5 Reasons To Learn The Swahili Language

Most of you have encountered foreign language learning during your schooling – and these have almost always been very well known and widespread languages. But is it worth investing valuable free time in learning a language spoken by a smaller number of people like Swahili? Of course, it is. In the text before you, we will reveal some of the reasons why to learn Swahili.

What You Need To Know To Successfully Learn A Foreign Language


For whatever reason you are motivated to learn a foreign language – it is helpful to learn more about the best practices of learning from experienced multilingual speakers. We are most often motivated by the need to learn a foreign language in our adulthood. In school, we usually learn English – and in high schools additionally German or Italian. Learning a foreign language opens the door to other cultures and markets, enables us to communicate with others – and broadens our understanding of our own culture. It’s also a great exercise for the brain. Research shows that by learning a foreign language – we practice concentration, memory, solving mental problems, and becoming more creative.

Why Learn Swahili?

We already know the benefits of learning an additional language and how to most easily enter this creative process. It’s not hard to find reasons to learn English, German or Chinese – but what about those lesser-known languages? How much are they worth the time and effort required to learn? For example, if your heart has been pulling you for years to learn Swahili, but you have not yet found a rational reason to start learning it – try to consider the following reasons.

1. Swahili Learning Opens the Way To Easier Business Opportunities


Many people choose to learn a foreign language precisely out of a desire for better business opportunities – or because knowledge of that language is necessary for their business field. However, learning a rare language provides a significant additional advantage in the labor market. The Swahili-speaking area of ​​East Africa is currently one of the most important points of economic growth and development. A large number of investments are being implemented – so it is more than desirable to know the language of the local population. If you decide to learn Swahili, you might find that your skill is extremely useful because it is not possessed by a large number of people –  which automatically opens many doors for you.

2. The Most Important Thing Is To Speak


If we live in some of the East African countries, we are constantly in a position to speak. Many people are embarrassed and learn a few basic phrases in Swahili – and in their free time, they communicate in their native language. However, for successful integration and a good feeling, it is better to practice. According to KL Translations, for official documents, you will need professional translators and interpreters – but you can take care of learning simple everyday phrases yourself. If we are at home, it is best to practice with a native speaker, then live, in pairs or a group of others learning a foreign language – and finally through applications for learning foreign languages in pairs/groups. Native speakers of different foreign languages can be found through various internet platforms, under language learning groups, etc.

3. Rare Languages Such As Swahili ​​Can Fund Your Education


If it’s too early for you to think about business opportunities because you’re still studying or just planning to study, consider the benefits that knowledge of a lesser-known language can bring you during your time in education. Those who are encouraged to learn a foreign language have opportunities for scholarships and student exchanges and other financial support during their studies that are more difficult to achieve if the foreign language is spoken by several hundred million people. Isn’t it a genius thought that you can start learning Swahili out of love for the African wildlife – and that ultimately leads you to a scholarship and life in one of the East African countries whose economies are developing at a rapid pace?

4. Swahili Knowledge Will Reveal African Culture to You


Nowadays in most countries of the world, it is easy to cope only with English – and that is great. The knowledge that you will easily find your way around a foreign city greatly facilitates touristic trips– but we responsibly claim that this is not enough to get to know the culture in depth. In Swahili, there is a saying: MTU NI WATU, which means MAN IS A PEOPLE. Through language learning, they get to know and understand different customs, natures, and behaviors. The Swahili language originated in a way as a commercial language. It began to develop in the first centuries of the new era on the East African coast of the Indian Ocean – through the contact of locals and Arab traders arriving from the Middle East. So in fact the basis of Swahili is in Arabic, but over time it has experienced a lot of influence from local tribal languages – ​​as well as German, English, and French, and today it is an amazing mix.

5. Knowledge Of A Lesser-Known Language Leads To New Friendships


In addition to cultural clarity, knowledge of the Swahili language will also allow you to better connect with native speakers of that language. Surely you know how difficult it is to fully express yourself with limited vocabulary so knowing the language instills a dose of clarity and confidence. Not to mention how knowing “exotic” languages ​​makes you different in the local culture – which will make you stand out in front of others and break the ice in conversations more easily. You will leave a completely different impression if instead of No Problem – you end the deal with the words Hakuna Matata. In short, knowledge of a lesser-known language opens up excellent opportunities to make new connections and acquaintances, whether in a foreign or your home country.


The Swahili language is relatively easy to learn. His grammar is not too complicated. There is the influence of various world languages – so many words and their pronunciation mostly sound familiar.

If you are interested to try learning the Swahili language in an entertaining way, we suggest you find a reliable and trustworthy online language school. In that way, you will make the whole experience of learning a new language much more fun and easier. Finding the right language school can be a challenging task because there are various of them. Luckily, we do all the work for you and found excellent online Language Trainers with a lot of experience in this field that will be more than happy to help you achieve your goal and start speaking this unusual foreign language. Good luck!

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