5 Innovative Technologies to Improve Your Workplace

Today, the perfect workplace of the 21st century should be equipped with the latest remote communication tools, automated furniture and be as mobile as possible. Therefore, for a successful business in today’s conditions, you need to provide yourself with advanced gadgets, powerful and intelligent computers, automated household appliances around, comfortable furniture, including standing desks with their plenty varieties (click here to know more)

1. Automated Home Appliances


Never leave out of your arsenal of time management tricks such as optimizing your workspace for maximum productivity. Your workplace should have an ergonomic, stylish, and inviting space. It is better if all household appliances around work for you. After all, the workflow is so exciting that you can easily forget to do something for yourself, for example, open a window to let in the fresh air. And surely you will also not be able to pay attention to the fact that it is already starting to get dark in the room, and you need to turn on the light.

Nowadays, saving on smart things is no longer fashionable. Since the most precious thing you have – your health – can suffer. But saving on your time, when smart technology does everything for you, is fashionable plus profitable! So, sensors installed in the house, or office can create real miracles, conditionally set objects around you in motion due to actuators.

2. Smart Assistants


Do not forget that fresh air, namely oxygen, nourishes your brain. It is he who is responsible for increasing the number of breakthrough ideas in your head. Today it has become possible that as soon as the sensors receive a signal that the presence of oxygen in the room has decreased, the CO2 will exceed the value of 900 ppm, the temperature outside will be below 5 degrees Celsius, but the window is closed, the drive will be given a command to partially open – to the position at 40%. Well, something like mandatory winter ventilation and not for a long.

It would not be superfluous to install a sensor in the area of the working space that determines the temperature and allows you to maintain it in the room for normal well-being. If there is not enough warmth, you can program it so that the air conditioner turns on or the heating radiators start working.

Vision is always at risk, especially for those whose work is directly related to computer monitors full time or even longer. An additional harmful factor may be darkening in the room, starting from 3 PM. And here the sensors will come to your aid, notifying the controllers promptly to turn on the light and brighten up your workspace in due measure.

3. Advanced Office Automated Equipment


Buying a PC is a great experience as it allows you to learn the latest technology. But the joy of buying can be overshadowed if it turns out later that it does not meet your needs and expectations. The variety of choices you can find in a computer store can be confusing. Therefore, before making the final choice, you need to accurately voice your desires. After all, a computer for a copywriter, online shop owner, software developer, or video engineer will certainly be different. We can show you the difference conditionally, for example, on RAM. If for a graphic designer, memory can be 3-4 GB, then for a developer it is already 8-16 GB. You also need to pay attention to the hard drive, processor features, graphics or video card, frequency.

You should not in any way save on a good anti-virus program, since cybercriminals are on the alert. Don’t think, if you are not a celebrity then you are not at risk. Grab the latest version, do your research, and read the reviews. Better safe than sorry.

As another useful accessory, we recommend wearing noise-canceling headphones. If you work at home and around the kids, or in a crowded office, then this will prevent any noise from distracting you from the work process.

4. Wonder Furniture


If your desk or office chair does not have special characteristics, let’s say ordinary ones, then get ready for bad posture. And it will lead to a shocking array of negative problems: headache, back and neck pain, breathing problems, tight shoulders, and jaw pain. Adjust your chair and desk with a computer monitor on it in such a way that you force yourself to sit straight.

  • Masseur on Standby

So, the back of your chair should support your lower and middle back. Yes, low-quality chairs lead not only to these problems but also to fatigue, which in turn reduces productivity.

Nowadays massage office chairs become extremely popular. They help those who spend many hours in a row in a sitting position. Since it is not always possible to do a warm-up or a couple of gymnastic exercises for them, the problem is quite acute. Massage chairs can help in the successful solution of this problem.

Thanks to the option of receiving a relaxing massage directly at the workplace, without breaking away from current duties, you can significantly improve your well-being. To be able to adjust this piece of furniture in height, a special mechanism is provided in the design. Therefore, anyone can raise or lower the seat according to their height to ensure comfort.

  • Moving is Living

The main point of the standing desk is to encourage you to go for a walk and move while working, rather than just sitting for long hours in one place. Today, this piece of furniture is controlled by a remote, capable of remembering several positions. And be sure, if you get tired, it will not mock you, and quickly turn into an ordinary sitting desk, so move the chair and continue to work.

Another idea came from sustainable Sweden. To the popular today standing desk with the ability to adjust the height of the tabletop, a treadmill or exercise bike is added. As conceived by the inventors, you can use the exercise table during work that does not require a high concentration of attention. Why not, for example, disperse the blood by checking work correspondence or even using lunchtime.

5. And O2 Again!


By the way, regarding air, there is another unique invention that can compensate for the advantage that we described above regarding ventilation thanks to the smart windows. This is a desktop partition that filters the air. In this case, we are talking about a very technological device – offices of the future will undoubtedly be crammed with such devices. The air enters through the membrane located at the bottom of the table partition, passes through the carbon filter, and is blown out clean, creating a comfort zone for the seated person. Outwardly, it is no different from the usual high-quality partitions. This serves for the benefit of your health, and we mentioned once that this is the most precious asset for everyone.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.

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