7 Things To Be Mindful About While Buying Shatter in Canada

Since the legalisation of cannabis less than five years ago, cannabis products have gained popularity for their promising health benefits. Although cannabis extracts like this one are not very common, they are slowly gaining popularity.


Shatter, a crystal-like cannabis extract is becoming popular for the exceptional effects it has on its users. The product carries different street names like honey oil, budder, sap, wax, and dub. Apart from its exceptional benefits, shatter abuse could cause undesirable results and hinder you from enjoying the intended benefits.

To better understand this product, we discuss the seven most crucial details you need to know when considering shatter while adhering to the set regulations in Canada.

1. Buy your Shatter from a Licensed Retailer

Shatter manufacturing is a complex process that involves mixing of chemicals and solvents like butane and cannabis plants. During the manufacture, the chemicals used likely to leave residues. So to ensure the product is safe for consumption, its manufacture and processing need regulation.

Licensed retailers serve under rules to trade with legal and healthy products for the consumers, so you are guaranteed to get quality products. When you buy shatter from an illegitimate seller. it’s hard to tell how much residue of solvents or chemicals could be present. Consuming such products endangers your health and doesn’t allow you to enjoy its benefits.

2. Know the Type of Shatter You want

You can find CBD shatter or THC-rich shatter depending on your intended use. If you want it for medicinal purposes, CBD-rich Shatter would be the best. CBD-rich Shatter has numerous therapeutic benefits and doesn’t cause a high.

On the other hand, if you are looking into using it for recreational purposes, THC-rich Shatter would be the best choice. THC-rich shutter has psychoactive effects and mainly contains THC ranging from 60% to 80%, unlike the usual marijuana, which varies about 20%.

Understanding the concentration of both THC and CBD present in the shatter is also crucial so that you can get the best-intended results. When making your purchase, make sure to read through the product label and ensure you have the right product.

3. Store Your Product Correctly

Sunlight doesn’t go well with shatter because the heat activates its content. If you store the product directly in sunlight, it will quickly lose its value. The best remedy is to store your shatter in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Also, ensure to cover it up in an air-tight container after. Some shutter brands have reusable containers you can use to repackage them in small quantities. It helps avoid unnecessary exposure to air.

If you have kids, remember to store your products away from them using a child-resistant container. It is also wise to label your shutter products when storing, in case someone else confuses them for something else. To know more about this visit here.

4. Dabbing is Risky for Beginners

Most users love dabbing for immediate effects. If you are a newbie, it is advisable to seek help from an experienced user. Dabbing requires consumers to have the right tools like the dab rig. The dab rig comes with a nail which consumers heat to activate the content of the shatter.


Different temperatures affect the product’s flavour, and as a newbie, you need guidance to understand the correct temperatures. Dabbing ensures consumers enjoy faster distribution of the shatter into the lungs and then to the blood, giving you the desired results faster.

It is, however, advisable to take small puffs of vapour when dabbing and monitor the effects before taking in more. This allows you to establish the ideal dose.

5. Consumption of High THC-rich Shatter Can Cause Dependence

As mentioned earlier, high THC-rich shatter contains THC levels above 60% compared to other marijuana products around 20% or less. Once you get used to the feeling caused by high THC concentrations, it can be hard to go back.


Such an effect causes dependency as consumers aim to feel the same level of high every time. Consequently, routine use can lead to addiction. Like any psychoactive substance, users should use shatter responsibly to avoid undesired effects or consequences. Always control the amount of THC-rich shatter you take and take breaks if need be.

6. Can you Eat Shatter?


Well, eating shatter might not cause any unwanted effects, but the product requires vaporising. You get the best results when the product decarboxylases since the heat activates the compounds giving you desired results.

Although directly consuming shatter might not cause any medical harm, why would you want to take something that will not work effectively? Just take the correct precautionary measures when vaping shatter, and enjoy your product for the best results.

7. Shatter Has Side Effects

Overdosing highly concentrated or THC-rich Shatter can cause mental issues like anxiety, depression, and psychosis which impacts your health. Frequent abuse of THC-rich Shatter will undoubtedly cause more harm than good. Therefore, it is advisable to take it in regulated amounts and not so often.


You can benefit from shatter if you use it responsibly. But it all starts with doing your due diligence to ensure you are getting it from legit sellers. With many products in the market, quality is not guaranteed. That’s why the seller’s reputation counts.

If you need to use shatter for medical purposes, it is wise to consult with your doctor first. Even once cleared, make sure to start with low does and increase gradually for maximum effects while minimizing the side effects. Take note of these seven tips to get the most value for your money.

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