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10 Best Car Speakers For Bass 2024 – Better Sound Quality and Reproduction

Factory-grade vehicle car speakers aren’t the best car speakers for bass you will come across. For that, you need to buy sound quality car speakers to mount in your car model. Car audio manufacturers understand the need for good bass speakers.

Where vehicle manufacturers miss out, car audio manufacturers take notice of. This compels you to replace your old set of car speakers with upgraded ones.

You will find that car speakers come with advanced power handling features. They divide music frequencies into low, mid, and high.

Plus, they are feature-packed with the right drivers, tweeters, and surround sound. All this offers excellent sound reproduction and bass quality.

  1. Rockford Fosgate R165X3Rockford Fosgate R165X3 – Best Affordable Car Speakers with High-Quality Components
  2. Pioneer TS-A1676R 3-Way Speaker PairPioneer TS-A1676R 3-Way Speaker Pair – Best Car Speakers for Bass on a Tight Budget
  3. JBL GTO939 Premium Coaxial SpeakerJBL GTO939 Premium Coaxial Speaker – Best Expensive, but Professional Car Speakers for Bass
  4. Pioneer TS-A6996RPioneer TS-A6996R – Good Car Speakers for Minimal Stereo Customization

Top 10 Picks For Car Speakers


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It’s clear now that better speaker materials make everything easier and improve performance. So why wait for a miracle when shopping for the best car speakers for bass? All you have to do is consider the following picks on the market.

 Name Our rating Speaker Size Unique Feature
Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Rockford Fosgate R165X3

#1 (Editor choice)

6.5-inch Piezo super tweeter
Pioneer TS-A1676R 3-Way Speaker PairPioneer TS-A1676R 3-Way Speaker Pair


6.5-inch Cooling basket with air vent
Polk Audio DB651s Polk Audio DB651s


6.5-inch Kapton voice coil
Infinity Kappa 62.11Infinity Kappa 62.11


6.5-inch Carbon-injected Glass Fiber cone
Kicker 40CS654 Kicker 40CS654


6.5-inch Reduced-depth baskets


6.5-inch Built-in crossover network


6×9 inch Carbon-injected woofer cone
JL Audio CS-690TXJL Audio CS-690TX


6×9 inch Polyether foam surround
Pioneer TS-A6996RPioneer TS-A6996R


6×9 inch PET dome tweeter and super tweeters
Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Rockford Fosgate R169X3


6×9 inch Piezo super tweeter

Our Top Car Speaker Recommendation:

1. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 – Affordable Car Speakers with High-Quality Components

Rockford Fosgate R165X3

My impression of the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 is that it’s a sleek, powerful, and affordable speaker. It has the type of components that offer better details and sound.

For sound quality, they response well to any kind of music without a trace of distortion. The polypropylene woofer cone and silk dome tweeters offer an incredible bass.

So if you’re planning to build your own car system for good bass, go for this one. It’s true that 3-way car speakers are a premium in many ways.

To begin with, they’re impressively inexpensive. In spite of their powerful build and clear sound production. And second, they offer a strong high frequency with no harshness in sound quality. This is one of the best car speakers for bass for car enthusiasts.

It does not allow any sort of limitation while producing sound. And with its sleek, vacuum-formed woofers, they’re certainly high-end to own.

These speakers can produce a striking 20Hz to 20kHz frequency. It also falls in-between the healthy dB sensitivity range. And the power handling margin on this model is convenient and effective.

It’s important to know that speakers have different sounds in different cars. The way your car reacts to your new speakers isn’t a universal thing.

I recommend you install a wooden box to sit behind this speaker to give it the perfect amount of airspace.

The power handling on this model is suitable for low to mid-range volumes. So if you’re willing to listen to higher volumes, this may not be the ideal choice for you.

  • Mounting grills included
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Good bass clarity
  • Poor power-handling features


2. Pioneer TS-A1676R 3-Way Speaker Pair – Best Car Speakers for Bass on a Tight Budget

Pioneer TS-A1676R 3-Way Speaker Pair

The Pioneer TS-A1676R is a simplified 3-way car speaker. It makes an impressive addition to your car’s stereo system. On top of that, it has the perfect vehicle size and power output for it.

There’s plenty of power and efficiency to look forward to in the Pioneer. You can go through its entire system and still not find a single drawback. At least for its powerful sound and bass quality.

It can handle up to 50 watts RMS, offering a solid upgrade from mediocre to resonant quality. You can even opt for powering the speakers with an outboard amp, for intense performance.

The design boasts of a multi-layer mica matrix cone. This enhances sound reproduction and clarity, which is a major plus point for bass.

Meanwhile, the elastic polymer surround is lightweight enough for better performance. Not to mention, these features offer stability for louder volumes, without risking bass.

These are next-generation cones, which means better distribution of sound. If you’re looking for the best car speakers for bass, go for the Pioneer.

The deeper bass tones, sound dispersion, and mid to high frequencies make an impact. What makes this model a step further is the optimized sound clarity at high volumes.

The first thing you’d want to check with this speaker is its compatibility with the factory radio. The result is that it pairs easily, is an excellent upgrade, and very efficient.

As for the negative aspect, the installation part is a bit tedious to take on. This model requires lots of drilling and keeping up with screws.

So if you’re not up for it, bringing in a professional for the installation process may be a good idea.

  • Good sound reproduction and clarity
  • Deep bass tones
  • Long installation procedure


3. Polk Audio DB651s – Best Car Speakers for Bass with Efficient and Crystal Clear Bass Tones

Polk Audio DB651s

Let’s take a moment to flaunt the latest Polk Audio DB651s Slim-Mount Coaxial Speakers. This model will last for the longest period of time. It has the right components that make it perfect for deeper bass and optimal sound clarity.

The engineers behind this performer have combined power with timely details. This holds true for features like the mica and polymer composite and rubber surround.

Another great inclusion is the mineral-filled cone and liquid-cooled silk-polymer dome tweeter.

All these features make up one of the best car speakers for bass on the market. Certified as marine-grade, this model can handle extreme temperatures and extended use.

It’s the closest thing to home because of its strong bass quality and sound reproduction. As an outsider to the world of car speakers, you might not understand depth and bass as much as you should. But you will appreciate design details for as long as they match up to your expectations.

That’s exactly the case with this car speaker. It’s easy to replace, install, and use. There’s no negative feedback, especially on sound quality and dispersion.

And you’ll love how clear its mid to high frequencies get, even at louder volumes.

Here’s a simple tip to start with- disconnect the speaker plug of the original speaker. This will allow you to harness it back to this speaker’s terminals.

If you fail to do this, you will have to trace a few steps back by cutting out the factory cable. Which, based on my research, isn’t a fun thing to do.

Even though this model is a coaxial car speaker, it doesn’t work for all vehicle types.

It is compatible with boasts, motorcycles, and ATVs. So checking the manufacturer details before buying is essential.

  • Can handle heat and moisture
  • Seamless and clear sound reproduction
  • Good bass quality
  • Not fit for all vehicles
  • Comes with a short break-in period


4. Infinity Kappa 62.11 2-Way Coaxial Speakers – Best Car Speakers for Bass on a Decent Budget

Infinity Kappa 62.11 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

The Infinity Kappa 62.11 is a legendary speaker to start off with. If you know about speakers, you know Infinity Kappa offers only rugged models on the market.

So nothing about this car speaker is below ordinary. It offers a broader response to bass and sound reproduction. This is because of its carbon-injected glass fiber cone material.

With 450 peak power handling, it’s fastest and strongest of them all. For better sound dispersion and heat dissipation, the tweeter is of soft-dome construction. While the Plus One technology is famous for protecting the cone area from cracking.

You can focus on details and precision with this car speaker. So listening to intense bass while commuting will not give you a headache.

The larger tweeter area and enhanced level control are also impressive. It is able to control midrange frequencies without sound unbalanced.

The way it is designed, it allows direct and smooth transition between tweeter and woofer. This is one of its best qualities, as a car speaker for bass.

Lastly, the glass fiber cone technology works better than traditional ones. This is because it allows a stronger and defined bass response. So nothing about listening to this speaker feels unnatural or forced.

Being a 2-way speaker, they are sensitive enough for powerful performance. But once paired with high-powered amps, they’re a delight! It is able to power an outboard amp right up to 75 watts.

But the packaging may arrive defective or poorly made. So ensuring all components are intact and stable is important. It will also help if you have the speakers tested by a professional.

  • Offers a better bass response
  • Enhance level of control
  • Lacks durability in construction


5. Kicker 40CS654 2-Way Speakers – Best Affordable and Effective Car Speaker for Bass

Kicker 40CS654 2-Way Speakers

My take on the Kicker 40CS654 2-Way Speakers is quite clear. It is a fantastic upgrade from stock or factory-grade speakers.

If you’re looking for something that’ll enhance your car’s sound quality. This model won’t strike you as a waste of money buy, for lots of reasons.

To begin with, it has reduced-depth baskets that allow replacing-in on any vehicle easy. This feature is remarkable because it can be used on any vehicle application for longer. The second interesting quality is the peak power rating which is 600 watts per pair and 200 watts RMS per pair.

So the Kicker is designed to take your system to a whole new level without resorting to irregularity. This speaker allows you to sound in on all the details that your scrappy stock speakers can’t.

It’s even built tough, thanks to the polypropylene woofer and polyester foam surround. The dome tweeter takes good care of the details on the instruments.

While the grilles and external applications offer versatility. This is one of the best speakers for bass because of its attention to detail. Never again will you find such professional speakers, for a good price.

You can power these speakers through a high-powered amplifier. Or even a subwoofer for that extra bass punch. These speakers work well with other devices delivering crisp and clear sounds.

The only drawback to this model is that the mounting ears are a bit short. Which makes installation and replacing-in laborious.

  • Enhanced sound quality
  • Good bass tones
  • Mounting ears are short


6. JBL GTO638 3-Way Speakers – Best Car Speakers for Clear and Wide Bass Experience

JBL GTO638 3-Way Speakers

The JBL GTO638 makes an impact as a mid-priced competitor. It features a high-quality tweeter and built-in crossover network. N othing about this model seems drawn-out and mediocre.

Starting from the patented woofer cone with rubber surround sound. If you read my buyer’s guide to choosing a car speaker for bass, you will know why surround sound is important.

It keeps bass tones less prickling and more intense. So one of the only factors responsible for producing good bass is surround sound. And this is one of the best car speakers for bass that brings it all. In the same manner, this model offers an impressive peak power handling.

The theater-inspired tweeter and supertweeter have fantastic control over sound reproduction. Plus, the supertweeter is adjustable with enhanced level control. So are these the best car speakers for bass? Definitely, because this model provides comfort performance that’s worth remembering.

Let’s talk about the built-in crossover network for a change. On this model, the crossover handles a smooth transition network. This is in-between the woofer and tweeter performance.

With this, you get incredible midrange vocal and sound reproduction quality. Something this enhanced you’ll only get to experience in home theater systems. And not without breaking the bank!

The Mylar-titanium supertweeter offers the best division of low to high frequencies. It’s lighter in build, yet makes an intense impact on bass performance. Pair this with a subwoofer and it offers a good response in loudness and sensitivity.

Besides the positives, the JBL lacks a proper grille attaching component. It may also carry a defective or poorly made grille. So checking the packaging well before installing is necessary.

  • Accurate supertweeter and tweeter positioning
  • Clear mid-range sound quality
  • Incredible bass tones
  • Poor build quality
  • Lacking proper grilles for mounting


7. JBL GTO939 Premium Coaxial Speaker – Expensive, but Professional Car Speakers for Bass

JBL GTO939 Premium Coaxial Speaker

The JBL GTO939 is a step up in price and performance. It brings with it better sound quality and a durable build. Have you heard of a speaker that expands its cone area to give you better sound and bass response?

This is one of the best car speakers for bass to do that. With a sharp low-frequency response, the cone design is more detailed and durable. It even offers consistent power handling ratings, both powerful and continuous.

This is what makes it one of the best car speakers for bass. Nothing will customize your car better than this one. I say this with confidence because of the dual-level and soft-dome tweeter. It’s adjustable with oversized voice coils that offers better replacing-in and heat resistance.

So you don’t have to worry about your car speakers heating up during extreme power handling. (Speaker specifications) The next best thing is the low-impedance speakers that allow a smoother transition. It brings about a drastic change in peak power consumption, so you the kind of punch your car deserves.

Intense bass performance demands better ventilation too, right? Well, these speakers offer carbon-injected cones that are more spacious than usual. This allows more air circulation, so more bass.

What more do you need from a high-class car speaker? I think your answer is “nothing more.”

The speaker’s UniPivot design allows better adjustments and tweaking on your behalf. So you can make complete use of its enhanced level control for customizing the sounds of your car’s stereo.

Experiencing such skilled tweeter control is important for bass

However, the speaker needs some breaking-in time before it reaches glory. So the music might sound muffled and isolated. This might also mean you need to tweak a few settings for a good fit.

  • Detailed sound reproduction
  • Enhanced tweeter level control
  • Needs a long break-in period


8. JL Audio CS-690TX 3-Way Speakers – Best Mid-Range Car Speakers for Bass


JL Audio CS-690TX 3-Way Speakers

Looking for a mid-range speaker? Try the JL Audio CS-690TX which offers excellent sound reproduction and power handling. The best quality about these speakers is the precision it brings with performance.

You can listen to soft vocals up to intense bass on these without distortion. What’s more? Its smooth and silk tweeters offer incredible highs like you’d never imagine. For a 6×9 inch speakers, these are the best car speakers for bass. You can amp up to high volumes without the muffled tones.

The same feeling applies to toning down to low blues at low power. The way this model switches back and forth for matching frequencies is incredible! Another compelling reason to buy the JL Audio is custom in stallations.

It comes with a pair of grilles that allow easy replacing-in from the factory or stock speakers. This also means it is compatible with any vehicle application.

The high power, delicate response, and intense bass make this a high-quality speaker. It is a well-deserved competitor on a durable steel-stamped frame.

The difference in sensitivity and loudness compared to other models is also compelling. It doesn’t clip or damage under pressure. And it can handle extreme environments too.

You can improve sound quality with the help of an amplifier. If that’s what you’re going for. The extra application boost will offer more detailed tunes like your music is alive. This model’s engine can definitely handle such power, for intense bass performance.

The only drawback is the power handling rating. For a 6×9 inch speaker, it has one of the lowest power handling rates. And that is 70 RMS watts and 225 watts peak power handling.

  • Good mid-range frequency performance
  • Durable and efficient woofer cone
  • Low power-handling rating


9. Pioneer TS-A6996R – Good Car Speakers for Minimal Stereo Customization

Pioneer TS-A6996R

There is a lot to like about the Pioneer TS-A6996R. It’s a skilled 5-way speaker with intense sound quality. Available in the most common car speaker size of all, it is one of the best car speakers for bass.

The multi-layer Mica matrix cone and self-dome tweeters are striking. And so is the high power handling and loudness response. To be fair, the Pioneer makes a serious impact on your car’s stereo system.

The kind that you won’t go back from for a really long time. It handles 100 watts RMS. This means you can listen to the loudest volumes without distortion. And the fact that it’s 5-way makes the distribution of sound more sharp and effective. The woofer offers on-point responsiveness.

And paired with midrange driver, you can get the most out of details without any compromises. The gentle riff of a guitar, drums, and intense bass lines will never go unnoticed.

Otherwise, on stock speakers, these qualities are all forgotten and unappreciated.

These speakers work well with factory radio if you prefer less customization. They sound even better on trucks, so it’s an ideal choice for any vehicle.

There’s a lot to like about this model except that one disappointing factor. It doesn’t hold up well against other subwoofers and amplifiers. But if you don’t mind skipping out on such upgrades, you can opt for these speakers.

  • Good mid and high-range frequencies
  • Durable and efficient to use
  • Won’t work well with other amps and subwoofers


10. Rockford Fosgate R169X3 – Best Car Door Speaker for Bass

Rockford Fosgate R169X3

The Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime is a bonus pick for you. If you don’t like the previous picks, you can immediately opt for this one. It comes with a vacuum polypropylene cone and a distinctive rubber surround. Paired with the built-in crossover, it’s accurate as it should be.

If you have special audio needs, this car speaker will fit the bill. It’s good for replacing with burned-out stock speakers. Even though you have an old vehicle to back it up with.

This is where most car owners fall short on. But the Rockford Fosgate will keep on surprising you with its suitability. The silk dome tweeter and supertweeter offers a stronger frequency response. While the masking all kinds of distortion and muffled tones.

Better components will always provide better performance. And the polypropylene woofers are proof of that. The bass response is so strong and clear that you will be able to feel it in your feet.

The comforting thumping of the music will surely keep you entertained. The crisp mids and highs, enhanced level control, and delicate lows offer good sounds. Now you know what to look for a complete speaker replacement idea.

For mounting, I would recommend you to buy a wiring adapter kit. You will not be able to use the standard OEM mounting kit for installation. It needs more specific hardware and adapters for mounting.

In relation to that, the wires on these speakers are very thin, to begin with. So hiring a professional for installation might be a good idea. Especially if you’re new to replacing a car’s stereo system.

  • Accurate rubber surround
  • Good-quality tweeter and supertweeter
  • Mounting wires are thin


Car Speakers for Bass Buyer’s Guide

Upgrading Car Speakers for bass

You’ve come a long way for choosing the best car speakers for bass. So I’ll get right to the point. The first thing you need to understand about car speakers is the speaker size.

Following that comes with types of choices, your music taste, and sensitivity. These specifications of each car speaker will tell you what you need to know for bass and power.

Most speakers draw plenty of power for clear sound reproduction and higher volumes. But there are many models that draw less power for the same level of volume.

This brings in the efficiency and durability factor to consider for car speakers. To stay ahead of the game, let’s look at each factor in detail.

Speaker size

The common car speaker size is 6×9 inches, which works with both front and rear speakers. An alternate size, which many people opt for, is 6.5 inches.

The former size is more popular and bigger in size than the latter. But both offer incredible sound frequencies and loudness.

When choosing to brand new speakers, consider the interior of your car first. So buying the biggest car speaker isn’t always your ideal choice. Based on the interiors of your car can you opt for the size.

And in this case, the biggest size doesn’t always mean better sound quality. That said, unlike factory-grade speakers, buying new speakers requires making certain adjustments.

You can hire a professional a map out the interiors of your car and the size of the speakers for a good fit. This factor can help you compare the installation procedure of a car speaker.

Types of Speakers

There are two main types of car speakers. They are component and coaxial speakers. Component speakers consist of separate drivers, tweeters, super tweeters, and many important parts.

Component speakers are much bigger in size than coaxial speakers. And since their drivers are placed in different locations, they offer better performance.

Coaxial speakers are more affordable and efficient to use. Since they’re smaller in size, they’re common among smaller vehicles. They feature tweeters and woofers only.

Coaxial speakers are only able to handle low-to-mid frequencies. Plus, they’re much easier to install with no crossover requirements, unlike component speakers. This factor can help you compare the ease of use of a car speaker.

Music Taste

Not all music demand a stronger bass response. If you prefer listening to hard rock or metal, choosing a car speaker with a stronger bass level is critical.

An audio enthusiast would want the best possible result from their songs. So if you’re looking for a mix of music genres, buying a speaker that evolves is ideal.

This includes metal, hard rock, pop, country, and indie genres. You also need to take note that not all speakers can do both. And that is to provide softer and more intense levels of bass and sound reproduction. It’s not easy to find a model that offers the kind of audio performance you need.

So comparing different models together for a good audio show is necessary. This factor can help you compare the versatility of a car speaker.


A speaker’s sensitivity rating will tell you how it converts power into performance. For car speakers, performance dictates the volume of the speakers, measured in decibels.

So the higher the sensitivity rating of a speaker, the louder the speakers can play. This it does without any trace of distortion or lagging.

You can figure out the sensitivity rating with the amount of power needed to produce a level of volume.

This means if your car speakers have a sensitivity rating of 80 dB, so it produces 100 watts of power for it. This factor can help you compare the effectiveness and loudness of a car speaker.

Surround Sound

The woofer cone of a car speaker is responsible for surround sound. This is connected to the car speakers for better sound quality and reproduction.

If the woofer cone isn’t flexible enough to allow better cone movement, it isn’t right. The ring around the woofer cone needs to be strong enough to control proper cone movement.

This happens along with the beats of the music you’re playing. So if you’re listening to hard rock or metal, a stronger build surrounding the cone is essential. This allows better cone stability, stronger bass, and speaker quality. Ideally, the best surround material for stronger bass is rubber.

This factor can help you compare the efficiency and durability of a car speaker.


My Choice: Rockford Fosgate R165X3Rockford Fosgate R165X3

Now that you’ve read this far, you need to know 3 important things as the takeaway.

1. A better-upgraded car speaker offers better sound.

2. A better build material promises longer life and enhanced performance.

3. A popular and efficient brand name is most cost-valuable and affordable.

New car speakers come with incredible features and promise. You need something that can withstand tough conditions and excessive use. One such competitor on the list is the Rockford Fosgate R165X3.

These speakers, truth be told, are spectacular! If you love bass, the design and function of this one will crank up the ceiling. It offers both punchy and well-defined bass quality.

While the unorthodox materials that make up this model support and drive the woofer. That’s precisely the kind of performance you’d expect from the best car speakers for bass.

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