4 Best Competitive Multiplayer Games on PC in 2024

Playing games in which you have a real opponent represents quite a special experience. Although it may seem that this type of entertainment encourages certain negative effects like aggression, it’s been scientifically proven that significant and numerous skills could be developed in this way. Of course, not everyone plays with the same goal. Here we have the ones who do it for pure fun: for other people such sessions mean everything when it comes to practicing their concentration and strategy, and others are actually just competitive in nature. Whatever the type of motivation is, it can’t be denied that PC entertainment isn’t falling out of fashion – the only thing that’s actually changing are the trends and popularity of certain pieces.

On the following list you’ll be able to see some of the PC masterpieces that tend to warm the hearts of players all around the world this year. Some of them already seem familiar due to their famous precursors: there are those which just got upgraded, and the other ones are there for years, just gaining more popularity.

1. Overcooked II

Hey, cooking lovers, how about a game specially tailored for you?

Just because you like to play competitive games doesn’t mean you have to opt for those versions full of shooting, weapons and war missions. This isn’t a classic chef simulation like the ones you install on your smartphones – it’s something much more serious. The saga comes from the author of the first part, the famous ‘Overcooked!’ series, which won the hearts of simulation fans all around the globe.

Your task in this case is to control the chefs who are in the kitchen, trying to prepare all the ordered meals and dishes on time. You have at your disposal all the elements that np kitchen could go without – dishes, stoves, ovens, graters, grills, blenders… Whatever comes to your mind. The conditions of food preparation change as the story progresses and, although it’s generally a simulation piece, elements of arcade and a strategic story can be noticed as well.

In order for everything to be done on time, you have to make sure to provide much multitasking, which isn’t an easy task at all. You might want to make teams and play against each other, or join forces – the choice is yours. The thing is even more challenging and fun if you’re in the same room with your friends on the same session – entertainment is simply guaranteed! Thanks to great graphics and a lovely story, there’s no way this might bore you.

2. Apex Legends

From the author of ‘Titanfall’, which has garnered quite a bit of success in recent years with its creations, there comes this cool shooter that aims to improve teamwork, so it’s definitely a great idea if you’re interested in this. After all, it’s free!

If you’ve played battle royale type games before, you probably guess what this looks like. You have at your disposal a map of the island that you’re trying to explore and defeat the common enemy. This version was so successful that it encouraged the renewal and repetitive popularity of some of its older predecessors, as everybody were thrilled by the vibe provided by Respawn Entertainment.

Special acknowledgement was dedicated to the introduction of the option of ‘reviving’ team members and other players, which wasn’t present in similar specimens that preceded the appearance of this one. So, getting back into battle after the enemy has cut you down has never been easier!

Of course, guns and weapons are, as always, the ace up your sleeve, so it’s no wonder LF Carry profits on arms and boost sales for this game so much – once you start, you don’t calm down until you’re the best.

3. Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment fans who have already placed their trust in such variants could be quite pleased with this option – so be aware, because ‘Overwatch’ has arrived in big style. This is the perfect thing for people who like an interface reminiscent of an animated film – it looks much more cool and beautiful to the eye – but also for those who like a futuristic vibe and a plot set in the future.

You choose one of the 21 characters, but also the specialization they carry with them, since each of them is specially trained in relation to one of the four options: support, offense, defense and tank. Another particularly nice thing is that you’re able to make your fights take place on sites modeled on authentic, real places in the world, since the maps allow it.

Of course, it’s a shooter, and also has really little to do with reality, if the nature of the topic is taken into account. What is certain is that you’ll absolutely fall in love with the heroes, their features and what this vivid crew has to offer. It’s this diversity of advantages and possibilities that leads to the creation of a perfect team that, with a little help, can defeat even the most persistent enemy.

4. League of Legends

The old glory seems to be quite a nostalgic aspect. This is more than clear when it comes to the fourth and last game on this mini-list:  ‘League of Legends’. Wherever you go, you’ll come across hordes of loyal fans who still enjoy it with the same passion. Even despite the fact that it was created in 2009 and that more than 10 years have passed since then.

Most experienced gamers already know what this is all about – it’s a MOBA that focuses on team play – 5 vs 5. This arena is a place where numerous battles of teams fighting for supremacy take place – the task is to destroy the opponent’s base, which is achieved by demolishing its base tower and destroying the tactics of the rival team.

There’s a certain order in which this should be done and that’s exactly the main task – to figure out how to do it. The way it’s performed is similar to the good, old Dota. Matches can often last, so if you want to have fun with this type of competitive game, be prepared not to move for at least half an hour, if not even longer.

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