How to Plan a Trade Show

Trade fairs, as a place of direct competition between supply and demand, direct contacts, a place of confrontation with one’s own opportunities and values, a place of discovering new products, recognizing and getting to know the competition, is one of the forms of promotion and one of the most significant ones, characterized by exceptional social and economic importance.

Participation in local, regional and international fairs is a great opportunity to connect with potential partners, financial institutions, as well as to offer your goods and services.

Here we will present a compilation of knowledge and experience that is directly related to the successful attendance at such gatherings.

In a few steps, we want to show you how to make your performance a success, from defining your goals for a particular performance to tracking the results afterwards. We will help you to realize everything in the best possible way.

You also need to think about which fairs you want to visit and attend them, which depends on many factors like what you have to offer, the market, etc.

We hope that by reading this article you will get the answer to most questions about how to stand you out of the crowd and put your product at the forefront.

They often look too similar to the others, which by no means attract attention and thus waste valuable time in attracting people. Avoid this happening with these tips!

A good booth at a trade show can help you launch your products and make them more popular with well thought out and organized activities. With these ten tips, learn how to make your stand one of the best and bring you many new clients.

Grab the attention of passersby

Make sure interested passers-by, when you are noticed, also remember you! This can affect the interaction not only at the booth but also after the fair. Your booth must be different from each other in order to attract fair visitors so that they do not pass by your booth as if it did not exist.

You can opt for vibrant colors: red and yellow are signal and attention-grabbing, or highlight an interesting lure at the top of the booth, in the form of a weird question, short text, or drawing.

Good music can attract and retain, but make sure it is not too loud – it is very tiring for most people and they look to get away from you as soon as possible. Click here to find even more about how to capture attention of visitors.

A design that stands out

In relation to the previous paragraph – visual identity is your strongest ally. These do not have to be complicated, ornate and expensive ornaments that will probably fall apart by the end. Minimalism is very effective, and often you will need very little resources to realize a good idea.

You can also give effective uniforms to employees, or even arrange for their faces to be painted – this can attract young children, and thus their parents, potential customers and clients.

The striking identity of the exhibitor

Once you’ve caught the attention of your visitors, make them remember that they saw you.

The logo and name of the company or person the booth should be prominently displayed and displayed in the memory of visitors. Let the firm’s main motto, short and effective, be found here.

Interesting exhibits

Have the booth showcase the most representative examples of your products. If you offer some services or things that cannot be presented as a whole, make sure the content is clear and compelling in brochures and leaflets.


Keep guests on the stand with interactive content; these can be games, mobile apps, taking pictures with an exhibit or testing products. VR is popular, but food and drink tasting is a classic.

Skillful communication with interested parties

Your team will keep in touch with potential customers and clients throughout the day. These are the most important tips for communicating with them:

-Do not immediately aim for the interested – let them look first;

-with eye contact and unobtrusive body language, make it clear that you are here to help;

– address one short and direct question;

-Do not keep a product monologue and listen to people and their questions;

– Have a ready, separate space where you can sit down with those interested and talk to them about what interests them;

– offer them a drink while you sit and talk – so you buy time at least while they have a drink.

Engaged and knowledgeable team

The staff at the booth should have the correct information at all times so that they can answer all the questions, or at least have a good look at the brochures and know where to look for answers. If they seem confused and without enough product information, your chances of success are very low.

Promotional material

Have the people you contacted bring something to remember and reminisce about your business. You can share: ballpoint pens, lighters, notebooks and beautifully designed bags.

Promo material should include the name of the company, as well as a contact phone or website. It takes up little space, and if the material is beautifully designed and of high quality, it will add a lot to the positive impression. Also, if they are interested in your product and accidentally forget the name of the company, this way they will be able to find you.

Contact information

Make a short form at the booth where those interested will be able to leave a contact phone or e-mail address to which they wish to receive future information, so-called newsletters.

A call to action: engagement after the fair

Leave it to those interested to access interesting content on your site or blog. Funny quizzes and useful blog texts are now popular – direct them and get engaged even after the fair activities.


A booth at the fair is a great way to get a wide audience acquainted with your activities. Take this opportunity and present yourself in the best way. There are agencies that, among other things, offer you booth organization services, personalized for your needs. From staff to catering, PR activities and equipment, a complete service is ready for you.

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