Coolest Casino Travel Destinations

Casinos are a glamourish and magical form of modern entertainment. Whether you are just looking to have a quick adventure into the life of a filmstar of the likes of James Bond having a go at poker or just looking to try your luck at the slot machines, a casino can be a great way to spend some time on holiday.

Heading straight to a casino without any previous knowledge of playing in a casino beforehand can be a bit confusing, especially if you don’t have anyone to guide you either. Casinos have a certain Etiquette, you’ll need to learn a few basic rules to get you rolling without the wide-eyed glares from the dealers or fellow players.

Casino Etiquette













So what are some do’s and don’t of a casino? Well, that’s what we are going to get into to make your trip a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Tip 1. Dress Appropriately

This tip will not apply to all casinos, that being said certain casinos will not allow players to enter if they are not up to their dress code. Casinos in Vegas for example have a very relaxed policy meaning you can enter with sandals and a Hawaiian shirt. Head over East to casinos in Macau and rules mean no flip flops or sandals, shorts or sleeveless shirts and even stricter rules when going to a high rollers room. The moral of the story, check the casino’s dress code.

Tip 2. Mobile Use

Mobiles are distracting enough already, it would be wise to let go and allow yourself to enjoy the moment! That being said dealers will in most cases ask you to not use your phone while playing or to step away from the table to answer the call. It’s also a pain for players trying to concentrate on the game, which can be seen as rude. Players should also leave their selfie sticks at home. Casinos don’t take kindly to tourists pointing cameras around, players who do so will likely hear a few sharp words from security. Best to buy a postcard to capture the moment.

Tip 3. Keep the Booze to Moderation

Casinos generally offer free drinks to players, this does not mean it’s acceptable to get hammered. Casinos can be extremely fun when going with friends to chill and have a good time gambling, just don’t let the “free” booze get the better of you.

Tip 4. The benefit of using Casino Apps before going to real ones

Players looking to play games like poker, blackjack or roulette can be great fun, though it’s important to understand the basics of each game/the game of choice. Casino apps are a great way to learn the rules and foundations of some of the player’s favourite games. That being said, players should be aware that success in free to play casinos does not guarantee success in the real ones, but instead offer a chance to improve without the loss of funds. (Source:

Tip 5. Buying Chips

Probably the most common mistake newbie players make when first sitting down at a table game. One must make sure the minimum and maximum bets of the particular table before sitting down, it can get quite embarrassing handing over a $5 cash-in to realise the minimum on the table is $10. Not to mention it’s a sure way of screaming “I’m a newbie” which in return could benefit other players.

Coolest Casino Travel Destinations

Now that we have gone through some basic casino etiquette it’s time to look at some of the coolest travel destinations for gamblers or tourists looking to have some fun.

1. Monte Carlo, Monaco

This destination is great for players looking for their “James Bond” moment. Just by the coast of Monaco is an area full of wealth and prominence. The glitz and glamour is a tradition for gaming and high stakes fun in Monte Carlos Casinos! It’s the ideal location for those looking for pure luxury and is willing to splurge. All that plus the gorgeous and stunning Mediterranean scenery.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada












No casino travel destination list would be complete without mentioning Las Vegas, the gambling mecca! With so many casinos on offer it would be ridiculous to think travellers can visit them all within a single trip. Vegas can be visited both during the day and night but it’s highly recommended to check out during night time. The Neon lights and extraordinary atmosphere is almost unmatchable. There are tonnes of different activities to enjoy apart from gambling too, such as live shows, concerts, nightclubs, high-end restaurants etc. It’s also considerably quite budget friendly considering where one chooses to go.

3. Macau, China











For tourists looking to experience a nightlife scene, this is the destination for you. In Macau Casinos are the backbone for the tourist economy. What does that mean for tourists? To put it simply there are plent of shops, restaurants and 24/7 casinos! Have time to wander around the city and tourists can find themselves down the winding streets and exploring the many fun packed activities the city has to offer, from golf, go karting to greyhound and horse racing. One should take note that certain casinos, although forbidden by law, will still allow players to smoke inside. Macau Casinos also tend to have stricter dress code rules than the ones found in Las Vegas.

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico












With an abundance of reasons to travel to San Juan, such as the music, food, historic forts and mesmerising architecture. One could probably do with less reasons to visit. What most travellers don’t realise is that it’s also a great destination to scratch the gambling itch.

5. Nassau, Bahamas















Looking to visit a great Caribbean destination, look no further! Sunshine sand and gambling all can be found just off the mainland of Florida. A must visit is the Atlantis Resort on paradise island which has hosted multiple gambling events such as massive poker events! Did we mention the seven-ace lagoon?

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