How To Mine Bitcoin On An Android Phone

Money is one of the most important resources around the world. Compared with other qualitative measures such as state of mind and other factors, of course, money may not be first as it goes with the saying, “Money cannot buy you happiness.” So all qualitative aspects aside, money is the driving force of our world as it helps us do anything.

From buying toys and trinkets to purchasing pieces of land on mother earth, it is a formidable creature that most of us want to revel in. But like all things in life, nothing comes easy, it definitely isn’t a seamless path to make money legally. It needs a lot of hard work, diligence, and commitment to achieve and earn money.

Let’s say you’re casually scrolling through your phone on Instagram and marvel at the lives of various influencers you follow. It is common knowledge that one can’t make money doing nothing. Or something close to nothing? But what if there was? Before we get into that, click here to know how to get rich fast by trading cryptocurrencies.

Now speaking of making money doing nothing, we just stated something about cryptocurrencies. It is common knowledge that people mine bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on high-end computers and require a lot of power. But what if we told you that one could do it on their android phone alone? Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Basics And Process

First off, there are a few things that you need to know before knowing the process of mining bitcoins or any other crypto on the digital market. We don’t want to make false promises by statements of clear paths towards mining the bitcoins. That being said, the following things you need to know pre-mining are :

The ban of mining apps

Pre 2017, the google play store had numerous apps that let you mine bitcoins on your phone. But Google has now banned apps that let you drill on your android phone since 2017. A more recent policy of Google that was released in 2024 is the ‘Developer Policy Program,’ which states that they strictly do not allow apps that let you mine bitcoins on your phone.

This is different from the 2017 disclaimer/ban as it involves a new clause that is that Google lets you have apps that can remotely manage to mine on the side. But this pretty much works at a fraction of the average mining rate on an android.

Remote mining

Remote mining here means that you cannot directly do it from your smartphone because of the ban on mining apps. But since the new clause allows you to remotely mine and manage them, this means you can work your mining on your phone, although the actual mining process needs to happen on a computer or laptop. Google does not prohibit mining from the cloud.

The Mining Process And Managing

With these two main things out of the way, it should now be clear that you cannot directly mine from your phone but can manage the mining, which is also a considerable advantage. You can be moving from place to place and still be handling all your mining processes.

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Install the app

There are various apps on the google play store that help you mine crypto on your android phone. MinerGate, Crypto Miner, and other apps on the play store.

Install the app on your android phone to prepare yourself for mining. Most mining apps are usually very demanding with details and other specifications. You need an android version of at least 4.1 (Marshmallow or Jelly bean).

You’ll also need more than 25 to 30 MB. Also, make sure to secure your phone correctly, as the security measures for your mining app are pretty much the only settings you have for your phone. If a person were to have access to your mining details and locations, they could change it, and all your work can be lost on it.

Creating Accounts

Since this deals with sensitive financial information, you will have to register an account on the mining app. This will safeguard you from the app itself, as it guarantees that all your data is in safe hands and will not be misused against you.

It is highly advisable not to go for apps that do not have an account registration on them. So make sure you have an app that lets you create an account and quickly register.


Most verified apps will let you enter a passcode with the digits varying according to your installed app. The optimum digit number will be four which you will use to sanction various transactions while mining and trading.

Mining process

The mining process begins here as you’ll be redirected to the app’s main page with all the various options and statistical displays. The mining process of bitcoins and other crypto is directly proportional to the processing power of your android phone.

The higher the processing power, the better will be the rate at which you mine. Bitcoin, unlike others, is harder to mine and requires more processing power in contrast. Your dashboards, mining calculator, and various other options are usually highlighted on the right or left of the app. Again, this is entirely dependent on the application interface and how they’ve designed it.

Profitability and withdrawals

Depending on how much you mine, the bitcoin and other cryptos are all deposited into a virtual wallet given to you on the app. Since bitcoins do not have an official tie-up with banks as they actively do not trade with them yet, you cannot liquefy it and remain virtual indefinitely.

Although you face this disadvantage, cashing out with bitcoin is not pointless as you can transfer all of this to a computer hard drive for safekeeping.


Mining bitcoin and other cryptos on a desktop PC can be challenging due to the power and processing constraints. Hence it would be even more challenging to do it on an android phone as they aren’t as powerful as computers.

It would be an excellent trial to try and mine bitcoins on your android phone as it has been proven to be fruitful in various customer reviews.

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