Transform your bathing experience with the best bathtubs

With so many different bathtubs available nowadays and lots of different styles, it is hard to know where to start; from a corner bathtub or a freestanding bath, one thing every bathroom should have is a relaxing experience.  For some, the bathroom is a haven, a place of peace, tranquillity, and luxury, and the right bathtub is the crucial piece of furniture to create that calming bathroom feel and spa-like experience. The perfect tub transports you where sore muscles melt away, your body can truly relax, your mood is lifted, and you can soak away any negative thoughts or feelings.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing your next tub:

Is space a problem? That will dictate the best types of tubs to pick from.

Are there any special installation considerations? For example, where do you want the tub placed? Will I need my taps moved? Will you need a drain moved? If you need jets, you will need that installed, and it can cost a bit more.

Is the weight an issue? Will you need your floor reinforced as a larger freestanding tub can hold a lot of water. Will you need a wooden or steel frame to support it?

Which material do you want? With so many products, you have to consider what is important to you, is it cost, whether it is durable, or how easy to wash it is? These will help determine which one to choose.

How long do I want to spend in the tub? Acrylic baths keep the water hot for longer.


No matter your personal style or budget, this guide will talk you through the different options when picking your next bath for your room.

Elegant free standing tubs

Free-standing tubs are often an interior design feature of a bathroom and become the focal point. The vintage cast iron and clawfoot tub is often the one that comes instantly to mind. This conjures visions of luxury and relaxation. In addition, these baths will usually increase the value of your home, so that is an added bonus when remodelling, and they are a good investment.

Many free-standing baths are just as luxurious but have more modern materials that can sometimes be lighter and easier to install. But, again, it is better for the larger bathrooms and those that space is not at a premium.

Deep soaking tub


The deep soaking bathtub is best for small bathrooms as it is often much shorter in length, but extra deep, as the name would suggest. If you are working with smaller areas, this may be the bathtub for you. You will not lie down in a more traditional position in the water, you will remain seated, but the depth means your weight is well distributed and makes for a comfortable experience.

Unique Wooden Tubs

If it is a design statement you are looking to make, then a wooden bathtub could be perfect for you. The wood material helps maintain the water temperature and is incredibly stylish. So if you want to unwind in the bath at the end of the night with a bonus of that rustic feel, then this will be the tub for you.

Double-sided Tubs

A double-ended bath is ideal for more than one person to enjoy bath time. If floor space is at a premium, then this may not be for you; however, if relaxing in your elegant bathroom to some soothing music with your loved one sounds good, then you should definitely purchase one.

There are many different big 2 person bathtubs from Bellabathrooms freestanding and wall-hung in a variety of shapes and sizes, but if you want to use less water and bathe more people at one time, you should look into these.

Shower Baths


A shower bath is practical if you have a smaller bathroom but great if you have a family. This tub comes in different shapes to accommodate the shower whilst saving on space.  A Modern bathroom that is multi-purpose often benefits from a dual-purpose tub and is the best of both worlds. P-Shaped and L-Shaped models are great for upgrading and give you extra spaces to accommodate showering.

Alcove Tub

Designed to be positioned beside a wall, this tub is a modern style that often works well whilst showering. A brilliant solution when a person deals with smaller areas and is usually made from lightweight materials that are easy to clean. A very functional and more modern take, which has grown immensely in popularity.

Whirpool baths


For that authentic bathing experience that takes you to the spa, a whirlpool bath with bubbles really helps you be at ease at the end of a long day removing all those aches and pains. It can feel like a massage which is so calming. They use jets that pump high-pressure water and air around the tub, and some come with different lighting to compliment the finish.  It is, however, harder to install and more expensive, so this needs to be considered.


Whatever tub you choose, it really is one of those household fixtures that can revamp your home and become a retreat where you can remove stress at the end of a hard day, light some candles and forget about worry.  With so many different kinds of material to choose from, there really is something to suit everyone’s needs.  Not only will it enhance your home, but it is a brilliant addition that adds elegance and comfort to the room.

Whether you are looking for something lightweight and opt for fibreglass or acrylic, or something more hard-wearing like cast iron or stone, there is such a variety of unique styles to be able to create your beautiful bathroom design for whichever allowance you have in mind.

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