What are the Best Turntables under $100?

Purchasing anything, whether it is an electric appliance or wooden furniture, can be a laborious task. You need to go through different shops in order to get hands-on the right product. Particularly, it becomes difficult, when you want a product that costs low.

The case is similar for turntables.Turntables can be expensive, however, if you do some comparison shopping, you can get it for cheaper rates.Therefore, it is important to go through online reviews and feedback to get practical insights. Meanwhile, make sure to visit ScatRecord for some great ideas, while here are the best 10 turntables under $100.

1. Audio Technica – AT-LP60

This is the first and foremost turntable that you may want to consider. It is designed in order to serve the customer with full automation. It focuses entirely on the quality. It is built in order to make the design appealing and attractive. It is a lightweight piece that emphasizes on utmost portability. There are some additional features as well that enhances the functionality. It is an ideal package to go for.

2. Numark Touring

This is a phenomenal little piece that you can purchase if you are looking for a turntable. There are many features associated with this equipment. From having a travel record player to built-in speakers, there is a lot that you will get. However, one of the drawbacks is that the sound produced will not be of an optimal quality. It is a recommended product with good customer feedback and reviews that you can purchase.

3. Victoria Vintage

This is a turntable that will take you back to the 1950’s. As the name suggests, the appearance looks as if it is an old-aged piece. From featuring Bluetooth connection to having a headphone jack socket, there are many attractive features for you to purchase it. Most importantly, it delivers amazing sound, which is one of the primary reasons for you to purchase this turntable. In a nutshell, it is a complete package for any customer to go for.

4. 1byone Stereo Piece

This is another example of what a classic turntable should be like. It is a perfect combination of style and quality which will take you back in time. It is designed in a portable-style which is made out of leather. This makes it easier to handle. The sound is pretty much optimal provided that it can be purchased at an ideally good price. It is an amazing product if you have a low budget.

5. Musitrend Speed Record Player

If you want a good looking turntable with low cost, then this is the right product to go for. It is designed in order to make it as portable as possible. The unit is simple but high-quality. There are a lot of interesting features within it. The best thing is that it automatically stops when it reaches the end of the last track. Although the speakers are small in size, the volume is surprisingly clear and loud.

6. Vintage Portable Turntable

This is one of those turntables that is focused more on the design of it. It is made out of plastic and the controls are placed in order to make it highly convenient for the user. There is a wide range of controls such as raise lever and tonearm. Headphone jack is also provided. This makes the functionality much better than other turntables. It is an amazingly great unit at the price that this is offered.

7. AT-LP60X Audio Technica

This brand has been in the industry for a long period of time. The quality of music systems made by this brand is amazing. This model is the upgraded version. It is a completely automatic turntable. The material that is used for making this product is highly durable. However, the design of the product is not as fine as other expensive models. Nevertheless, it is one of the best turntables that can be purchased under $1000.

8. Jensen Speed Stereo

This is one of the most versatile record players that you can get into the market. Most importantly, it is at the lower end of the financial spectrum. There are some particularly attractive features that you may find. It also features a USB port and you can also connect MP3 players to it. However, given that it is a budget product, you may not find the level of audio production that you may get with other kinds of turntables.

9. Jensen Speed Turntable


This is another Jensen turntable that has made it to the list. There is an FM stereo as well on this product. It has a wooden casing which gives it an elegant look. There are a number of attractive features that you will find. The volume is pretty much loud and works perfectly. It is a great purchase according to the price of the product. However, it does not have a tough build, so you may need to take additional care.

10. Crosley Executive Turntable

This turntable is designed to exhibit vintage feels. There are three speeds – 33, 45 and 78. There are stereo speakers as well. However, you need to be sure that this is not an automatic turntable. It is one of the most convenient turntables in the market. Although it may not be able to perform at the highest level, the price that it offers is an attractive one for any customer to purchase.

The bottom line

Above are some of the major turntables that you may purchase. These are clearly the best options that any customer can get under $100. However, if you are willing to increase the budget, you may get hands on better products.

Most importantly, you need to do comparison shopping in order to get hands on the best quality. Moreover, comparison shopping will help you evaluate what your needs and preferences are and therefore, choose a turntable that will fit your requirements. Make sure you do the same in order to save money in the long run.

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