How to Clean Siding with a Battery Powered Pressure Washer?

Previously, it was hard to clean the siding of the house with a brush and water. It takes a lot of time and effort to clean the surface properly. But now, the technology has become advanced, and you can operate a battery-powered pressure washer to clean the surface thoroughly.

With the help of this equipment, you will not get too much exhaust and hence, you can complete your work with ease. You will also stay safe and protected on your sloping roof. You can check out this guide via FindThisBest.com, where you can get plenty of the best pressure washers.

When you buy one, you need to know how to operate it to simplify your tasks. It is easy to manage the pressure of the water and reach every spot. You can clear the stains with ease by using this tool. In the following write-up, we will discuss how to clean siding with a battery-powered pressure washer.

1.  Know the Requirements


Before you use a pressure washer, make sure that you know all the things you need while doing your job. It is necessary to determine every piece of equipment before you operate it. Get an idea about the detergent, extension wand, brush attachment, and much more.

The cleaning of the siding is a simple task, but many people can make it a bit complicated. When you know what you need, it will be easy for you to do the job. Therefore, you must know all the requirements before you use this equipment.

2.  Preparations Before Using the Pressure Washer

There is a high risk of injuries and damage when you operate a pressure washer to clean the siding. Make sure that you prepare well and do your job without any damage or injury. You may need accessories like eye protection to take care of your eyes and prevent injuries.

It is necessary to avoid ladders and stay away from the power lines. If you are near these things, then you have to be very careful. Before you start using the device, clear the area to avoid tripping. Anything that is coming between the path of sliding must get clear before you start doing your task.

3.  Use Specific Detergent for This Equipment


Never use water alone because it cannot clean the tough stains. It is better to use a combination of water and soap to clean the siding very well. You can buy the specific detergent that you can use in the pressure washer. You will get an injector that can help you mix the cleaning solutions and use them through jet streams. Make sure that you use the approved detergents to avoid any future problems.

You must read the label to get knowledge about the ingredients. In the unapproved ones, you may find that the ingredients are not environment-friendly, and it can damage several components of the device. Therefore, you have to be very careful while choosing the detergent for your equipment.

4.  Application of the Detergent Solution

It is necessary to know how to apply the solution to the siding to avoid any damage. Make sure that you keep the pressure low and apply it in overlapping strokes. If you want to avoid streaking, then you can consider the application process from the bottom.

If you stroke randomly, then there are chances that you can miss some spots and stains. In the case of a multiple-story building, you must consider the equipment with high pressure. You have to buy the correct device as per your requirements.


5.  Clean Tough Stains by Using a Brush

You may find thick dirt layers at every corner of your home if you have not cleaned them for a while. Those corners need special attention, and you can clean them by using a brush.

You may need patience and put more effort. You can also fix the brush at the end of the wand of the pressure washer. It can clean the tough stains. It will appear like a foaming brush, which is filled with the soap solution. You can clean the spots even if they are far from you.

6.  Wait for Sometime Before You Rinse the Solution

After applying the soap solution, you must wait for some time to let it work. Never rinse the solution immediately because it will not affect the spots quickly. After the application process, you can wait for some time and relax your body by sitting idle.

The solution must break the stains but make sure that it does not get dry. When it dries up, it does not work. After some time, you can rinse the solution to get better results.

7.  Start Spraying from a Certain Distance


You must remember that you must use a pressure washer from a certain distance by spraying at low pressure. But if you prefer high pressure from a close distance, then it can damage the siding.

When you start watering the home walls, the mold can begin to develop. Ensure that you hold the wand at a distance of five feet and start cleaning the surface gently. You have to move the wand closer slowly only when you need more power to clean any stain.

8.  Spraying and Cleaning the Siding


You have to be careful when you need to spray near light fixtures or vents. If the pressure is high, it will break the window panes, and you have to suffer damage. The vinyl siding can damage if you spray the solution at high pressure. Whenever you start rinsing, make sure that you begin from the top. It is necessary to make the entire area soap-free.

Final Thoughts

The pressure washer technology is quite effective for cleaning the siding without much effort. It becomes easy to clean the surface containing tough stains and spots. But it is necessary to know how to use this equipment properly to get better results. Make sure that you prepare yourself before using the device and follow all the mentioned steps sincerely.

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