Growth Hormone Deficiency Facts for Human Growth

Growth hormones are not only important for the growth of our body but also for many other things. It is responsible for the food and nutrition distribution in our bodies. One of the most common things that people face with the deficiency of growth hormones is fat storage. During our growing years, our body uses food to provide energy to us. However, as we age, the production of this hormone lowers and as a result of this fat storage increases.

Apart from age, there are also a lot of other factors that cause the lower production of growth hormones. And this is what is known as Growth Hormone Deficiency or GHD. This is a treatable problem, therefore, you should not worry too much. But you should consult a doctor and ask for his expertise.

There are medicines like Omnitrop that are actually human growth hormones. Doctors recommend this medicine for people who have a low production of growth hormones. You can read more about it at

There are certain things that you should be careful with. For example, the age of the person, because this medicine is not for children. Likewise, if you have any medical condition like cardiovascular issues or had stomach surgery.

Production of the Growth Hormone

The first thing that you should know is the production of this hormone. It is released from the pituitary gland, which is located in our brain. So the hormonal release is directly related to our brain.

Now you must be thinking that what causes the deficiency of the growth hormone.

This is not a common problem and only 1 child out of 7000 births suffer from this. Parents might not take it seriously and think that their child is growing slower than the other children. However, they do not know the fact that it is because of the GHD. But if parents can notice this and can get timely detection, they can get better treatment for their kid. Therefore, it is important for parents to pay attention to the weight and growth of their children.

GHD a symptom too

Sometimes, the problem can be a simple growth hormone deficiency but not always. It is possible that this is a symptom of another disease which is Prader Willi Syndrome. Or it can be a symptom of any other genetic problem. Because suffering from GHD is caused by something. So the doctor will determine whether it is just the suppression of the pituitary gland or something else.

Why do we need the Growth Hormone?

For growing of course. However, this is not this simple. A person is always growing when he comes into this world. It starts from the baby phase and goes on until he turns 23 or 25. The age varies from person to person but usually, the growth process slows down after 25.

This is because we got all our teeth and body parts and muscles. However, the hormone is still in need. Why? Because our cells are continuously dying and we need new cells. Therefore, the production of new cells, growth of hair, nails and proper working of our body requires it. So there is no stop for hormonal release.

What happens with the low production of the Growth hormone?

With age, the production level slows down and therefore, we start to age. The production of new cells is caused by this hormonal discharge. Therefore, the low production means that the birth of new cells will slow down. This will result in dropping down your skin. You will get wrinkles and have more dead skin cells. Furthermore, you require more facial treatments to maintain your youthful looks.

In addition to this, the fat storage in our belly area increases. Growth hormone is responsible for making use of the fat and provides energy to the body to grow. But because the body is growing no more, the coming fat will deposit in fatty layers in the belly. So to say it simply, it is responsible for maintaining the body structure and maintaining our metabolism.

Does GHD occur only in babies?

No. although it is highly likely that the baby will carry GHD but it is also possible for adults. The cause varies from person to person but it is possible.

Some of the causes of GHD include;

1 – A brain tumor

If you have been fine until recently, then there must be something wrong with your brain. If GHD was not at the time of birth then there is a chance that you have a tumor in your brain. And because it has caused GHD, there is a high chance that the tumor is present near the pituitary gland. Or it can appear near the hypothalamus.

So if you are suffering from GHD at an elderly age, you should get a complete checkup. It is highly likely that your doctor will recommend complete brain tests. But in case the doctor misses it, you should consult him again. You can talk about your concerns and go with the complete checkup.

2 – Head injury

Another cause of GHD at an older age is head injury. You might have suffered an accident and it resulted in damaging your pituitary gland. So there is no tumor but damage to your brain. Thus, it will affect the functioning and hormonal balance of your body.

3 – Radiation exposure

If your job makes you exposed to radiation, you are likely to get GHD. Therefore, pay attention to where you work and what you do. Your profession seriously affects your life so you should pay attention to your safety.

And also if you have got radiation therapy. Exposure to radiation is not good for our bodies. And it can cause aftereffects.

Furthermore, apart from radiations, infectious diseases can also result in GHD.

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