6 Tips for an Effective Lead Generation Campaign on LinkedIn

Every professional needs to have people in their life with whom they can talk about and who can potentially be a source of new information, knowledge, or collaboration. It hardly matters you’re your career choice is because there are always individuals looking to expand their horizons and be better at what they do. In the world of technology and information, achieving this is quite easy. Expanding your network of contacts is rather straightforward if you know what to do and where to look. Luckily, there are platforms made exactly for this and one rises above all others. This is of course the famous LinkedIn platform where millions of people have their professional accounts.

LinkedIn can be described as a social media platform meant for those who want to get new leads, jobs, or find new employees. Those looking for work, looking for workers for their company, and those who just want to expand their network of potential leads and partners are equally present on LinkedIn. But how can you maximize the potential of the platform and have it benefit you as much as it can? Well, it is all about effective lead generation and the campaign you set up. There are many ways to do this and we talk about them right here and now. Keep reading for the best tips on getting more leads on this amazing networking platform.

1. Automation Tools

The number one thing you should make sure of when setting up your account is automation. The platform is a rather hands-on one, meaning you need to actively do stuff in order to succeed. This is not always ideal because it can be time consuming and you can straight up forget to do it. To prevent this while also maximizing your efforts, what you will need is a quality all-in-one LinkedIn automation tool. Simplifying the prospecting efforts and growing your business have never been easier than with such a complete solution. Automation is one of the things that drives industries further as it frees the workers from the dullest and most mundane tasks imaginable. This then allows them to do something that actually requires human attention in its entirety. Automation tools do it all as they send personalized connection requests both on the platform and by email, message connections en masse, and visit hundreds of profiles automatically. Watching stats and evaluating performance is possible too as all the data and info is easy to come by and review. Make sure to check out OctopusCRM if you want to learn more about LinkedIn automation tools.

2. Strong Offers

When you are trying to attract people and have them be incentivized to reply to you, what you offer needs to capture their attention and hook them in. What you want to convey needs to have value of some sort, it needs to stand out and make then think they must not miss it. A good wat to do this is to make it a question and use about 120 characters. They will see your add and click on the Lead Gen Form where more context can be found. Think of it at giving them a whole experience and not just any old offer like they are used to getting from other users If you stand out and make it special, you will be fine.

3. Images, Videos, and Messages should be Bold


Lead generating is all about going big or going home. If you are not bold and daring, you will hardly ever do as much as you would like to on the platform. It is advisable to always show the image of the service, the product, or the asset you have. Opt for bright, sharp, and poppy colors that will make your thing stand out on the feed among the rest of the competition. The message should be creative and tailored for the audience you want to engage with. It is all about uniqueness combined with aiming at the right kind of users while offering them something interesting enough for them to immediately click on.

4. Few Questions to Answer

There should not be anything unnecessary about your form. Long forms do not go well with users simply because nobody like answering a ton of questions for something that may not pan out in the end. Focus on the most important fields relevant for your business and cut everything else out. The forms that have the highest completion rates on LinkedIn contain a maximum of five questions. Fewer than five is also enough if you keep to the point and exclude everything unnecessary from the form.

5. Custom Questions Are Double Edged Swords

Of course you need to include some custom questions in the form. Custom fields are there for a reason as predetermined, stock ones are not always enough. However, you have to make sure that they are easy to answer. They should not preoccupy the user and have them wonder about the answer for hours. If you include a free answer into the form, it needs to make sense and simply elevate the whole process, not make it slower and less feasible. On average, it is said that adding even a single free response custom question drops the submission rate of the form by three to four percent. A good way to combat this further is to use dropdown options instead of write-in fields.

6. Use Demographic Data to Target the Right Audience

This is rather self-explanatory really. You never use a platform like LinkedIn to get closer to every type of user. It is simply not possible. Your lead generation campaign should be oriented only towards those that make the most sense for your line of work. There is always the right audience for a product or a service, searching for new employees even. Using the demographics data allows you to engage with the ones whom are drawn to and interested in your thing the most. Without knowing who aligns with your content the best, you cannot optimize your campaign optimally.

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