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PVC Tarpaulin Truck Cover (what is it and how to chose one)

Have you ever heard of tarpaulin? Well, considering the fact that you’re reading this article now, you probably know what it is, but hey, it won’t hurt if we explain it better. It’s basically the savior for your vehicle – a specific type of material that keeps your vehicle safe from any damage or external influence. Often used for vehicle covers, side curtains and tents, it reminds of a certain kind of canvas. Of course, if you don’t have a machine that you care about, it’s all the same to you. But for truck drivers who prefer to keep their ‘baby’ safe, this represents one of the basic pieces of the maintenance equipment. They see it as a more than decent protection against different weather conditions and other things that might damage any part of it.

Not every vehicle owner is lucky enough to have a huge garage which they can use for parking. This is why it’s important to take care of what your needs are once you decide to buy a tarpaulin. So, let’s find out a little bit more about this additional, handy piece of gear – and maybe convince you that it’s the right choice for keeping your truck safe.

Should we tell more about it?

As we mentioned, these are used to cover the goods transported by road freight vehicles. Transportation professionals are more familiar with their types and uses – that’s for sure. However, there might be some occasion when you might need to use some type of trailer at a particular level – so it will be helpful to know which one is the most appropriate for you.

Basically, there’s more than one type of tarpaulin. It’s mostly made of PVC, mesh, or a simple canvas. The first material seems to be rather strong and persistent, which is why it often represents one of the most popular variations of the covers of this kind.

Also, it would be interesting to mention the multiple purposes this fabric has. Not only is it used for making truck covers – it’s also widely known as the protection for open pools and as an asset to prevent the influence of high temperatures, for example, as an awning. These are also applicable on places like reconstruction areas and sites or sports terrains.  But, in case you want to use it for your vehicle though, the best options are vinyl or mesh ones.

If your primary reason for using this type of protection are bad weather conditions, you should definitely always be ready to keep an eye on the forecast – on time and in advance. Why, you’re asking? Well, because the exact process of covering once the rain, hail or snow already starts is quite messy and tough. That’s why you should take care and protect the truck before the storm starts.

What things do I need to have in mind when searching for a good tarpaulin cover?

Size. When buying, you need to buy the right size. Car tarpaulins thus come in different dimensionalities. To be able to help you choose the best one for your truck, the seller needs to have all the essential information about the size and shape of your vehicle. This way they’re more likely to recommend the appropriate cover that will fit for sure. So, before you decide anything, make sure to consult the shop assistant or somebody who could give you the right piece of advice.

Quality. What matters most after size is quality. It isn’t profitable nor wise to spend money on poor quality pieces that will lose their useful properties after a very short period of time. When it comes to the characteristics of a good cover, it’s necessary to look at how practical and how easy it is to install, then the water resistance and the strength of protection. The overlay should not be too rough, as this indicates poor level of manufacturing. Thickness is also an essential aspect, as the persistence of the piece and whether it’ll be water-proof depends on it.

Price. Quality tarpaulins have special reinforcements on the parts that are most sensitive to provide additional protection. Therefore, although at first glance such pieces seem much more expensive, this difference in price is rather justified. Repairing a damaged part of the truck is much more costly than investing in a good equipment – it’s usually a one-time expense that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Color. Have you known that this matters, too? Some shades and colors are more convenient for various purposes than others. For example, if you want to achieve the effect of cooling inside the truck, the best thing you can do is choose black tarpaulin. However, if you prefer the space inside not being so dark, then the white is the most logical choice. If you don’t mind the light or the dark, and you prefer other, more vivid colors, that’s not the problem either. enables you to make your own, custom truck cover and decide on the color and the design yourself, if that aspect is important to you.

Where can I get one and is it worth money?

Car tarpaulins can be purchased at specialist auto parts stores, as well as in some consumer goods stores. It’s definitely the best idea to shop at a specialist store since you can rest assured you’ll get a quality product there. Many other stores (not specialized for these kinds of material) offer some pretty cheap tarpaulin by unknown manufacturers, and many people decide to buy them due to the lack of finances. However, many of them remain dissatisfied with the quality of such pieces as they’re often made of poor material in order to remain more affordable.

Of course, we should always keep in mind that a tarpaulin doesn’t fully protect your truck. In the case of very bad weather and a very large hail, it might still fail to prevent the damage. However, even if it happens, it will certainly be much smaller than without using the cover. So, don’t hesitate anymore – invest in it and forget all the headaches that could emerge as a result of choosing more difficult ways.

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