Over time, the bearings used by the fan will wear out due to friction. In most cases, you’re better off replacing the motor as it’s way cheaper than replacing the entire machine.

Worn Out Compressor


The compressor circulates the refrigerant, which is used to cool the air. Over time, this will wear out after a long period of continuous use.

Loose Fan Blade

Over time, the fan blade will loosen, which can be detected when your unit becomes noisy. If this happens, make sure to get it checked right away.

Damaged Compressor Components

The compressor comprises a series of coils and a refrigerant pump. These components can be damaged, leading to further problems with your system.

Cutoff Power to the Unit

Another common problem lies in the unit’s power. In some cases, fuses and breakers located between the house circuit breakers and the condensing unit might get damaged.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat regulates the air conditioner’s length of time to reach the desired temperature. If it’s faulty, it will take a longer time for your AC unit to cool your room.

Troubleshooting a Lennox Air Conditioner


If your Lennox air conditioner isn’t working properly, make sure it’s plugged into a functional electrical outlet. You can replace or reset the fuse or circuit breaker. If the unit is not running but has power, make sure all of the electrical disconnect switches are turned on.

If the unit has electricity but isn’t turning on, set the thermostat to a lower temperature than the present air temperature. It is important to note that if the thermostat is set to a temperature higher than the current temperature, then it will not work.

If the air conditioner isn’t working properly, remove the air filter and rinse it with cold water. Before reinstalling the filter, let it dry in the air fully.

Make sure the unit’s front access panel is fastened. You should also ensure that the outdoor unit’s vents are clear of dirt, grass, and other debris. Clean with a clean towel, then rinse with fresh water from a garden hose.

Resetting Your Lennox Air Conditioner

If you just want to reset your air conditioner, then simply follow these steps:

  • Turn off your air conditioner at the thermostat. The first step in resetting your air conditioner’s thermostat is to turn it off at the compressor.
  • Locate the circuit breaker box as well as the air conditioning unit’s control.
  • You can now restart your air conditioner by resetting the circuit breaker.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Restart the air conditioner.

Replacing the Filter of Your Lennox Air Conditioner

Replacing the filter is critical because it ensures that your air conditioner can function properly without being overworked. When the filter is in good shape, your AC won’t have to force air through dirt and debris. Replacing your filter is a simple task that you should do every month or so, depending on how often you use your unit.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Look for your air filter. It could be located in the air conditioner, furnace, or return duct.
  • Before you remove the filter, turn off the electricity to your unit.
  • Remove the filter and either clean or replace it from there.
  • Replace the filter and double-check that the airflow directions correspond to how air is blowing through your system.
  • Finally, replace the panel.

General Maintenance Tips for Your Lennox AC Unit


Here are some maintenance tips to ensure that your AC stays in the best shape:

Maintain a Clean Environment

Leaves and other vegetation should be swept away from your unit. Remove any plants or other foliage within two feet of your unit to ensure that airflow is not obstructed.

Clean and Straighten the Fins

You should remove the outer cover and vacuum. You can also use a light spray to hose down dirt that may be trapped between the fins. However, make sure to do it gently.

If you apply too much pressure, the fins might bend. You can use a straightening tool or a knife to shape the fins back into position.

Check to See if Your Unit is on Level Ground

You should check that the pad on which your unit sits hasn’t shifted due to the earth settling beneath it. An uneven air conditioning unit puts extra strain on the compressor, causing it to break sooner.

When to Call for the Help of an AC Technician

The right time to call a technician to take a look at your AC system is when these issues arise:

Frozen Coils


Frozen coils can indicate that something major is wrong. Diagnosing the problem here can be difficult as it might have something to do with either the drain, ducts, or other internal components.

Clicking Sounds

It could be a relay fault when your air conditioner starts making clicking sounds. It might also be that a part inside is starting to fail or has become loose.

Compressor Failure

A faulty compressor is a serious problem as it prevents air from flowing properly. Though the compressor is rarely the source of the problem, if it is, it will need to be repaired or replaced by a professional.

If you notice any of these issues with your Lennox AC system or just feel that your system needs the attention of an expert, you are probably right. Get a professional to fix the problem.

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