5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your 20-Year-Old AC

Are you a homeowner thinking of replacing an AC unit that’s over 20 years old? You’re not alone! Many homeowners have made the switch and upgraded their outdated cooling system to a more energy-efficient option.

Why should you do the same? Many homeowners ask, “should I replace my 20-year-old air conditioner?” There are several reasons why replacing your old air conditioning system is worth it, so if you haven’t considered it yet, now might be the perfect time for an upgrade.

Read on to learn more about why replacing your 20-year-old AC is worthwhile – from saving money in utility expenses to increasing home comfort levels.

Should I replace my 20-year-old air conditioner?

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The short answer is yes! If you are a homeowner with an old AC system, consider getting a replacement. There are several reasons to replace old air conditioners.

Is your AC unit old? Here is a list of five reasons you should consider investing in a new one.

1. AC units last 10-15 years on average

Your heating and cooling system is super important – especially in extreme temperatures.  Therefore, it is important to keep them running at optimal conditions. If your AC unit is over 20 years old, it’s over the expected lifespan anyways! The average lifespan of a typical AC unit is about 10 to 15 years, depending on how well you take care of it.

Committing to regular maintenance can extend the life of your AC unit, but after 20 years of service, it’s time to consider a replacement, as an aged unit is prone to more breakdowns and sluggish performance. Investing in a new AC unit now can save you frustration, money and time in expensive repairs or emergency replacement services down the line.

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2. A new, energy-efficient AC unit could save you money on your monthly power bill

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Investing in a new, energy-efficient AC unit could be a good decision if you are looking to save money on your monthly utility bills. These types of units use less electricity and can cost significantly less – up to 30% less – to run than their non-energy-efficient counterparts. Not only can this save you money, but it can also help reduce your overall power consumption.

Additionally, many local governments offer rebates on energy-efficient equipment that can further reduce the cost of buying an energy-efficient AC unit. For long-term savings, investing in an energy-efficient model is the way to go for those who want to stay comfortable without breaking the bank.

3. A new AC unit will cool your home more effectively than an old one

Investing in a new air conditioning unit is a wise decision when your old one isn’t cooling your home effectively. The most up-to-date versions of AC units are more efficient and advanced than past models, allowing them to cool faster and more efficiently.

Additionally, the newest models utilize eco-friendly refrigerant components, which help to reduce energy costs as well as ease the burden on the environment. A newer AC unit will keep your home comfortable during the hot summer months without having to worry about it using too much energy or failing you when you need it most.

4. It might be emitting harmful gases into your home

When it comes to our homes, we want to make sure they are safe and healthy environments for ourselves and our families.

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, your old air conditioner could be a potential source of danger, such as the emission of air pollutants or hazardous gases into your home! Many homeowners will replace old AC units because of this.

There are several different signs that may indicate you are in danger. You might notice strange odors coming from your unit, which could be an indication of these harmful gasses being produced. Furthermore, if you have experienced unexplained illnesses amongst household members or have noticed an overall decline in indoor air quality, this may also signal a warning sign.

Take the necessary steps to review your current system to ensure the safety of your family – it pays off to stay vigilant!

5. Replace an old air conditioner to increase your property value


We update phones, devices and cars many times, so why not bring your AC unit up to speed?

Replacing your air conditioner can be a great investment for a homeowner in terms of increasing home value. The fresh look of a newly installed AC unit adds curb appeal and helps create an overall improved aesthetic of the property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Additionally, having an energy-efficient unit will help increase the efficiency of your home, allowing future occupants to benefit from reduced energy bills and simple maintenance costs. Investing in an updated AC system can pay off in numerous ways when you intend to put your house on the market.

Conclusion – Should I replace my 20-year-old air conditioner?

If your central air conditioning unit is over 20 years old, it may be time for an upgrade. A new AC unit can improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your energy bills.

Call a local HVAC professional to discuss whether replacing your old AC unit makes sense for you.

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