What Can You Put Under an Inflatable Pool?

Inflatable pools are a good way to have a fun and relaxing time at home. You can easily place inflatable pools in your backyard and cool off the summer heat or simply have a fun time with your family. Moreover, inflatable pools are something that kids love to have.

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It’s important to take care of what goes below and under an inflatable pool. Many new inflatable pool owners are clueless about what to put under their inflatable pools to make them more relaxing and comforting. Apart from placing your pool on firm ground, you should also take care of what goes under your pool. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the things you can put under your inflatable pools.

But before that, let’s see what all things you should keep in mind while deciding what to put under your inflatable pool. Let’s start!

Things to Keep In Mind Before Deciding What to Put Under An Inflatable Pool


No matter how durable your inflatable pool is, safety measures are a must to keep it safe from damages. Wear and tear of inflatable pools can happen if you mindlessly place your pool on any surface.

● Strong Foundation:

Always place your inflatable pool on a strong foundation to prevent it from collapsing. A strong and firm base gives your inflatable pool the support it needs.

● Avoid Rough Surfaces:

Placing your inflatable pools over a rough surface can be discomforting for you. Moreover, it can harm the material of your inflatable pools. Therefore, you should always place your inflatable pool on a smooth and flat surface.

●  Keep Your Pool away from Electric Supplies:

Make sure you keep your inflatable pools away from electric supplies for your safety. Also, ensure that your pool is close to an area where there is easy water accessibility so that you can easily drain and refill your pools.

Now, let’s see what you can put under your inflatable pools.

Things You Can Put Under Your Inflatable Pool


● Synthetic Pool Pads:

Synthetic pads are a budget-friendly option to put under your inflatable pool. This base material is super easy to maintain and install. You do not need to place a concrete layer or worry about anything else with synthetic pool pads as they are enough to give your pool the protection and the foundation it requires. Moreover, you can easily purchase them from any e-commerce site or from inflatable pool stores.

● Concrete Pads:

Another thing that you can put under your inflatable pool is a concrete pad. They too are easily available for purchasing and are cost-effective. However, make sure that the concrete pad is sturdy enough to hold the weight of a water-filled inflatable tub.

Besides that, ensure that the concrete pad and your inflatable pool are almost the same sizes. The best part about concrete pads is that they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.

● Gravel:


You can also put crushed gravel or stones under your inflatable pool. Some people also try putting sand. However, with sand, crushed gravel or stones, you need to make sure that the thickness is not more than 4 inches. Moreover, there should be a proper frame to pour sand or gravel so that it settles properly and doesn’t get washed away.

● Grass:


The grass is another safe option to put under your inflatable tub. Many inflatable pool owners prefer placing their pools on a grassy surface. However, make sure that the grass is free from pointed bamboo sticks, or any other sharp objects like broken plastic or glasses to avoid damage to your pool.

● Interlocking Foam Tiles:


Interlocking foam tiles are perfect for indoor locations. You can easily install and dismantle them just like you create a puzzle. They provide a comforting cushioning to your inflatable pool. Interlocking tiles provide the perfect padding to your pool and they come in different sizes as per the size of your pool.

●  Ground Cloth:

You can also place padded ground clothes under your inflatable tubs. They provide the perfect cushioning as well as protect your pools’ inner lining. Ground clothes can also be customized as per the size of your pool.

●  Plastic Resin Base Pads:

Just like interlocking foam tiles, plastic resin pads have interlocking pieces. You can consider using plastic resin tiles for both outdoor and indoor locations. The best thing about plastic pads is that they are highly durable as they are made up of polyethylene (PE) resin. Not only that, they are extremely lightweight and easy to install as well.

●  Rubber Pond Liner:

Rubber pond liners are commonly used under an inflatable tub. They are extremely easy to set up and also provides the safety that the bottom of your pool requires. It’s better to get them tailor-made to avoid multiple joints and overlaps. The more the number of joints, the more risky the setting could be. Therefore, don’t go for pre-made rubber pond liners.

●  Urethane Foam Sheets:

You can also use urethane foam sheets for a solid base. They are better than having a sand base. The best part about urethane foam sheets is that they won’t slide while filling your pools with water.


Many new inflatable pool owners can feel confused about what to put under their pools. When it comes to deciding the base for placing your pool, you need to be extra careful. Always choose a soft and sturdy material under an inflatable pool. We have discussed many cushioning options like grass, gravel and sand bed, foam tiles etc., that you can consider putting under your inflatable pools.

Besides the things mentioned by us, do read the instruction manual that comes with your pool carefully to see what specific precautions you should take while installing your pool.

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