Luck or Lore: Exploring Traditional Gambling Superstitions

Gambling is a pastime of choice for millions of people. You will find gambling to be a significant part of many cultures all over the globe. Furthermore, in different cultures, you will find different gambling games. These days, you will see most of these gathered in numerous online casinos. If you want to go through some of the best ones, consult lists that consist of them.

If you search for people who enjoy gambling, you will find numerous celebrities interested in this activity. Each of them has some story about their experience with these games. Of course, not all are equally successful in participating in this sort of activity. But there is one thing that ties all the gamblers together. All of them have one thing in common, all of them have some superstitions they think enhance their chances of winning, such as smartcasinoguide.

Some experts on the subject think this is a placebo effect, while others believe these are nothing more than just superstitions. However, there are some that are based on facts. Today, we want to explore traditional gambling superstitions. We will go into detail with all these and explore whether they have the foundation in real conditions or are superstitions. Without further ado, let us begin.

Wearing Red Clothes


Red is considered a lucky color in numerous cultures around the world. The best example we can find is in Chinese culture. Locals believe that wearing red specifically helps while people gamble. That’s why you will see many Chinese wearing these colors in casinos. Just watch some poker tournaments, and most players will wear red. Naturally, the only way we can describe this practice is nothing more than superstition.

It is mainly a cultural thing, but that doesn’t mean no people outside China also practice this. For example, many players do the same in the US and Europe. Generally speaking, most experts believe this is alongside the cultural thing, a personal decision of people. It is not logical to expect people from the US and Europe to have the same opinion. Maybe it is just the color they feel good while wearing.

Lucky Numbers

Everyone who has experienced gambling knows that many people have their lucky numbers. Of course, this is a completely personal thing. Everyone has their favorites. In most cases, you will see that people use numbers that have some connection with their date of birth or the date of birth of their children. However, many have chosen a number without any logic behind it simply because of their feeling.

In most cases, you will see people coming up with the number while they gamble. For example, they will go through a good streak. Furthermore, you will find many who do not enjoy using the number 13 in their combinations. The negative connotation behind this number is more than clear. The commonest lucky number you will come across is number 8. We are not sure about the reason, but this is the fact.

But as we’ve said, many people think about their lucky numbers for no real reason. It is probably the commonest case, even when their choice is number 8. Other popular options are numbers 7, 9, and 20. They are a part of almost every combination. Once again, we want to reference Chinese culture. The Chinese avoid the number 4. As you can see, culture greatly influences people’s decisions, even with gambling.

Itchy Hands


In European countries, you will find many players who think that itchy hands are a good sign. Many think it is a sign that they will have a good run for their money. But this is a sign only if your left hand is itching. If the right one is itching, you are about to suffer some losses that might be too big for your budget to sustain them. Those who believe it are extremely careful about their next decision.

While there is no definite answer to this tradition, the best theory we can find comes from pre-Christian Britain. During those times, the locals believe that itching palm means they are about to receive a good profit. Even if it is old, you will see it is quite widespread in this day and age.

Blowing on Dice

Lastly, we want to address a common practice of blowing on dice. You will see this is a common thing among those who play craps. We are talking about an interesting tradition that derives from a tradition about the possibility of dice getting up as high as possible. Naturally, proving this tradition as a scientific fact is impossible. Throwing dice is always a game of chance, and it is not possible to expect it to be successful every time. That is why the only conclusion we can come up with is that it is a superstition.

But it is important to say that many casinos pay much attention to how they treat dice. Numerous brick-and-mortar casinos keep dice locked until they are about to use them on the table. The reason is quite simple. There are many experts who have created ways to use fake dice to make all their runs successful. It happens when those who want to do it change the dice with their own, which is not allowed by casinos.

The test is conducted every day to ensure the quality of the dice. Of course, it is important to say that some casinos do not allow players to blow in dice. Naturally, they do not do it because they believe this will make anyone successful. Instead, many players who do not practice this are annoyed when someone does it. That is why you will see so many casinos that don’t allow this to happen in their space.

In Conclusion

Of course, most casino games rely solely on luck. However, this doesn’t mean your skills cannot help in some moments. On the other hand, the superstitions we’ve named before are nothing more than just superstitions. We are certain you will find this insight of ours interesting.

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