3 Industries That Cryptocurrency Will Disrupt in Future

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Although cryptocurrencies acted as a stepping stone for making people invest in NFTs, it has also brought many other changes. For example, it has changed the mindset of people regarding investments. The old banking methods are changing and much more is happening. However, some of these changes are also disruptive. So let’s discuss them.

1 – The banking sector

The most disruptive effect of the cryptocurrencies market is on the banking sector. Why? Because they are both doing almost the same things. Both of them allow you to keep your money in accounts and transfer them to whoever you wish.

However, the difference between them is the fee that banks charge and the transfer time. If you use a banking channel to transfer some amount to someone, it will charge some fee. For example, you are sending 200 dollars to someone and the bank is charging a $25 fee on that. So you will have to pay 25 dollars more or your receiver will get $25 less. In short, both of you will lose some amount in the name of the fee.

This is why crypto wallets are best. They do not have any charges of use or whatsoever. You are not supposed to pay an annual fee nor need you to pay any transfer or transaction fee.

In addition to this, our banking channels are a bit slower than crypto channels. If you transfer payment through crypto platforms, it will be a quick thing. Furthermore, you can do the transactions internationally. The time to carry out a local or international transaction will be the same. However, this is not the case with our banking channels. They take much more time if we are transferring the money to an international account.

Therefore, it is expected that the banking industry will face serious disruption in the future because of cryptocurrencies.

2 – Real estate industry

Another industry that can get a serious hit in their business is real estate. The real estate business has been a way of retaining money and assets in a more secure form. If you have hundreds or thousands of dollars, they won’t be safe anywhere. However, if you buy a piece of land or an apartment or a building, the same money will become safe.

Besides, real estate becomes profitable in the future. Our earth has very limited space. Therefore, as the population size is increasing, we are in need of more land. But we cannot create it. That is why land value increases with time.

However, the problem starts with crypto investments. Previously, the safest investment option was real estate. But not anymore. Real estate offers profits after a few years or even more than that. Contrary to this, blockchain and crypto investments might bring huge profits within minutes and hours.

Therefore, more and more money is getting into this world. As a result of investment shifting into the digital sector, the real estate business might get seriously disrupted in the future.

3 – Stock market

Similar to real estate, the stock market also offers you to provide investment and get your share of the profits. It is quite similar to how the crypto industry offers profits. Although the working principle of crypto and the stock market is the same but there are many differences between the two.

For example, if you have bought shares worth hundreds of dollars, you won’t get profit immediately. The stock market is slow in making profits. This is because you are actually investing in a company that works. The whole process takes time.

You have provided them with money, they will use it and make products or offer services. The customers will enjoy these services or buy the products. Thus, the company will make a profit. Finally, it will be your turn to get your share of the profit made by the company.

However, the crypto world is completely different from this. There are no underlying companies or actual things. You will make a profit directly from the value of a cryptocurrency going up and down. Therefore, it acts almost 10 times faster than the stock market.

In addition to this, you do not have to set your working times. The Crypto industry works 24/7 but not the stock market. Furthermore, the stock market puts a lot of restrictions on you. You cannot do many things. Furthermore, you can’t invest internationally. Many people make use of their local channels. However, crypto allows you to do everything internationally without any conditions.

To sum up,

Cryptocurrencies are not only providing a source of investment but are secure, safe and worldwide acceptable. It offers ease to its users and therefore, the number of users is increasing continuously. Many stores are accepting crypto as a payment method. So you can do the shopping and buy many things. So why would anyone pay the fee to banks when they can do the same thing for free?

Therefore, it is highly expected that the future will be quite different for many industries.

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