Dota 2 Compendium Betting Guide

Today, there is no longer a gamer who has never heard of that esports game – Dota 2. That virtual competition has many fans, both among gamers and bettors. With the growth of the esports betting market in 2024, we got a lot of opportunities to earn real cash on an esports game. In the guide, you will discover what Dota 2 matches are. You will learn about Dota 2 compendium guide 2024. You can also find some interesting betting tips on Dota2Betting.

Dota 2 matches

The Dota 2 virtual game is a multiplayer competition that is partly based on a simple Warcraft 3 map game of the past. Today, Dota 2 is undoubtedly one of the top esports games worldwide. A large number of organizations, teams, and common fans are involved in it, who were able to create the largest and most respected international Dota 2 esports tournament in the world. Of course, all this attracted not only players and spectators of this game but also numerous bookmakers. Now you can not only watch the best Dota 2 teams compete but also bet on Dota 2.

Before you start betting in Dota 2, let’s figure out what kind of matches there are, as well as what the standard rules of matches look like.

The rules of the matches are the definition of the positions where events and battles take place in Dota 2. So, the game is played along three main lines:

  • Upper (Top).
  • Lower (Bot).

On each line, there are separate towers and two of them are located next to the throne. For players to storm the enemy’s base building, they first need to destroy all the towers on the line and in the center of the throne. The more experienced the game team, the higher the level of each player, the easier it will be for them to carry out this operation and win the game. During the game round, participants in the Dota 2 battle earn gold to purchase useful items that strengthen their characters and give them new capabilities.

Types of matches to bet on Dota 2:

  • Best of 1 (victory of one of the teams at the single map)
  • Best of 2 (the best team won up to 2 maps or a draw)
  • Best of 3 (the best team won up to 2 maps; draws are not allowed; the score can be 2-0, 2-1)
  • Best of 5 (up to 3 maps won by one of the teams; the score can be 3-0, 3-1, 3-2)

There are no time limits on the course of matches, and each map continues until one of the teams destroys the main base of its enemy.

Dota 2 International fantasy compendium guide 2024

At the end of September 2024, the International Dota 2 fantasy compendium officially launched. Lots of bettors started to bet on Dota 2 and players have been doing everything to collect all the maps together and make up the ultimate fantasy teams for the International 10.

What is the International Fantasy compendium 2024? It is a unique project dedicated to TI10 Dota2 competitions. Here players can create a fantasy team and earn compendium points.

To participate in this project, players recruit a team for ten days. To do this, you need to use individual player maps. These items can be obtained using boosters, which are presented in the Player Maps section. There are three types of Player Maps: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Bronze is the basic map that allows you to earn extra points. If you have Gold or Silver ones, any points the player earns in fantasy will be increased according to the map.

Once you’ve selected all of your player’s maps for that day, you’ll be ready to earn compendium points. The results of the games and the performance of the players will determine how successfully you score bonus points.

Bright Dota 2 Draft

Want to earn more compendium points? Then here’s a guide to the brightest Dota 2 draft:

  • Choose the toughest supports for the first positions. The thing is that the prize points earned by one position and the hard support from fantasy are almost always higher.
  • Do you want to increase the characteristics of the Gold and Silver players on the map? Then use Assassinations and Team Battles.
  • For Cores and average game indicators, Mortality is quite a suitable characteristic.
  • For optimal support, look for improved Roshan Kills and Tower Kills. Stacked camps and placed wards are also well suited for victory.
  • Try to make up the winning teams, not individual players from the same team. Pick up a team that has shown success over a long period.
  • And don’t forget about the current routine. Follow the schedule. If the team is eliminated, you need to change its composition. If a team plays several games a day, it will earn more points by default.

How to make successful bets?

Betting on Dota 2 requires an analytical approach from you. Do not trust your intuition alone in this matter. Of course, some people just let their inner instinct guide them when they place bets on the qualifying tournament, and sometimes even they are lucky in betting. However, it is worth spending time on preliminary analysis before making any predictions and bet on Dota 2 tournament.

Understanding the coefficients is a very important point. The betting odds are always displayed to the one-dollar bet. For example, in the case of a winning bet with a coefficient of 3.5, a bet of $1 will result in a profit of $3.50. With a bet of $100, it will be $350.

The lower the win rate, the higher the bookmaker estimates your chances of winning. And the higher the bet coefficient, the lower the platform estimates these chances. Therefore, it may be worth evaluating the current gaming situation and betting on promising outsiders with a high winning ratio. In any case, gambling providers may also be wrong in their forecasts.

Some bookmakers may have little experience, especially in the field of esports. Therefore, it is worth getting a general idea of the shape of the respective teams for yourself before making any bets on TI 2024. Ask a few questions and find answers to them:

  • How did the last Dota 2 games end?
  • What is the team other groups often have problems with?
  • Do you have a feeling that some players are pulling the team down?

You can watch past games on various internet channels to get an idea of the strength of a particular team to bet on Dota 2.

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