How to Know if an Online Crypto Poker Sites Is Legit?

Has the online poker world enticed you lately? Are you looking to bet money on your favourite games? For this, you will have to register with an online poker website to make the most of it. If you are completely new to the online betting industry, you need to make sure that you don’t fall for an illegitimate website. With overwhelming options available in the market, picking one website for yourself is a tough job, at times.

If you search on the internet for a genuine online poker website, almost every site that pops up claims to be a legitimate one. However, looking at a website once or twice will not help in deciding whether or not you are making the right choice. While playing poker online, you will put in real money, so registering with a reliable and trustworthy website is a must. For more such information on this, visit this website.

In this article, we discuss a few ways in which an online poker player will know whether or not a website is legitimate.

Top Thing To Look Out For In A Poker Site

  • Its Office Location:

Every legitimate online poker website has its office location mentioned on the website itself. This depicts that the company has a valid address and it operates from there. If you are not able to find the office address of a particular poker company on its website, then you may be risking your time and money on it.

They should have the street address, phone number, office timings, city and country listed. Also, you should be able to contact the phone number listed to verify the information provided, if needed. Furthermore, such details listed on the website should correspond to the details listed on the licence of that website.

  • Licence:

Licence is the foremost thing that players search for in an online betting or poker website. This depicts the genuineness of the website, whether or not it is registered to carry out the operations. Every genuine and legitimate poker website lists its licensing information on the first page of the website itself. Such websites, when operating in a particular city of the country, are usually registered with the government to avoid all kinds of repercussions in future.

Registration with the government showcases that the website adheres to the rules and regulations of operating as a gambling website. At times, the websites have double registration, one with the gambling commission and one with the government. This depicts that the website operates following all major jusdistrictions and laws.

  • Security Registration:

For security purposes, there are a lot of minor things that users usually take into account before they sign up for any betting account. For instance, at the bottom of the home page, the company should have its logo to showcase that the website and the company both are safe and legitimate.

Furthermore, the website should also encrypt every information that a user feeds into the website to display to the users that their information is safe. For this purpose, some of the commonly used services include Thawte, Gaming Labs and iTech Labs. Such services are best known for providing an extra layer of SSL security.

This way the players enjoy the peace of mind that their information will not be misused and is all safe.

  • Copyright and Terms of Use:

Besides being a licensed website, the online poker website should also have copyright issued. The date of copyright should also be set to current so that the players believe that the management of the company stays updated and pays attention to detail.

In addition to it, the online poker websites should include a terms and conditions page in their website, where they have all their terms and conditions listed. The website should also have a privacy policy page, the terms and conditions, and a contact page to get help from their customer service representatives with the contact information listed for easy communication.

  • Reviews

Check the reviews given by the previous customers. You can easily tell a shady website from a genuine one by looking at the reviews given by the previous customers. Make sure to steer clear of sites that have many negative reviews. You can easily check these reviews on the site or on any third party site present on the internet

Additional Steps To Verify An Online Poker Website
  • Verification of Randomness: One of the major issues about which players stay concerned about, in online poker is the possibility of cheating their players. The players can be cheated by fixing a few cards from the deck. To make the players believe the genuineness of a website, they usually provide a link or logo to the company which verifies that all their games are randomly tested. Every such website is well-equipped with number generators and proves this to the players as well.
  • Forums of Poker: Whenever a player faces a problem or issue with an online poker website, some of them choose to take it to some of the popular communities present on the internet and are specific to some poker games. You can search for the name of the website on some famous threads and look for some particular comments to check if other players have raised any issue related to the legitimacy or genuineness of the website.
  • Responsible Information on Gambling: As a part of the new and responsible gambling campaigns in Europe and beyond, online poker websites and operators are now looking forward to delivering all required information to their players rated to betting and gambling. This may be a kind of information page to help people with any kind of issues that they may face while placing bets.

Final Word

We hope that this article helped you understand the pointers you need to keep in mind while looking for a genuine website to play poker.  Make sure to opt for a reputed site and stay away from the shady ones.

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