Benefits and Requirements to Teach a Language Online

It is possible to teach a language in which you are not a native speaker; in fact, many people do it online from the comfort of their own homes, working their way across the world. So, if you value flexibility and the freedom to choose your own work environment, this may be a fantastic career for you.

Benefits of Online Teaching

With the increase of remote work, we are becoming more location-independent, allowing us to work anywhere in the world without concerns. With Online Teaching, you may choose to travel often or to live in your favorite location for an extended length of time.

Based on this digital age, where the majority of people use the internet to make a living, there are numerous opportunities and courses online if your wish is to teach English or another foreign language, and the best of all is that you can get paid for it.

Bellow find some benefits of teaching a language online.

  • Save time on Commuting
  • Freedom to Choose your Workplace
  • Create your Schedule
  • Set your own Prices
  • Work on your own Terms
  • Personal Growth

Requirements for Online Language Teacher

Not having an english teaching qualification is not required to teach a language, but if you do, you will gain confidence and learn new skills that will allow you to start your career and, most importantly, getting paid for it.

Find below the requirements that will be a plus to start teaching english online.

  • Decent internet connection
  • Being talkative, engaging, and open
  • Passion for teaching and different cultures
  • An online teaching qualification is a plus but not essential
  • Fluent in English

How to teach English Online being a Non-Native Speaker

Here are some tips on How to Teach English that will help you catch the attention of your potential students. Remember that interacting, being friendly and open, is one of the most important requirements for someone teaching a language to a non-native speaker.

Keep in mind that while teaching a language, the goal of the students is to be able to talk, read, and write in English rather than English grammatical rules.

Apply Visual Aids

Images, diagrams, PowerPoint presentations, and videos It is the best bet for capturing your students’ interest. You will need to use more than just words because they are ESL (English as a Second Language) learners. Adapt the visuals to the audience to whom you are speaking.

Simple is better

Use simple vocabulary, put yourself in your student’s position, and consider what would capture their interest, and encourage them to participate. Begin with the fundamentals and gradually increase the level of complexity as the students progress.

Long lectures should be avoided

Avoid long lectures whenever possible. If you have no other option, integrate it with interactive images or videos. Put yourself in your student’s shoes once more. Nobody enjoys reading entire paragraphs of text (especially when you learning).

Make extensive use of oral communication

Engaging with other people is one of the finest methods for people to learn how to speak a language. So, if you’re giving a class, plan something for them to talk about. They will improve their communication abilities and make new friends from various cultures.

Tips to Become an Online Teacher

In this digital age, Online Teaching jobs keep growing. To be a successful Online Teacher it is needed more than a degree, you must connect with the students. To follow on that, below you can find some tips to become the best Online Teacher.

Welcome Feedback

The Online Teaching career will be challenging at first, as it is a work in progress. Communicate with students to improve since their feedback is important. Making questions such as “How can I improve our online class?” will make the student feel heard.

Prepare Interactive Content

Long lectures, as previously said, should be avoided if you want to get a solid start in your career. Make quizzes and discussion questions to keep the dialogue going and active.

Be Flexible

You will need to be flexible if you start this new job. Of course, you may establish your own hours and rates, but start small until you are ready for the next step.

Be Creative & Use Tools

Make the most of your online teaching abilities, and don’t be afraid to be bold and unique. Using a lot of visuals is a fantastic method to express yourself creatively. You may also use tools like sharemylesson, where you can find lesson plans that are free to download.

Online English Teaching Jobs for Non-Native Speakers

Whether you’re searching for a method to fund your travel lifestyle or just to make little extra bucks, you may use one of these platforms below. Each of them offers its own set of requirements, such as language options, so you must select the one that best matches your expectations.

So no more waiting, Start Teaching English Online and get paid!

The Best Online Teaching Platforms


In this platform, you can become a professional teacher or a community Tutor which works if you are friendly and use your time to provide the students with conversation practice.


LiveXP is created for 1-on-1 lessons. You don’t need to be certified to teach here. All you need is to complete an easy registration process to make your tutor card visible to students. You can indicate up to 2 languages to be taught and your card will appear in 2 language sections.


A great number of languages with the possibility of selecting different dialects. This platform is unique in that it provides excellent courses in each language.

Verbal Planet


One-to-one private language classes using skype in which native teachers teach their native language. The review from this platform is excellent.


Teach in groups or private classes, this platform specializes in European languages such as English, French, Spanish, and German.



If you just starting your teaching career it is an excellent platform to build up some reviews and experience.

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