Top Reasons to Consider a Penile Implant

Every man probably has one (sometimes hidden) concern in common, and it is fear of erectile dysfunction. This fear is most often related to worrying about reproduction and reproductive health. A man without potency could consider himself for less man because of that, and that can cause many other problems on a psychological level. Today, the first choice is medicaments, but sometimes they are not efficient. These medicaments can be much harmful than helpful, and sometimes the one and the best solution is a penile implant. A penile implant is also known as penile prosthesis, and it is putting surgically on the penis to help with preventing erectile dysfunction. If you recognize yourself until now, there is no need to worry, Dr. Elist is someone who can help you with that problem.

But, if you want to know more about a penile implant, here are top reasons why that is an excellent solution for you:

The insurance is covering penile implants

Sometimes, you can come to a big problem if your insurance is not covering some of the medical procedures that you need. Luckily, most insurance plans are covering penile implants, and you can get a prescription by a physician. When you get the diagnose of erectile dysfunction, you can also get your penile implant without worrying about the cost. That is on your insurance.

There are many different options

There is not just one type of penile prosthetic, and you can choose between a few different types, such as malleable penis implants or inflatable implants with two cylinders. Talking to specialists will probably help you with picking the right one for you, so don’t worry if you are not sure what is the most suitable. Ask for help, and you will get it.

Short recovery time

Since implant placement is a type of surgery, many people are worried about recovery time. There is no doubt that every person is different, and also the recovery time, but it is expecting to be very short. For example, you will probably go back to your sexual life in only four weeks after the surgery. In that period, you should not have some issues or intense pain. The recovery time should be short and calm.

Implants are invisible


You are probably concerned that your partner will notice the implant in your penis, but there is no need to worry. Implants are invisible, and if you choose not to tell your partner about it, there is no chance that somebody can notice it. That can be a crucial thing for people who are somehow ashamed of their problem. There is no reason to be ashamed of any medical condition, but for those who are, it is good to know that the solution is here.

Penile implants are long-lasting

No man is excited about any procedure around his penis, especially not about surgery. It is excellent to know that penile implants are long-lasting, and you can expect that it can last for ten years. That means that there is no need for anxiety, and once you decide to do this surgery, you don’t have to think about any problem in the next ten years.

More pleasure

Having a penile implant allows you to have an erection for as many times as you want, and as long as you want. That will surely be a big plus in your sexual life, for you, and especially for your partner. The good thing is that you can ejaculate and still have your erection for as long as necessary to satisfy your partner. That will reach your sexual life, and bring it to the next level for sure.


Sometimes, the prescribed medicaments are not working, and your doctor is searching and experimenting with new ones until there are no more of them to try. That doesn’t need to be a mistake necessary, but for some people, medicaments are not a solution. Luckily, penile implants are an ideal solution for every person, and there is no need to worry that it won’t work somehow. That is also a long-time solution instead of any medicament.

Helping with many issues

It is wrong to think that you can use a penile implant only to cure erectile dysfunction. There are a few more medical conditions for which the solution can be the same as for erectile dysfunction. Some of them are conditions that cause a curved and painful erection. Before you decide that implant can fix your problem, it is crucial to talk about everything with a specialist.

Rates of patient satisfaction

There is almost no person that is not satisfied after this treatment. So, if you are someone who cares a lot about the other’s people opinion, you can be peaceful. The penile implants have high rates when we are talking about patient satisfaction, and it is most probable that you will be satisfied too.

Great for your needs

Before surgery, you need to have a long meeting with a specialist. That is crucial to be sure that everything is going to be good, and the implant will fit your need. Be honest with your doctor, because it is the only way to be sure that everything is going to be okay. You should believe your doctor, and listen carefully to his ideas. Ask everything you want to know, and prepare yourself before the surgery.

You should know that penile implants are not a magical wand, but it may look very similar. If you are having a problem for a long time, this solution may look magical to you. Be sure that is the perfect fit for you, and ask as much as you need to know. It is necessary to be prepared before the procedure and to know what to expect. With great specialists, and with a good relationship with them, this surgery doesn’t need to be stressful. Think well, and choose the doctor well because the trust is crucial to your recovery.

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