Top Accessories For Your Fibreglass Pool – 2024 Guide

Delving into the world of fibreglass pools introduces you to a plethora of fascinating accessories that can significantly enhance your swimming experience. These additions are not only functional but also add an aesthetic appeal to your pool. This article presents a curated list of the top 10 accessories you may want to consider for your fibreglass pool, aimed at helping you create a more enjoyable, safe, and stylish water haven.


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Pool pavers are an elegant accessory that add functionality and grandeur to the surrounding area of your sydney fibreglass pool. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool but also ensure safety by providing a slip-resistant surface. Crafted from various materials like stone, concrete, and clay, these pavers offer a wide range of shapes, colours, and patterns to choose from, enabling you to customise your swimming area according to your style and preferences. Additionally, due to their durability and easy maintenance, pavers are a cost-effective choice, offering long-term value for your investment.


Fencing is an essential accessory for your fibreglass pool, providing an important safety barrier particularly if you have children or pets. It’s not just a practical addition, but can also significantly augment the overall aesthetic of your pool area. Fences can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, aluminium, and steel, each offering their own unique style and benefits. Glass fencing, for instance, is a popular choice for its sleek, modern look that provides unobstructed views of your pool. Aluminium and steel fences, on the other hand, are renowned for their durability and strength. In choosing a fence, it’s crucial to consider local regulations, safety requirements, maintenance, as well as your personal style and budget.


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Lighting is an essential accessory that turns your fibreglass pool into a stunning spectacle at night. With strategic placement, lights create a mesmerising ambience, making it the centrepiece of your outdoor space. Options range from traditional halogen lights to energy-efficient LED lights, which are popular for their longevity and variety of colours. LED lights allow you to change the pool’s mood with a flick of a switch. Besides enhancing aesthetics, lighting improves safety by making navigation easier after dark. Though the initial cost may be significant, the dramatic enhancement justifies the investment.



Covers are essential for fibreglass pool owners, serving the dual purpose of safety and maintenance. They act as a safety barrier, crucial in households with children and pets, preventing accidental falls into the water. From a maintenance perspective, covers reduce debris, minimising cleaning and extending the life of the filtration system. They also conserve water by reducing evaporation. They come in various types: solar covers, winter covers, and safety covers. Solar covers retain warmth for comfortable swimming, while winter covers shield the pool during the off-season. Safety covers provide strong and secure protection. When choosing a cover, consider factors like durability, ease of use, and required protection level.

Water Features


Water features bring elegance and sophistication to your fibreglass pool. Transform it into a tranquil oasis with waterfalls, fountains, and jets, creating a soothing environment with the gentle sound of cascading water. These features can be customised to match your pool’s style and size, enhancing its visual appeal. They also play a functional role by aiding in water circulation and distributing chemicals evenly, ensuring cleaner and healthier water. Remember to consider maintenance requirements, such as regular cleaning to prevent algae or mineral deposits. Despite this, water features are a popular accessory for fibreglass pools, offering an immersive and relaxing experience.

Swim Jets

Swim jets are an exciting addition to fibreglass pools, offering fun and unique exercise. They propel a concentrated flow of water, allowing you to swim against a constant stream without turning around – creating an ‘endless experience. Swim jets provide both leisure and fitness benefits, enhancing swimming skills and accommodating the whole family. Consider installation and maintenance costs before adding swim jets to your pool.

Noodles, Games and Toys

Noodles, games, and toys are fantastic additions to your fibreglass pool, making swimming sessions enjoyable for all ages. Pool noodles are versatile flotation devices, perfect for exercises and play. They come in vibrant colours, adding a pop of colour to your pool. Similarly, water games like inflatable volleyball or basketball sets provide hours of entertainment, encouraging healthy competition and team spirit. For little ones, diving rings, floating puzzle sets, and motorised toys stimulate creativity and learning. When choosing toys and games, consider age appropriateness and safety standards. While these accessories enhance pool enjoyment, always supervise children for their safety.

Heating Systems

Installing a heating system can greatly enhance your swimming experience by extending the swimming season and ensuring comfortable temperatures year-round. There are several options to choose from, including gas heaters, heat pumps, and solar heaters, each with its own advantages.

Gas heaters provide quick heating, ideal for those who want to enjoy their pool without delay. Heat pumps offer energy efficiency, making them a more sustainable choice in the long run. Solar heaters are eco-friendly and utilise the power of the sun to heat your pool.

When deciding on the right system for your needs, consider factors such as your local climate, budget, and how frequently you plan to use the pool. With the perfect heating system in place, your yard transforms into a year-round sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment, ensuring that you can make the most of your investment.

In conclusion, investing in well-chosen accessories can transform your fibreglass pool into a stunning, functional, and entertaining space. From safety-enhancing lighting and covers, to mood-enhancing water features and swim jets, all the way to a plethora of fun toys and games, the possibilities are endless. Even extending your swimming season with a suitable heating system becomes a viable option. However, remember that each accessory comes with its own set of considerations, such as installation, maintenance costs and usage requirements. In the end, the aim is to create a pool space that caters to your needs and preferences, enhancing your swimming experience and providing endless hours of enjoyment for the whole family.

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