8 Pest Control Tips for Apartment Tenants

Homeowners aren’t the only people that have to worry about pests infesting their homes; apartment tenants have it bad as well.

According to CityPests, pests don’t really pick and choose their prey; they simply go out and infect a home regardless of its size. But these can oftentimes end up causing a lot of problems that could render your home uninhabitable for some time.

It’s a very concerning thought of having to live with various infections that could wreak havoc to your home. But there is a silver lining in all of this and we are going to give you our 8 pest control tips for apartment tenants.


Don’t go anywhere as this could prove the difference when the time comes.

What You Should Do

This isn’t really that important for you as this should have been on the landlord’s to-do list from day one.

However, we all understand how some landlords might be and this is a pretty depressing thought. What you should do before picking up the apartment keys for the first time is to talk to the landlord if they have contracted a pest control company that will take care of the situation when the time comes.


Most US apartment buildings have a contracted company, but it doesn’t hurt to ask regardless.

Being covered is always a great thing, as you won’t have to spend time looking for one. Also, your landlord is in charge of making sure that no pests or infections enter your building. This means that the landlord should make sure that no raccoons, rats, rodents, etc ever come into contact with it. But that’s a harder task to ask for, and instead, they should call pest control immediately once pest has been uncovered.

How to Spot It?

There are numerous ways to uncover unwanted animals and infections residing in your apartment.

The easiest way to uncover rats, rodents, and raccoons, is to look for weird noises such as scuffling, squealing, etc. These noises will mostly appear in areas that you least expect to hear them, and that’s a pretty obvious sign that an unwanted vermin is in your apartment.

These could hide literary anywhere that fits them, and that also includes some pretty disgusting areas such as the air ducts.

For the case of infections, the best way to uncover any potential infections is to look out for weird smells, bug bites, and others of the kind.

Reporting on these is of utmost importance as the sooner you take care of the problem the better.

Now, let’s talk a bit more about the potential tips.

Pest Control Tips

It goes without saying that a clean environment will not attract unwanted pests and insects. Here is how to maintain a clean apartment.

1. Keep a Clean Kitchen


The kitchen is the first place rats infest because it is the area of your apartment that generates the most food. Keeping the kitchen clean at all times is your best way of preventing any vermin from permanently residing in your apartment. Make sure to always keep it clean from breadcrumbs, as this also attracts insects such as ants, and dirty dishes as they can easily climb onto them and pick up the remains from your lunch.

If you need expert pest control that will eliminate your problem, then make sure to visit ExpertPestControl.

2. Cobwebs

Cobwebs are a clear and obvious sign of spiders residing in your home. While some say spiders are a great way to take care of issues such as flies and other insects, our friends from the land down under sure say otherwise.

Spiders are not only creepy and disgusting, but they can also be dangerous and easily reproduce. Once you see a cobweb, immediately remove it to prevent the spread of spiders.

3. Throw the Garbage

Keeping garbage lying around the home is a prime way of attacking various pests that absolutely love it. While we hate garbage and cannot stand the smell of it, these vermin and insects can live in it until their last breath.

Frequently throwing your garbage is considered to be best-practice in the battle against pests.

4. Cleaning Drains

Frequently cleaning the drains from your kitchen or bathroom is the best way to prevent the spread of fruit flies. Fruit flies also bring with them various infections the same as silverfish. So, make sure to clean all drains every so often.

5. Vacuuming

Vacuuming not only takes care of dust and debris, but it also prevents the rise and spread of infections. As a general rule, make sure to vacuum your apartment at least once a week.

6. Don’t Keep Old Food Around

Insects love to feed on human food. But do you know what they like even more? – Old food


If you’re eating cereal or anything of the kind, then a grain or two might fall to the ground every once in a while without us noticing it. Well, you might not think much of it, but foods such as cereal or grain can attract fruit flies and flour beetles. Not only are both hard to eliminate, but both are pretty disgusting insects that cause a lot of problems.

7. Throw Out Papers and Cardboards and set up Traps


If you have any old papers and cardboards lying around, then you should throw them if you suspect your apartment has a pest problem.

This is because silverfish and clothing moths can have a field day eating away the material. Clothing moths are known for making holes in your clothes, and they’re particularly problematic since they can cause a lot of damage.

If you have any items of the kind that you have no particular use of, then make sure to throw them away.

Set traps for rodents – Set traps around your residential unit if you’ve noticed an increase of rodent activity within the last few weeks. Visit powerpestcontrols.ca online or consult a professional exterminator who can provide additional insight on how to efficiently remove these pesky animals from your living area safely and effectively

8. Inspecting for Moisture

Moisture is the paradise environment that pests and insects absolutely thrive in. Moisture is also not that hard to generate, and all it takes is a leaky faucet or problems with your pipes.

One simple mistake and before you know it you’ll have a difficult problem on your hands.

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