5 Reasons the Sugar Rush Video Slots Is a Sweet Source of Entertainment

Online slots are very popular due to the short learning curve required to play them. After all, all you need is to “pull” the lever. Game designers and developers make up for the simplicity of the game by embellishing it with aesthetic features.

That’s why a lot of online casino enthusiasts are also enticed to play slots with Bitcasino Sugar Rush. But why do we think that this is a great option? Keep reading and find out!

Info About Sugar Rush


Developed by Pragmatic Play, Sugar Rush is a simple game where you line up candies or gummies to win a prize. Having five reels and 20 potential ways to win, it sure will have you stay to see which combinations you can potentially get on the next spin. You can even win in more than one way per spin.

But if you’re just playing to pass the time, don’t worry! With a minimum bet of just 0.20 mBTC, playing is all in sweet, good fun as you’re not at risk of losing a lot in a matter of seconds.

What Makes Sugar Rush a Great Deliciously Enticing?

Slots are already very popular, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to maximize your experience by just going with any game available. There may be a lot of slot games out there, but Sugar Rush is something that you really shouldn’t miss. Here are the biggest reasons it’s worth the try:

1. You Get an Extra Layer of Entertainment

Even though video slots like Sugar Rush are fundamentally the same in terms of gameplay, they are still more entertaining. Apart from the buttons and reels that you’d see on your average online slot game, Sugar Rush also features attractive animations, graphics, and sounds.

You’ll love the adorable (and at the same time, mouth-watering) candies that come alive every time you win. Or how about the cartoonish sounds? If you’re a fan of a candy land theme, this is something that would definitely appeal to you.

2. It’s Cute


Remember how the whole world was enamored years ago by Candy Crush Saga? It has made such an impact on their expectation of the gaming experience that a lot of people are still playing it today. This is the same appeal that Sugar Rush has.

Combined with the sounds, the cuteness can almost be hypnotic! The lollipop heads, gummy bears, and other saccharines in various colors are going to want you to look forward even more to every win.

3. You Get to Bet Using Bitcoins

If you have some that you want to liquidate, you can use them in the game. And the best part is the winnings are in Bitcoins as well. This means that if you’re holding on to some as you wait for its value to go up, you don’t have to lose any potential gains later on.

Plus, what better way to truly immerse yourself in the digital world?

4. The Hit Ratio Is Relatively High

Having a hit ratio of 34.50% means that on average, you’re going to win every three spins. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but there are so many slots that are stingier with their players.

And what does it mean for you? A long time of getting to enjoy watching the pastel-colored reels spin and more chances to sweeten the pot by adjusting your risk appetite.

5. It’s Very Exciting

If you’re looking for excitement, Sugar Rush will give you that sugar rush for that surge of feel-good serotonin and dopamine. The game has high volatility, meaning that the winnings are normally going to be the more generous side.

Of course, there’s a downside to it: you’re not going to win as many times. But taking the bitter with the sweet will make every win even more delicious! After all, where’s the excitement going to come from if the game’s already very predictable?

Want to Consistently Find Sweet Selections for You? Here’s How

Even though we’re big fans of Sugar Rush, we’re sure that there are many other games out there to enjoy. So if you’d like to make it easier for you to see other great finds, we recommend trying out these tips when finding slots that you’d like:

1. Find Something with At Least Mid-Range Return to Player (RTP) Percentage


We know that in the end, the house always wins. But remember that the RTP percentage is an average based on all players. Spending on entertainment is okay, but this doesn’t mean you should be losing a lot. Therefore, stick to options with acceptable RTP levels. It should be at least 95% so that, on average, you get $0.95 back for every $1 spent.

2. Check Out Where Your Other Favorites Are From

If you’ve had a great experience playing a certain slot game, chances are you’d also enjoy other games made by the same developer. For example, Sugar Rush was created by Pragmatic Play. Other games they created may have some similarities in terms of graphic style, volatility, and other factors that matter to you. Plus, you’re already sure that they use reliable random number generators that have been tested to ensure fairness.

3. Use the Search Function

Any respectable online casino will have a search function to make it easier for site visitors to explore from what’s usually thousands of games. So if you’re looking for something similar to Sugar Rush, you can try using the search term “Candy”. If the search function of the site is relatively sophisticated, it’s not just going to show you titles with the word. It will also use tags so that even though the search term isn’t on the title, you’d still be able to look it up.

Playing slots is all good fun! And with the variety of options available to players today, you won’t have a hard time finding a game that fits your current preferences. Enjoy and to more sweet spins!

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