How often should you have your Tile and Grout Cleaned

When we think about cleaning our houses, we most commonly focus on how the kitchen looks, if there are any dishes left, the insides of our fridge, the laundry we have, dust all over the home, as well as floors and vacuuming. Even though these tasks make the difference between the house looking good and presentable, and being afraid that the doorbell will randomly ring, know that there are a lot of areas that you need to pay attention to if you want your home to be far more than decently cleaned. The tile grout is the place between the tiles that can easily collect a lot of dirt and debris, and if it is not cleaned regularly, it will change colors and it will gather bacteria that can be harmful to you and your family. Here, we will tell you how often you should have your tile grout cleaned and how to do it.

Why should you do it?


Many people wonder why do we need to clean the grout between the tiles and what will happen if we don’t. Well, there are many reasons and let’s start with the one that you notice the most – the color. These spacings are made to match the tiles and there are many color options when choosing the grout. If you don’t clean and maintain it properly, with time it is going to get much darker and the whole area is going to look worse.

Next comes the scary truth that if we don’t clean these parts on time, they are going to gather a lot of dirt and bacteria. You may not notice them, but you will be affected by this so much. We have tiles in the kitchen, and we prepare food there. More often than not, our kids eat directly from the counter when we don’t see them, and they actively spend time on the floor. When the tiles and the grout are not cleaned, we can get sick, and our loved ones will be affected as well.

Know that if you don’t maintain these parts, they are more likely to become brittle and damaged, and you will need to replace them far sooner than you planned on doing. This is going to take a lot of time and money, and since you can easily prevent it, you definitely should.

How often should you clean the tiles and grout?


Now let’s answer the most important question that every homeowner has – how often should the tiles and the grout be cleaned?

Let’s first start with the tiles, depending on where in your home they are, you need to adjust your cleaning habits. If we are talking about your patio or balcony, you should clean it several times per month, or when you actively use the space.

The bathroom and the kitchen are a bit tricker, and in the kitchen, you need to clean at least once per week if you don’t want any stains, dirt collection, and if you want the space to be always sanitary for food preparation.

The bathroom tiles are also recommended to be cleaned at least once per week, and you should at least wipe them or clean them with some soap and water to keep the space sanitary.

How to clean them and what to use?

There are a lot of amazing tile cleaning products that are going to help you out with this and that is going to disinfect and sanitize the space. It is best to use these goods if you want to get rid not only of the bacteria but also of any stains, grease, or dust that may have gathered on top of the tiles.

When it comes to the grout, this is a little bit trickier to answer. Know that experts suggest that you should clean this space at least twice per year, but if you want to maintain your home properly, you need to do it more often.

The best thing you can do is collaborate with a cleaning service such as RenueHawaii which is going to help you not only determine when to clean your space but can also help you out with the job.

Some grout is going to get dirtier far easier than others, so you need to pay attetnpn to how it looks. If you notice any discoloration or if you think that suddenly the grout became too dark, you need to wipe at least one part of it and see if the original color is buried far under the dirt.

The good thing is that you won’t need too much time or money to get this done, and the more often you clean these spaces, the less time you will need to spend on the process.

Some homeowners choose to use a toothbrush to clean every single part of the grout without leaving anything behind, while others opt for brushers that are bigger and can clean the area much faster. If you don’t want to spend too much time on this, you can always reach out to a professional service to help you out.

Which products are safe?


Both for the tiles and for the grout, you need to be careful which products you are using. Some may be too damaging and they can make the tiles brittle and eat away the grout. If you notice any cracks, no matter how small they are in the grout, you need to call a professional right away.

Know that in case the grout gets damaged by the chemicals it is going to allow water and dirt to go inside and under the tiles, and this can cause serious damage and issues. Be extra careful when cleaning it, and know that if you don’t know what the product does or how strong it is, you should not use it.

There are a lot of home items including bicarbonate soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide that are going to do wonders when it comes to cleaning these items, so you should rely on them to make sure your house is clean as well as properly maintained.

As you can see, you don’t need to clean the grout more than a few times per year, and when it comes to your tiles, it all depends on where they are located, and how much dirt they are exposed to. It is always best to clean and disinfect your home at least once per week if you don’t want to risk getting in touch with bacteria and viruses.

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