Hybrid Learning; The Meaning and Essential Components

Hybrid learning has been immensely influential in the post-Covid situation. It is a great relief for students who desperately want to get back to their school life. Simultaneously it is equally helpful for the parents who are reluctant to let their child get exposed to the threats of the virus regularly. This article will talk all about hybrid learning and learn its components well.

What Is Hybrid Learning?

Hybrid mode is a unique system of learning where students get the opportunity to take part in a visual classroom and physical classes. In hybrid learning, the students can enjoy the in-person learning system and online learning in which the system uses various tools to execute the virtual courses effectively.

The hybrid classroom tools include a learning management system, video conferencing, etc. this integration of remote and in-person students in a familiar environment helps self-paced learning.

How Beneficial Is it?

It has proved to be a successful learning system and is widely accepted by administrators, teachers, families, and students. Some of the benefits are

  1. Accessibility over learning on a local and international level.
  2. Safety to stay back home while the teachers are sick and not able to attend classes,
  3. A cost-effective system allows the students to use digital textbooks and cost-effective courses.

Students who make hybrid learning more successful also take expert guidance from to score better online courses.

What Is The Drawback of Hybrid Learning?

Students all over the world, unfortunately, do not have access to strong internet connectivity. With a restricted Wi-Fi speed, they are unable to make their online learning experience a successful one.

Also, it has been noted and recorded that few students who possess learning inabilities cannot make good progress in their studies in the absence of proper learning tools. They need in-person guidance, physical classrooms with sufficient features, necessary aids, engaging games and other pieces of equipment. These are practically impossible to arrange in the case of hybrid learning.

Another major drawback of hybrid learning is that many children are not able to cope with this system due to socio-economic differences.

As a result, hybrid learning is still a dream for many.

What Are The 5 Important Elements of Hybrid Learning?

1. Model

If you’re considering switching to the hybrid learning model, you first need to identify your current background.

Classes are always more engaging. You will enjoy the concepts taught face-to-face, and infographics and online videos will serve the online students.

Therefore, it would be great if every subject teacher could decide on a class according to their schedule. This particular structure helps the students to enhance their communication skills.

2. Common collaboration

Students differ a lot from one to another. Some need a constant doubt clearance session, while others might be self-motivated.

There should always be a regular discussion session with teachers and other students no matter how a student is. With the help of this important discussion on the common educational platform, students get more enriched, and teachers too can helpfully clear the doubts regarding any difficult topic. You learn narrative writing skills and get more information regarding current affairs too.

3. Self-guidance

It imparted through online teachers is very useful. Teachers are able to offer a lot of rich resources, formulas and various practice methods that help students get more involved in learning. Education should not be difficult when the students have access to such an advanced platform and are enriched with so many resources. Therefore, students are now ready to take up self-study and develop self-guidance strategies.

Students thus have more focus and concentration in the case of hybrid learning.

4. Self-assessment

It offers you self assessment or self-evaluation to a large extent. It may be worth noting that this time around, schools encourage students to gain academic experience throughout the year and to set monthly and non-academic goals.

These short and long term goals give the privilege to the students to assess their preparation over time and at a regular interval.

As a result, the students start performing better and go one step ahead towards success.

5. Two ways assessment

Over the years, schools have given the opportunity to students and parents to assess a teacher’s performance. In the hybrid learning environment, student strength is reduced by up to 30%. Thus the workload for assessing the performance is diversified.

The teachers have a more transparent assessment of each student’s interests and decide which student will attend which session. As a result, the school will receive feedback on the subjects and courses taught and design the curriculum based on the lessons learned.

In addition, schools should constantly reassess their students’ interest in their careers. Overall it is a crucial stage in the process of learning.

It allows the teaching fraternity and the school management to shape their curriculum better. Students, too, are able to demonstrate superior abilities in their preferred subjects. Further, they get more opportunities to showcase their talents too.

Is Hybrid Different from Blended Learning?

Yes, it is a distinctly different model from blended learning.

Blended learning merges the practice of both face-to-face and asynchronous learning. This system allows students to practice online and watch instructional videos at their own pace.

On the other hand, hybrid learning is how teachers teach directly to students from different locations. The teaching fraternity uses technology such as video conferencing to teach learners remotely.

How Do I Make Hybrid Learning Successful?

Try these valuable steps:

  1. Chalk out a strategic semester goal to structure the entire syllabus.
  2. Identify which course objective is suitable for you.
  3. Clearly determine the content of the online portion.
  4. Before you practically start with the course, take a trial run of the online part of your system.

Virtual learning technology has a great scope of expansion in the future. It is advisable for all the students of now and future to keep their consistent pace in the race.

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