7 Best Apps for Error-Free Writing

At every stage of college life, you have to deal with writing. Whether you’re just taking notes while your professor delivers lectures, writing your research paper, or preparing a business plan for your after-graduation life, you will have to write. But the reality is that writing is not as simple or as natural as many people out there tend to make it look. However, the good news is that the companies like are there to provide you with professional solutions once you hit them with your “Someone help me write my college essay” request.

In addition to custom writing experts available to hire, techs have made it easy to cope with writing assignments of any complexity level. Online software is available with a range of dynamic options that help you do your homework faster, proofread and edit your papers where necessary, scan them for plagiarism, and boost your overall writing experience. Before you pay for every other app, keep in mind that not every app can do the job for you. An app is only useful if it includes features that can ease the process of writing this or that academic project. So, here are some of the best apps that are known to help you out.

1. Hemingway

To check your text readability, we recommend using Hemingway. All you have to do to use the app is to copy-and-paste your writing, while Hemingway quickly scans and analyses it. The best thing about the app is that it lets you feel as if Ernest Hemingway himself polishes your paper up.

The Hemingway app highlights the sentences that are hard to read, the passive voice constructions, and the adverbs that you may use too much in your piece. You’re welcome to install a desktop version for Mac and PC, as well as use the online version.

2. The Brainstormer

What’s so special about The Brainstormer? First, it’s an aesthetically designed app. But if you don’t get excited about the looks, the reason to use it is that it randomly generates inspiration for the writing of all types. Besides, the app features the so-called Brainstormer Wheel used for a fast generation of hot ideas.

What is more, The Brainstormer offers you to use the Character Builder and World Builder wheels to create some great players and well-organized scenes for your writing projects. The endless combinations of features make it easier to deal with writing assignments.

3. Oflow

If you’re looking for ways to get unstuck and move forward with your ideas, Oflow could be an option. More than 150 various creative tips and tricks are available to get your writing inspiration going. Simple design, well-organized features, and an easy-to-use system make Oflow a fundamental app for high school, college, and university students.

Feel free to use Oflow to keep notes, set creativity reminders, and save some of your best ideas. All the ideas can be then shared with college fellows via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

4. Writing Challenge

This game-based software works well when you need to turn on your creative ideas for academic projects of all kinds. When you press ‘Start’ in the Writing Challenge app, you’re provided with the very first prompt. Then, you will get more prompts at time-framed intervals. You are welcome to use them all to come up with brand-new ideas for writing, build dialogues, create catchy characters, and provide settings that would become the best environment for your plots.

5. LibreOffice

Now, if you’re not sure you can afford to use Microsoft Word but you want something that works similarly, choose to use LibreOffice. This free alternative to MS Word includes all the features that are typical for MS Office. If you choose to use the free version, you will be provided with a word processor. Basically, as a college student dealing with writing tasks, that is all you need. Just like MS Office, LibreOffice offers the same popular formats as PPTX, DOCX, and XLSX.

6. Grammarly

Life would be so much harder without Grammarly! This writing tool works well with Outlook and MS Word. It suggests edits, provides online users with alternative vocabulary for their texts, as well as offers corrections to boost your writing. If you choose to use the basic version of Grammarly, you will get all the features for free. For $29.95 per month, users will get an advanced version of the product. It corrects 100 grammar and spelling errors, highlights the parts of the text that require commas or any other punctuation marks, checks plagiarism, offers better word choice suggestions, and does contextual spell check. Whether you’re a college student or a skillful writer in need of boosting your prose, Grammarly can do the job!

7. Edusson

A lot of undergrads are constantly looking for ways to no longer spend hours in front of computers searching for information related to the chosen topic. Edusson is here to help you when it comes to crafting well-structured essays. The app ensures your work includes zero punctuation or grammar errors, as well as saves your time while making the essay writing process more enjoyable and less challenging. The very moment you install the app on your Android or iPhone, you will no longer have to worry about how to accomplish a college essay during your most hectic days.

As you can see, the options for error-free writing are endless. Regardless of the type of academic writing that you have to deal with, you will always find something that will help you get the job done and get an A+.

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