Ideas for an Online Gathering in 2024

It has been a year since we were struck by a global pandemic that turned our lives upside down. A large number of people have been working from their homes, trying to balance their career and private life, hoping the whole unpleasant experience would last only a couple of weeks. However, it has been much more than that. Now, social distancing rules have limited or completely restricted our usual tasks during the day. No more gym sessions, going out, coffee breaks with friends, or traveling.

Lack of social interaction can significantly affect our mental health. It is in our nature to communicate with others, especially those we are used to seeing regularly such as coworkers, family, and friends. Thankfully, technology allows us to build our relationships via online platforms. You have a variety of videoconferencing platforms to choose from, depending on how much time you will spend or how user-friendly they are. Talk to the people you want to see and plan your meeting ahead. Think of a theme that suits you all best and have a go at it. It is definitely going to be a memorable moment for the whole group.

In this article, you will find useful ideas on how to gather a group of people for a fun online session and not feel isolated even when you can’t host a gathering in person.

Cocktail Party

Organize your own virtual cocktail party with friends. Think of all the things which can make your event that more special. For instance, set the scene for your cocktail session by choosing a theme. It can be inspired by a significant decade with costumes and music appropriate for that era. The 20s could give that glamorous effect while the 70s offer a disco atmosphere with the fashion that followed it. Also, you can take your online party to a whole new level by having a personalized cocktail menu. Try to make a new drink together, or send each other recipes for tasting. Most importantly, if some drinks do not work out, do not fret. You are supposed to have fun and enjoy the time together.

Cooking classes

Due to the pandemic, many of you probably miss those dinners you had with your family on a Sunday where you usually catch up on things and spend quality time together. Your family and relatives include the elderly, who should be careful with their health in these dangerous times and avoid all contact as much as possible. A solution to this distance can be a cooking class hosted by your grandmother or your aunt, who is always praised for her amazing comforting meals. Plan together beforehand what your ingredients will be so you are all prepared for the meal you are making. Also, be patient. Older members of your family may have difficulties with managing technology so take your time to explain how to use it.

Trivia Night

Do you think you have what it takes to be the most knowledgeable person in your group? Then show it in your next trivia night. If you and your friends are already pub quiz fans, then you probably know how it works. You could try making your own questions, customized to your interests. On the other hand, there are already many online quizzes available on various topics – from geography to entertainment. These online events can last for hours without you even noticing it. One trivia night can turn into a tournament. Organize several online gatherings in a row and compete in teams, since it is a great thing to look forward to at the end of the day.

Casino Nights

If you and your friends like playing card games like poker, slot machines, or plain old roulette, then this would most definitely be your theme of the night. Firstly, you should agree on what you want to play together and in what order. Start off with some short rounds of a game of your preference as an introduction to some more complex table games. Have all your friends involved and interested so the atmosphere gets more competitive.

First and foremost, do research on what online casino platforms are reliable and suitable for you. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, always look for online casino websites which offer the best quality and trustworthiness.

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Virtual Karaoke

Do you miss the karaoke nights before the pandemic where you let all your feelings out through your favorite 80s rock or 2000s R&B hits? No time to wait. Gather all your karaoke enthusiasts and have a music session for the weekend. You can choose the music era you like or choose a song for your friend to sing. Of course, this shouldn’t be a talent competition (unless you want it to be), but a fun time to spend with your close ones.

Book Club Session

Bookworms never have that feeling of isolation since they are always delved into fictional novels and intriguing characters. Of course, most of you book lovers need to share your experience with others but also understand somebody else’s view on the story. Book clubs were usually gatherings arranged at homes or libraries. However, current circumstances should not be an obstacle to enjoying a good book. Set a date for an online book club session and discuss your latest novel with fellow readers.

These are only just a few ideas on how to spend your time with your loved ones without breaking the social distancing regulations. Ask your loved ones what they want from this gathering and get more ideas from them. This is the time to catch up and make this quarantine period less difficult. Uncertain times should make us even more focused on keeping our connections strong and maintaining good mental and physical health. Try out these tips and see what suits you and your friends and family.

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