What is the Most Common Reason a Property Fails to Sell

Having your own property on the market and waiting for it to be sold is not always a troublesome and difficult experience. Numerous homes and work spaces sell quicker than the owners expected them to, giving them enough reason to celebrate and plan ahead with the money they made. However, there is also the other side of this business, the side of homes that fail to sell over and over. It may seem like there is nothing wrong with them and that the owners are just unlucky. Maybe the real estate agent is doing a poor job? It could be a combination of different factors, but the result is still the same. The owner is left to wait and be uncertain about their immediate future and well-being, especially if they depend on the money they would get for the property.

If you are in a similar situation and cannot seem to sell your property, we may be able to help. First, you have to know that you are not alone and that millions of properties around the world are experiencing the same issues you are. In this article we will focus on the most common reasons why properties are unable to find a buyer for prolonged periods of time. For more information about real estate and properties in the Netherlands, as well as a good way to advertise your own and potentially sell it quicker, make sure to check out what amh-makelaars.nl have to offer.

1. Ineffective Real Estate Agent(s)


Let us start with the obvious and remove the potential factor to blame first. If a home that is seemingly perfectly fine, affordable, and in a good location, but still cannot find potential new owners for unreasonably long, it has to be people running the show. The owners who are looking to sell are not to blame though. It could be the fault of the real estate agency in charge of their property and the agent they assigned to sell it. If the agent is working solo, they are solely to blame. It may be their expertise and skill, the lack of experience, or simply the type way they present the property and carry themselves around during open house presentations. If you think the agent is at fault, cut your ties with them and look for a more professional individual to carry out the selling of your property. Pay attention to how they are reviewed, ask about their track record, and check how well they know the neighborhood where the property is. It takes skill to advertise and present every neighborhood, both an attractive and a questionable one.

2. High (Unrealistic) Price

While it may be true in theory that any type of goods could be sold and that a customer for any product and service will eventually find a buyer, this cannot happen if the price is unreasonably high for no reason. If, by comparison, your property is much more expensive than similar properties that are listed, there is no way anyone would chose it. Why should people spend more than they need? If the sellers are unhappy with the current prices for the property of their kind, they should wait for the market to become more beneficial. Of course, that could take years, decades even, so selling for a reasonable price is advised. You can always try to sell it for slightly more than it is worth, just like everyone else, but going too high will only result in more time passing by until you manage to find a suitable customer. A lot of owners price their homes a bit lower than the actual worth to sell it quicker and for more people to fight over it, eventually driving the price higher.

3. Poor Presentation, Photos, Staging


If you mean to sell a property, it needs to look its absolute best and be spotless when the customers arrive. If the customers never return to browse around the home again, or if a limited number of people come to see it in person, it both means that your in-house presentation is off and that the photos and/or videos on the listing are poor. Nothing instantly undermines the sale of a home like bad photography. Humans are visual creatures and we currently live in a digital age of information where most entertainment, education, and entertainment comes in the form of watchable content. If you do not go out of your way to make your overall presentation appealing, different, intriguing, and modern, you will really have a hard time selling your property. The photos must be professional, there needs to be an abundance of them for every room, every corner, and every hallway. The best move would be to hire a pro photographer who has seen their fair share of similar gigs. Regarding interior presentation and décor, you can employ the help of a designer to bring the most out of your home and make it look the best it possibly can during staging.

4. Structural Issues, Repairs, Renovations


Last but not least, you will hardly ever be able to sell your property if it needs a lot of further investment to cover repairs, faulty installations, and any type of renovations. Structural issues are the last thing a new owner wants with their freshly purchased property because they will have to pay a lot more than then they initially planned. If the limitations and faults of the property are more than evident, it could be years before it is sold, which is understandable considering the amount of other homes that are always on the listings. The owners should always think about how much they could invest to cover all the repairs and do some slight renovations before deciding to sell the home. The price they could get for it could be much higher if there are no additional investments needed before new owners can move in. Ask yourself this, would you be willing to pay for something damaged with faulty features that you would not be able to use properly? Probably not, since you can always continue to browse until you find a proper deal.

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