A Cleaner Future with Hino Trucks

Hino produces different types of vehicles, including cars, buses, and trucks. Hino trucks are among the most distinctive transport solutions in the world. They demonstrate that it is possible to offer a sustainable future with the use of environmentally-friendly technologies.

It may seem like the term “eco-friendly,” and Hino trucks do not belong in the same world. However, Hino has developed a few vehicle lines with innovative engines. The hybrid systems center on the creation of natural gas vehicles and the use of alternative fuels. These vehicles also utilize high-performing batteries, generators, motors, and inverters.

Hino Trucks Are the Cleanest Trucks Around

Hino takes pride in offering the most environmentally-friendly vehicles. With such a dedicated team of professionals, the Hino 500 Series Standard Cab was born. The all-new collection comes with the cleanest exhaust emissions out of all the medium-duty trucks that exist today.

The 500 Series Standard Cab is a significant step forward, particularly on exhaust emissions. Many truck manufacturers have not attempted such a bold move – until now. All the models in the series comply with the post-Post New Long Term (pPNLT) exhaust emissions standard in Japan.

The stringent standards applied to trucks and similar vehicles since 2010. The pPNLT is equivalent to Euro VI and US 2010 emission policies.

Exhaust gas after-treatment is the main focus of the Hino 500 Series. This unit has two types of systems:

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • Diesel Particulate Reduction

Exhaust gases enter the Selective Catalytic Reduction system first, which will convert nitrogen oxide (NOx) into water and nitrogen. A catalyst will capture this chemical reaction using urea, a reducing agent. The Diesel Particulate Reduction component, on the other hand, absorbs the Particulate Matter that remained unburned within the filter.

This filter collects Particulate Matter while regenerating to keep itself clean. Compared to other Hino models, the fuel savings of the 500 Series Standard Cab is much more significant. There is improved performance, drivability, and clean exhaust emissions as well.

Hino in the Future

The future of hino trucks is incredibly eco-friendly, but research and development will keep going to provide better technologies.

Before the end of 2019, Hino Motors Ltd. introduced a new concept truck platform with the tentative name, Flat Former. This 6×6 innovation is an electronic platform that can work with any frame or style. It can be used for various requirements, such as accommodation, catering, and carrying passengers.

Of course, it is also suitable for transport and logistics, which will be convenient for stores, clinics, and even beauty salons. The electric truck platform uses Li-ion batteries with a 170kW output. The Flat Former is designed to change the current way of moving people and services. The concept also promotes sustainability with better use of fuel and space.

The Profia Hybrid is another product to look forward to from Hino Motors Ltd. It comes with the first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the world that can predict load. It also offers optimal hybrid control.

A notable future initiative from Hino is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90%. The new vehicles from the company will use renewable energy and electric trucks as the main features. The goal is to manufacture plug-in hybrid cars, along with fuel cell and electric-powered vehicles.

Using the existing technologies and aiming to discover better systems, Hino will continue to raise environmental awareness by focusing on trucks that deliver fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance.

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