Suitcase for Childbirth: when to prepare it and what to bring

If you wonder when to start packing your childbirth hospital bag and what you should pack, this blog shares some informative details that will keep you posted.

Having your child’s suitcase for birth ready before the due date is an essential and wise thing to do. On most occasions, you will find yourself anxious as the due date draws nearer, a situation that may cause you to forget to pack some of the essential items.

Furthermore, it is a good note that sometimes babies come earlier than expected, and that is why having your suitcase for childbirth ready in weeks 32 and 35 of your pregnancy is a wise activity. This guide will enlighten you on when to start the preparation and what must be included in the bag.

When should you start preparing your suitcase for childbirth?

When you plan to improve your child delivery process, packing your bag thoughtfully in advance is vital. The process should start on the 28th week and be complete in 35 weeks. As a result, it is wise to complete packing your bag three weeks before your due date.

Adhering to this timing gives you a chance to handle any unexpected condition that may occur. Also, this action provides you with ample time to note all the items that your birth center provides.

Essential items to include in your suitcase for childbirth

The following are some essential items that your newborn hospital bag should not miss when expecting a newborn.

Formula and bottles

If you’re not planning to breastfeed your newborn, it is vital to ensure you bring along your formula and bottles. But it’s also wise to call your hospital to understand their policy on this scenario.

Going home clothing

Whether you intend to wear your child a bodysuit or booties, you need to plan on the best-going home outfit for your child. For instance, in case it is in winter, have a pack of mittens, snowsuits, and jackets. Also, ensure your baby clothes are of different sizes.

Socks and hats

Newborns need a warm environment; socks and hats are ideal wear for them. Ensure you pack enough socks that can sustain you during your stay in the hospital.


In most situations, hospitals do provide warm blankets for your infant. However, it is advisable to use your blanket to protect your child against any disease that may be transmitted when your sensitive children skin gets into contact with the hospital blanket. In addition, it’s essential to add a few swaddles to your baby bag.

Baby sleepsuits

Although various hospitals have different policies on dressing your infant, baby sleepsuits, such as will keep your child comfortable in the cold hospital environment. When selecting a baby sleepsuit, ensure it fastens up at the front. Whether your hospital recommends them or not, you need to add this item to your list of essential clothing.

ID, Insurance Card and Birth plan

Although forgetting this essential item looks impossible, you will be surprised how people often forget these three items. Just place them inside your bag to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Baby book

Carry a baby book to capture a few notes you might want to remember in the future. However, if you will use a digital baby book, then this book is not essential.

Photo props

If you are a person who likes using a special family blanket or sentimental items, don’t forget to pack these items. Your baby might require them during their first photo announcing their presence in the world.

Diapers and wipes

If you are that person who prefers using specific brands of products, bring along the pack of your wipes and diapers for your baby to use while you are in hospital. However, this is not important as the hospital has all diapers and wipes you need. Also, if you were planning to clothe your child from the very first day, ensure you have a wet bag with you.

Nursing Bra

When a woman is pregnant, her breasts grow, filled with milk to feed her baby. When you pack your hospital bag, you must not forget to take nursing bras along with you. The size of the bra is one plus than your current size. While breastfeeding, your breasts will grow more. It is easy to nurse your child with this bra. You must prepare yourself for nursing your newborn properly.

Phone and Charger

The phone is anything that you carry everywhere you go. In case of childbirth, you must pick your phone and charger. You do not know how many days you have to stay there. All your relatives and friends will stay connected with you. They can call you whenever they want and ask about the health of you and your baby. You need a charger to charge your phone whenever the battery goes down.

Games, Magazines, or Favorite Movie

Childbirth labor is not an easy process, and it takes a lot of time and suffering. But you can distract yourself by passing your time and doing your favorite things. You can either read the magazine, watch your favorite movie or play any game. If you focus more on pain during labor, then the entire process will be more painful for you. It is better to take things that can distract your attention.

Pack Snacks

The labor process is quite intense, and you may need additional energy to stay active for many hours. You need to consume small treats whenever you feel hungry. You need to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water. Frequent consumption of snacks and drinks will help in energizing your body. In this way, you will stay active during your labor hours. You will get enough energy to push your child.


After a tiring labor process, you need to freshen up yourself. Ensure that you bring all the necessary toiletries like wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wash, towels, comb, etc. You need to stay for three to five days in a hospital, and therefore, you need your toiletries daily. In many hospitals, you may get these things, but you should carry yours.

Maternity Pads

After childbirth, you will bleed a lot, and hence, you need maternity pads. You will get some pads in your childbirth kit at the hospital, but it is okay to take a big packet of maternity pads with you. It is the best way to take care of heavy menstrual bleeding without spotting your clothes.

Disposable Undies

Due to heavy bleeding, your underwear can get filled with blood which is hard to wash and reuse again. It is better to take disposable undies that you can wear once and then throw them after a single-use. It is okay if it gets stained because you do not have to wear it again. There is no need to wash the spots in your sensitive postpartum period. Make sure that you do not forget to pack plenty of disposable undies in your hospital bag.


When expecting a newborn, you need to know what you should place in their childbirth suitcase. Also, when to start packing this suitcase is vital and eases your process. Besides, knowing what goes inside gives you and your newborn the comfort you need while in hospital.

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