Designer’s Paradise: The Best Home Decor Apps of 2024

A change in surroundings is always welcome. Living in the same space may be comfortable for some, but for others, it can get quite dreary. Moving houses and cities or simply going on a vacation to revitalize is not an option for many. So, what do you do? You can redecorate your home and freshen it up. You’ll feel different and new for sure, we guarantee!

If you’re scared you might mess it up instead, well then we have news for you. There are quite a few apps in the market that can help you redecorate without actually decorating the room. Experiment with designs, colors, and placement and once you’re satisfied to go to the market and get the stuff you need. If you’re wondering which apps to try, worry not. We have compiled the perfect list to help you plan it all out with ease.

Ikea Place

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If you have Ikea furniture around the house already, or fell in love with their pieces and plan on buying them, then we can’t emphasize enough on you getting this app. Why? Simple, it lets you place the furniture around your house and see it how it looks. Does it look better in the bedroom or the drawing-room? Well, now you know. This app integrates augmented reality to give you a shopping experience like no other. Before you spend the cash, you’ll know for sure if you like the item and if it will suit the décor of your home. In addition to this, you no longer have to navigate the maze that is an Ikea store, you can shop with ease from the comfort of your bed.


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Ikea Place promotes its own products and if you’re not a fan of their furniture, there’s little you’ll like on the app. But there are better ways to help you visualize like Roomy.

Just upload a picture of your room in the app and it will turn it into a 3D space. Next, shop for furnishings and place them digitally in the room. You can experiment around with the decor and save and share the pictures to compare and make the final decision. Neat, right? Roomy is the one-stop-shop for the interior junkie in you. From visualization to execution it has you covered.

Mark on Call

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If you’re beginning from scratch then Mark on Call is your perfect partner. It was created by an interior designer, Mark Lewison, so you know it’s going to be good. Not to forget professionals. Truly the best you’ll get in your palm size.

It lets you create floor plans with ease on a grid so that you can add furniture and decorations to scale. If you want you can take pictures of patterns or the finishes that you like and include them in your design.


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Redecorating can get expensive, especially if you’re a sucker for quality. Luckily, there’s a cheaper way out. If you don’t mind pre-owned, high-quality decor, then Chairish is your go-to guy.

Similarly, if you have good furniture and want to get a good value for it to use it to fund your redecoration, this app will come in handy.

So, what does it do? Sellers upload photos of their furniture and the curators of the company then decide if the items are worthy and should be listed as saleable. The company handles the payment, shipping as well as returns and all you have to do is sit back and relax. Listing an item on the platform is free and the seller gets to keep 80% of the money which is a great deal.

Photo Measures

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When you redecorate, get ready for some grueling measurement work. You need to know the dimensions of everything. If you’re planning on getting a painting, have you measured the wall? Or on the floor? The sofa might not fit, the same with bed and other furnishings. You might find yourself spending a lot of time getting the measurement. While that’s ok, carrying around diagrams of your floor and wall plans can get annoying fast. To avoid the hassle we recommend you use the Photo Measure app.

Simply take a picture of the room and joint down the related measurements. You’ll be able to visualize it better and carry the details on your phone which is great for when you go shopping.


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Getting the color scheme right is not easy. It’s not just about which colors you use but also what undertones they have and how they all complement and contrast with one another. Architects and designers are great at this stuff, but not most of us are. You may know the basics, however, getting them to work for you is another thing. You can use all the extra help you get and Color911 is the tool you need.

It creates and saves color palettes for your project and comes equipped with 80 color themes that you can download. Talk about making it easy, am I right? In addition to this, you can create a theme based on a photograph you’ve taken. There, it’s all covered for you.

Morpholio Board Pro

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Getting professional help can be costly, but getting the help of those aiding the professionals, not so much. From mood boards to creating shopping lists and cut sheets, Morpholio Board Pro is there for you throughout the journey making sure you don’t falter. It covers almost everything so if planning is not your forte, this is the ultimate tool you must have for redecorating your space.

Final Word

Redecorating helps you get in touch with your creative side and can also work as self-care. There are great benefits to be reaped from this apart from it just being fun. If you’re doing it with your housemates or spouse, you’ll be able to connect with them and it will also make everyone feel more responsible for the house you live in. And, with the apps, there are no risks to this task. All you need now is to visit Buytvinternetphone to get a good internet connection that ensures all the hard work you’ve done until is saved until the time you need to see it again. That’s it, go on redecorate. It’ll be a breeze, we promise!

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