A Balinese Resort Themed Design For Your Home

The interior design of your home can be an exciting yet challenging task where you have to take into account all the requirements, preferences, needs, and budget of the family. But sometimes, you may be in a fix of what kind of design theme or style to choose. If you take a look at some of the most popular solutions out there, you will see that there are quite a lot of them. Therefore, making the best choice will not always be easy, if you don’t know what you want in the beginning.

There are so many different options available in this domain but people usually stick to the most common ones such as minimalistic, Scandinavian, or modern interior design. If you take a look at a wide array of different reports and surveys, you will see that this claim we’ve made is something that can be confirmed quite easily. Thankfully, coming across these reports and surveys is not something you will need to invest a lot of time into.

But what if you want something different and exciting for your home instead of the typical designs that you see around you? If this is the case, then you have come to the right place. We will showcase to you a beautiful yet unique and luxurious style of interior design. Not only that it is quite obvious we are not discussing a common solution. For that reason, many consider it to be somewhat unique, especially if you add some personalized features to it.

This design features a Balinese resort-style living that creates a homely and cozy ambiance with a pop of fun and luxe. Through this portfolio, you can draw inspiration for your own home’s interior design and impress people with the unique and playful aesthetics of the design. Now, we would like to provide you with some of the most obvious ways you can achieve this style.

The Usage Of Green Color And Lots Of Plants


This resort-style living design is dominated by nature’s vibe in the form of warm wood tones and lots of green colors and leafy plants. Plants of different sizes are placed in different areas of the rooms. Large planter pots adorn the corners of rooms whereas smaller planters are placed on tables and shelves. Hanging plant pots can also be seen in certain areas.

All of these features will provide you with a chance to add something unique to the overall style. Apart from these natural leafy plants, various walls of the house are painted in a deep and warm green shade. Without any doubt, having one color as a base offers you limitless possibilities to make any extra details. Therefore, this minimalistic will help you have a much broader understanding. You will certainly agree that this is not a method that is usually understood by a vast majority of people out there.

The living room sofa is also of green color. All these green and wood colors, leaves, and textures create perfect harmony and present the aesthetics and feel of a resort. As you can see, green can be perceived as some sort of foundation color that will complement all the features that are added on top of it. Without any doubt, it represents a proper approach.

Balinese Resort Style at BLK 659 5-Room HDB by Swiss Interior (https://www.swissinterior.com.sg/)

Artwork Adorns Walls And Other Spaces

Another prominent feature of this portfolio is the excessive usage of artwork in various parts of the house in such a way that they do not become too overpowering or make the space appear cluttered. In the lounge, you can see two of the main walls covered with various wall hangings and artwork. Naturally, the artwork you will add to your household will depend solely on you. However, we would recommend you to opt only for those who will complement the style.

A retro guitar also hangs on one of the adjoining walls. This artwork is further made to stand out by using track lighting and spotlights. Instead of curtains for the living room window, blinds are used which give it a modern touch and also allow for lots of sunlight to fall upon the artwork and other elements. This sunlight also plays an essential role in creating a resort effect. As you can see, not having enough daylight present inside this space would not have the right impact.

Bamboo, Straw, And Oakwood Designs

This resort-style design is also dominated by different types of wooden elements including wooden furnishings, bamboo shelves, and rattan weave pieces. You can see lampshades that are made of bamboo wood along with a traditional bamboo decorative shelf that features lots of planter pots and green leaves. Even the mirrors on walls are bordered with bamboo-woven straw. Using these materials has proved to be a much better solution, especially for those who live in a region that has some specific climate conditions.

Not only that, they are sustainable enough to remain untouched even under some conditions that are not as positive as they need to be. The bed is also made from a traditional design of woven wood and bamboo which when combined with the otherwise modern lighting and design creates a unique and elegant ambiance. Many people don’t know how customizable these can be. So, when you have a chance to work with them, you will see that changing some of these to your liking doesn’t require so much of an effort on your behalf.

Modern Kitchen With Scalloped Backsplash

The kitchen in this design theme is kept modern with black marbled countertops and white cabinets. The floor is of oakwood shade which carries on the resort theme into the kitchen as well. The backsplash tiles are a fun scallop patterned print which gives this modern kitchen a playful vibe. Modern fittings, orange lights, and the overall theme of the kitchen are ones to be copied for sure.

Since we know that kitchen is the heart of every household, investing your best efforts and resources into making it as best as possible should be an absolute must. As you can see, Balinese resort interior design can provide you with exactly that. Not only that it will provide your kitchen with enough colors to make it as bright as it needs to be. You will also find this atmosphere pleasant enough to be surrounded by it.

Lots Of Different Textures

Another feature that is quite visible in this design is the use of different textures which helps create a sense of depth and character in the appearance. Throughout the house, we see layers of varying textures one on top of the other. For example, the wooden floors are adorned with furry rugs and in some areas, jute rugs. A couple of these factors will set the atmosphere everyone will enjoy, you can be certain of that.

The raw and rugged appeal of the bamboo wood is complemented with plush and soft bedding and fabrics. We can also see a white fur stool that appears at just the right spot with all the other wooden elements to create harmony and balance among elements. So, for those who are interested in having as many textures inside their household as possible, and still stylizing them in the best way possible, we believe this is the right approach you should opt for.

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