Living A Good Life Essay

Living a good life is associated with various key concerns that each individual has to adhere to have a better life. One of the considerations is to eliminate the fear of one’s death. When we eliminate this fear, we become in a position to live a good life. On the other hand, when we do not fear failure, we will finally become successful. The paper looks at the factors that signify having a good life.

This thesis statement is very important. This is because it prepares the reader for what they expect to read below. The thesis statement is important because if it is clearly written, it attracts so many people. Also, a good thesis statement makes a reader understand the content of the paper.  It should be encouraging enough, so that even by reading it, one becomes motivated in the area that they had no hopes. This thesis is appealing, and it can be applied by many and achieve the desired results that each person may have an interest towards.

There are many principles that are associated with someone living a good life. The first secret or guide says, “it’s not just about you.” In this principle, we can follow an idea that an individual is affected by the things he gets told when being a child and till he or she starts working. Some of those statements we face when growing up are simply lies. One of the lies was that by working for long hours and following the rules, you would have a good life and always be happy. As of now, I guess you are aware that all that is not true. What we should know is that fulfillment is obtained when an individual becomes comfortable and risks losing everything. Becoming comfortable and risking losing everything is what a good life is all about. And it is not a happy thought.

The second secret is, “Passion is not optional.” It is not easy for a person to have everything in life following all their wishes right away. In this world, every person has a destiny and is entitled to handle a specific task that may differ. Passion has to be followed, and it comes with some challenges, as following your true passion comes with obstacles. When people do not follow their passion, they cannot achieve much compared to the person working from their true inspiration.

The third secret is, “Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it”. Things that are worth doing are often difficult to handle and require courage and people who have strength in handling the tasks in front of them. Let’s take a person who goes to a gym as an example. An individual does not go to the gym to feel good but to stretch themselves by sweating and screaming. Therefore, as one grows, they should expect a hard life but not at all times.

The fourth secret is — fear is your friend. Hence, what one should only fear is fear. Each person should embrace fear as they move on with their life. It is normal to be afraid, and some moments can be scarier than others — when you or your close ones are in pain, when the situation is not clear, and the future is uncertain. Others fear to die, and they should be prepared for it. Sometimes being fearful is better because it keeps us alive and compliant to what we undertake in life. When one does not fear anything, they should count themselves playing safe towards their life.

The fifth secret is, Values are better than goals. Sometimes when someone does not have a permanent stand on what to choose, it becomes a good thing for them because they can be flexible when deciding. In a scenario where one does not put work, family, or friends as the first priority and puts all of them at the same level, it becomes an advantage. This ensures when an opportunity arises, one becomes flexible to make a wise decision. Another incident is a scenario provided where each person is entitled to screw their goals and out-do their plans.

One should not negotiate on how to treat their business and loved ones. Each person should have priorities such as what is meaningful to their lives. It is said that having good plans and goals is a better idea.

I have chosen a critical principle that would be appropriate and considered for one to have a better life. In my opinion, I think the key is for one to live a good life; “they should not say anything is hard if they have not tried it.” Furthermore, there is nothing considered as hard because what is hard to someone to become easier to someone else. Most of what we try to handle are usually made by humans, so we have a solution. In an incident of coming up with a virus, the same human being comes up with an antivirus to protect the machines from being destroyed.

I want to come up with a personal theory that states, “Each person should travel to many places in their entire life.” I suggest that people travel because they tend to relax their minds and learn many things. Also, traveling helps to meet new people and mingle with new friends. Sometimes new friends may be good to have because some seem to entertain by the jokes they crack. These friends add value to our lives. We see the world more profoundly and become better people ourselves.

The theory is substantial because it can be used by everyone who may have an interest in it and may feel to put it into practice. My theory is impactful because most people tend to like traveling, and most of them have found the benefits of traveling. The theory offers people the highest level of reward. This is because looking at the cost incurred while traveling, you can only compare it to the benefits that are likely to be achieved. The reason being, interacting with new people adds new ideas and releases stress. I think my theory is the most accurate compared to the other theories. This is because being at one place for long may hinder you from being aware of what the people spend their time doing.

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Lliving a good life is not about material possessions or achieving success in a career or other worldly pursuits. Rather, it is about leading a meaningful and fulfilling existence. It is about being happy and content with who you are and what you have. It is about finding purpose and meaning in your life and pursuing it with passion. It is about making a positive difference in the world and doing your part to make it a better place. In short, living a good life is all about making the most of your time on this earth and doing everything you can to make it a better place for yourself and others.

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