Is Sonicare A Good Toothbrush?

Sonicare is a sub-product of Philips, a company that has always manufactured one of the best among products. Thus it can be said without any doubt that, yes, Sonicare toothbrushes are good enough. Their brushes have proven very well thus down below are some reasons for its all-time popularity:

  • Apt for all teeth:

All types of people with their different formats of teeth can use this brush since this brush comes with several properties letting the user choose the most appropriate one for themselves. For instance, people aging over 40 with gum spaces and gum recession can use them but also youngsters with braces and other orthodontics like crowns, enamel, cementum, cement, etc. on their teeth can use it too.

Not only do they have these types of toothbrushes, but Sonicare also has a separate section for kids. They have designed these brushes to meet their demands since kids do not pay much attention to brushing.
  • Extremely cost-effective:

Sonicare brushes are very much cost-saving. It has a lot of varied products like the Essence, 2 and 3 series, Healthy White, Diamond Clean, and many others, as displayed in All of these brushes vary quite generous in price. One can opt for it depending on his or her needs and budget. Also, the brush heads of a number of the sub-product can be bought individually. Thus if you want to replace your toothbrush, you can only buy the head and attach it, and with that saving more money.

  • Effective removal of stains through Jiggling Motion:

Since its electric toothbrushes display a ‘jiggling motion,’ Sonicare has been very well popularized globally. Also, the brush can extend its cleaning action to such important spaces and gaps, which are either easily neglected or considered risky and will thus need more care

The toothbrushes are suggested for coffee and tea drinkers as well as tobacco users. The jiggling motion of the brushes is capable of removing such difficult stains in almost a month. However, the time can extend to a week more or reduce to a week less at times. Last but not least, you will not be permitted to treat your teeth with an unnecessary force, for it is technically harmful. Gentle brushing is always advisable.

  • Helps to keep away a lot of dental issues:

It has been a proven remedy for many dental problems. Beginning from the very common trouble – cavities, regular use of Sonicare can reduce your cavity from its beginnings. Apart from this, it also acts like a pro in removing biofilm. It is a thin layer of plaque and tartar depositing mainly from processed food.

Thirdly it acts to decrease the gingival inflammation and the probing depth. And lastly, these toothbrushes help you to prevent Sjogren’s syndrome by stimulating the saliva. Apart from these, it does conventional things like protecting the gums, whitening the teeth, etc.

  • Serves dual purpose:

Every Sonicare brushes operate in such a way that it fulfills the two major criteria very satisfactorily. The bristles of this brushwork effectively clean the conventional parts of the mouth like every other electric brush, but also it displays a feature of fluid dynamics, which to contributes to the perfect cleaning of the teeth. With these two actions working together, many unreached and risky parts of the mouth can be brushed with much ease, which is quite an important action for electric brushes to act upon.

  • Time-saving product:

The process of brushing always costs quite an amount of time for achieving the best cleaning. However, it ultimately becomes boring, and many do not give such an effort to brushing for cleaning the entire mouth properly. This has been very often seen amongst the kids. But since these toothbrushes have a certain feature of a 2-minutes timer, it works to finish the entire process of brushing within only two minutes.

The only job during the process is that you have to very consciously send your brushes to all places of your mouth for some seconds such that the brush has no difficulty in cleaning the mouth properly. The best part is if you are going in the wrong manner, the app will immediately make you aware of your mistake as well as show you in which angle you should hold the brush for convenience.

  • User-friendliness:

Making a proper usage of electric brushes is not everyone’s cup of tea, for it harbors a lot of operations needed to be done via a lot of buttons. But, Sonicare very amiably explains the major operations, which helps the users to attain desirable results after their use. These brushes can be comfortably used by everyone starting from beginners to pro users.

The brush can be very easily said to be your toothbrush coach, which will continuously teach you the proper brushing techniques. Now here lies the trick; all the versions of Sonicare have got almost the same construct with various features; thus, users learning the operations once will have to face no further complications.
  • Quite technologically advanced:

Sonicare toothbrushes provide you with a lot of hi-tech options. The first is its Bluetooth connectivity so that the user can keep track of his or her brushing routine. Secondly, it comes with a 2-minute timer of vibration, so that it enables one not to underdo or overdo the process.

Thirdly it has a variety of settings so that you get to take up the best for your teeth. Some of them have an in-built USB charger as well. It also comes with a pressure – sensor, which is an automatic function that exerts the right amount of pressure at the appropriate place, giving you a kind of mouth massage. This operation makes your brushing much more effective and time-saving.


There are more features to the list based on each and everyone’s personal opinion. Still, generalizing the matter, as well as speaking on a primary level, these are the main benefits that can be very satisfyingly attained.

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