Why You Should Add a Steam Shower to Your Pool House

With summer right around the corner, according to reports this is likely to be another scorcher with plenty of sunshine. For sure, this is one year when having a pool will be a real blessing. There’s nothing like the sun to make the pool experience fun and exciting for all ages in the family.

Many homes with swimming pools also benefit from pool houses. The area is suitable for storing pool equipment and constructing a cozy lounge and bar. A pool house with a full or part bathroom is considered one of the most valuable, desirable amenities. Having a steam shower installed can further enhance the experience.

According to industry experts Smartpricewarehouse, adding a steam shower to your pool house is a luxurious touch and, assuming you use it regularly, a worthwhile investment in both financial and health terms. Below are some more reasons you should want to add a steam shower to your pool house.

Showering Facilities Where It’s Most Needed

In addition to the steam room function, steam showers can also have several showering options. These include overhead rain showers, hand showers mounted on a riser bar, and back jets. Swimming in a pool means that friends and family will want to shower and change afterwards. If you do not have these facilities in the pool house area, you almost invariably drip water throughout your home to reach the main bathroom and frequently among teens and young children. They quickly dry themselves and run inside, following a quick exit from the pool. Invariably, this can result in wet floors, wet furniture, etc.

Showering Before They Enter The Pool Too!


You probably already know that if you have friends and family over to use your pool, they should also shower before jumping in the water. It is not acceptable for dirt and debris from their bodies not to enter the water. Despite its ability to kill most things, chlorine doesn’t kill everything instantly. Chlorine, for instance, can take over a week to kill some parasites.

So you’ll make it easy for people to get in the shower before and after swimming if you install a steam shower in your pool house. It’s easier to use a unique shower designed specifically for these types of quick showers instead of the main bathroom inside. If there will be many people at your pool, they should all be clean to prevent anyone from becoming unwell.

Increase The Value Of Your Property

You could boost the resale value of your home by adding a steam shower to your pool house. Although no concrete evidence exists, house buyers almost always appreciate home upgrades that elevate the overall quality and desirability. If you have a pool house, that’s already a favorable position. If a potential buyer walks around your home and sees a steam shower in a pool house, that could close the deal at the best price.

Improving Mental Health & Physical Wellbeing


Having covered the showering aspects, let’s now provide details on the steam function of the steam shower. The facility is standard in healing centers, gymnasiums, and fitness centers. As far back as Roman times, steam possessed remarkable healing properties. The health benefits of steam and steam showers have continued to be recognized.

It is more than simply a luxury amenity to install a steam shower in your pool house. They can enhance health and wellbeing, and you can become more active. An outline summary of the potential health benefits are:

Detoxification – Weight Loss & Metabolism – Combatting Colds & Flu – Aiding Skin Care – Cardiovascular System – Stiffness and Joint Pain

The Easy Steam Shower Solution For A Pool House


Installing an off-the-shelf steam shower in a pool house is often the most straightforward method. The popularity of steam showers that come in flat-packed kits has been rising for almost two decades. In most cases, they require an electrical supply and a hot and cold water connection once assembled.

There are many sizes and shapes of built-in and freestanding steam shower cabins. There is also a corner version of the smaller 800mm x 800mm model, which offers all the functionality of the larger models. As already discussed, steam showers have various showering options in addition to the steam aspects. FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and Chromatherapy lighting are standard on most models.

If you have a larger pool house, twin steam showers in the off-the-shelf range and 1400mm x 900mm in size are a good option. In addition to a 3kw fast start steam generator, the twin models have two hand showers and 2 x 6 body jets, perfect for two people to share.

The Pool House Bespoke Steam Shower


Of course, the off-the-shelf steam showers do not suit all situations, so a bespoke custom-built one for the pool house could be the solution. One advantage is choosing the exact steam shower size and shape for your available space.

The wall panels in steam shower cabins are glass, but you get to select the wall and floor finishes by going the bespoke route. Here the wall could be one of the natural stones like marble and granite, with porcelain or ceramic tiles being another option. With this approach, you thus have the opportunity to match colors with your pool house and general pool area.

Selecting The Right Size Steam Generator


One of the essentials needed when building a custom steam shower is the steam generator. They are available in a wide range of Kilowatt sizes ranging from 3kw to 18kw and beyond. The cubic capacity of the steam room you plan to build in the pool house determines the size of the steam generator.

Having a steam generator that is too small for the pool house space means the steam does not reach its maximum temperature. A low temperature can cause unsatisfactory experiences for the user, and a steam generator that is too large is just a waste of resources and can cause overheating.

The first step is measuring the steam room space’s length, height, and width. By multiplying Width x Length x Height, you can determine the area in cubic feet. The recommended power rating for a 3kW model is sufficient for up to 120CF, 9kW for 350CF, 12kW for 500CF, etc.

In conclusion, installing a steam shower in your pool house, whether bespoke or off-the-shelf, is a great idea. It makes life around the swimming pool area more convenient, with the added health benefits of the steam function. Whether you already own a pool house or plan to acquire one, always consider adding a steam shower!

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