Garage Car Lift 2024 – What do You Need to Know?

Garage lifts are available in large numbers in retail chains. And very often car owners think about how to install a lift in the garage. It’s quite convenient.

If you are looking for the best residential garage car lifts, then look at this website to find out which models of lifts for the home garage have become the most popular in recent years. But first, it is necessary to determine the type of lift because they are quite different, and the price is significantly different.

Choosing a lift for the garage


When you are choosing a lift, you should study their technical characteristics and their capabilities. The right choice will depend on the quality of the work performed and the efficiency of the maintenance point.

The choice of a specific car lift model is based on the application conditions, requirements, and financial capabilities of the client. It is necessary to consider the following points:

  • The useful area of the room and the size of the site allocated for the installation.
  • Parameters of the power supply system.
  • Technical characteristics of the equipment.
  • Features of the lift design.

Special attention should be paid to the reliability, completeness, performance, and functionality of the equipment.

Intended use

The above equipment may be needed:

  • for testing, repairing and washing the car;
  • for setting up the collapse of the wheels;
  • coordinating their angles of inclination;
  • to effortlessly carry out body manipulation.

Some car owners consider this equipment unnecessary because it is quite possible to do with such alternatives as pits and overpasses. But the problem with this alternative is that they are shy of movement, respectively, in the process of repair they have to make efforts to avoid injury.

But if you have decided to buy, and not to suffer from homemade, you should have information related to what types of lifts there are. Also, you need to know the height of the garage and the place where the sale of the highest quality lifting mechanisms.

Varieties and design features of car lifts


Car lifts are divided by type into:

  1. electrohydraulic;
  2. electromechanical;
  3. pneumatic.

By design, the lifts are divided into:

  • 2-rack-mountable;
  • 4-rack;
  • 6-rack;
  • 8-rack and more;
  • scissor;
  • TPM;
  • plunger.

In-car lifts of rack construction, the main load is carried by a vertical stand made of steel. Two working cylinders provide synchronous movement of the carriages, while the synchronization cables operate with minimal loads and do not require periodic maintenance.

On synchronization between racks, distinguish with the top and bottom synchronization. In lifts with top sync, double locking of the vehicle lifting height is installed: the feet lifting height and blocking device touching the roof of the car. Synchronizing elements can also be chain and gimbal.

Car lifts are divided into asymmetric and symmetrical according to the length of the grips. In asymmetric lifts, the rear pair of pickups is longer, so you can shift the center of gravity of the car (for example, to open the doors). The lift is installed directly on a solid concrete base and does not require special structural preparation of the base.

Two-rack lifts are more compact and cheaper. They are mainly used for repair, inspection, and maintenance of cars. Four-rack lifts are used for all types of work, but most often, they are used with stands of camber-convergence.

Scissor lifts are installed either on the floor or with a hole. The dimensions of the car and the method of installation of such a lift play a serious role in choosing a scissor design. Lifts of this type are characterized by the greatest versatility, but also the least safety. Usually, they are used for a preliminary inspection of the vehicle.

Scissor lifts are also two-platform, for work related to tire or camber-convergence. Also, the platforms of scissor lifts can be mounted turning platforms for camber-convergence. The lifting force in the scissor lifts is created by a hydraulic mechanism. Depending on the design, the electro-hydraulic mechanism of such a system may contain one or two hydraulic lifting cylinders. In this type of lifts, there are no side racks, which reduces its size.

Thanks to the placement of the drive mechanism in a special case under the floor, plunger lifts are the most compact. Because their mechanism is buried in the non-working state, these lifts do not interfere with the movement of machines. Such lifts are quite expensive, and their installation can be carried out without problems only in the boxes under construction because of the communications laid to them.


Conclusion and recommendations

When you are buying a lift, you should take into account several other parameters that determine its consumer properties. Such as:

  • Load lifting speed. Naturally, other things being equal, faster models are preferable. But, given the fact that they are usually the most expensive, in some cases in a garage workshop, this parameter can be neglected.
  • The maximum lifting height of the pickups from the floor level determines the convenience of working with the lift. It is desirable that the height is at least 2000 mm when attached to the frame and at least 1600 mm when attached to the wheels. However, it is essential to take into account the fact that posted in the maximum position of the cars should not touch the ceiling. Therefore, in low rooms, you may have to stop at models with a small maximum height, on 2-rack lifts with lower synchronization.
  • The power consumption determines the economy of the lift. Naturally, it is better when it is small.

Having all the necessary information, you can choose the lift that is suitable for your situation.

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