Importance Of Writing Article And Proofreading

In the corporate world, writing articles is very essential as it helps the company in offering information about the product of the company as well as building a relationship with the customers. With the help of articles a company can provide deeper understanding on the product as well as enhance the SEO ranking of the company’s site which in turn help them in increasing the leads. Moreover, the articles can be distributed on all social media due to which the company can pull even more leads.

But whenever you write an article you should make sure that it does not have any kind of errors such as grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, typos mistakes, etc. If the articles have such silly mistakes it will create a wrong impression on the customer and they will avoid buying products or availing services from your company. That is the reason why it is very essential to proofread the article before publishing it to make sure that it is free from any kinds of errors. However, you will now get grammar checking tools in the market which will detect all kinds of errors in your document automatically and provide you with some valuable suggestions to rectify it. If you want to find out the mistakes in your article go here for the check.

What should you check after writing?

While writing articles people often make some silly mistakes and if you publish the article without checking those mistakes then you will encounter several issues and may also lose your valuable customers. Hence, whenever you will write the article for your company you have to take care of the following essential things:

  • Carefully check the homonyms: Homonyms are those words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and spelling. After you complete writing the articles you must check the homonyms since MS Word spell check features will not be able to check this type of errors. For example, the word ‘their’ and ‘there’ have different meanings and spell differently but are pronounced the same. Hence, if you just rely on the spell check features you will not be able to detect the errors in the article and the article will be published with wrong words.
  • Check the punctuation: When it comes to the grammatical aspect of English language, punctuation is considered to be one of the very essential things. Some of the most important punctuations are – comma (,), full stop (.), colon (:), hyphen (-), question mark (?), exclamation mark (!), etc. It is very essential to know the rules of punctuation otherwise you will make mistakes while writing the article. However, you can use a grammar checking tool for checking punctuation mistakes. The tool will provide you with suggestions about how to correct the punctuation errors and if you find the suggestion suitable you can accept it otherwise you can ignore it and use your knowledge.
  • Eliminate the unnecessary words: Typos are very common types of mistakes while a person writes anything. Sometimes the writer mistakenly adds a zero or a full stop or any other thing while writing due to which the meaning of the sentence changes completely. Hence, it will cause a lot of embarrassment both for the writer as well as the company which is publishing the article. That is the reason it is very essential to crosscheck the article once you complete writing so that you can detect such types of unnecessary words and eliminate them.
  • Check the consistency: It is very essential to make sure that the writing is consistent throughout the article. For example, you may have written ‘co-workers’ in some places and ‘coworkers’ in others. Again you may have used ‘%’ and ‘percentage’ and although both the words and the symbol represent the same thing it creates a bad impression in the mind of the reader. Thus it is highly necessary to use any one word – either the % symbol or the word percentage.
  • Sentence structure: You must also look at the sentence structure of the article before submitting it. Sometimes you may need to rephrase the sentence for better understanding and clarity. Again you may also need to split the long sentence for better readability.
  • Verb and tense: checking the verbs and tenses are very essential things since they can create huge discrepancy between how you write and speak. It is very essential to check the verb in the sentences. Tense is also a very important part of English language. In fact, it is the backbone of the English language and making mistakes in tenses can totally change the meaning of the sentence. That is the reason why it is highly important to check both the verb and tense of the sentence carefully at the time of proofreading.
  • Overall flow: it is also very important to check the overall flow of the article and make sure that it is not disjointed or incoherent. At the time of proofreading the article you must ensure that all the sentences have a logical flow. Apart from that, if you have used links in the article make sure that the links are directed to where they are supposed to be and they are working as you wanted. For additional information on how to proofread your paper, visit


Thus it is observed that articles can play a big role in enhancing the SEO ranking of the website of the company but you have to make sure that it is free from any kinds of errors. That is the reason why it is very essential to proofread the article very carefully once you have completed the article. You can use grammar and punctuation checking tools with the help of which you will be able to detect any kind of errors in the article and correct it with the help of suggestions provided by the tool. Though this type of tool makes your job easier as they can automatically detect the errors and provide you with suggestions to rectify the errors it is better to manually proofread the document once before publishing the article.

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