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Email Templates for Business Success

You can use email content to attract new subscribers, the attention of potential customers, and build connections with existing customers. However, every time you need to write a new email. To speed up and simplify this process, use email templates. It eliminates the need to keep many files on your desktop. Most importantly, you don’t spend too much time creating new emails with the same content. You can edit and send emails  with just a few clicks.

What Is an Email Template?

Email is an excellent communication tool that allows companies to deliver content to their users. So, email templates here are pre-formatted or ready-made email messages that you can use as you like to quickly and easily come up with your own email. You can use them to send daily messages to other people.

Personalized and Consistent Emails

Ordinary and boring emails no longer attract anyone’s attention. Email should impact your audience. Subscribers need to feel unique and valuable. This is the only way to increase the loyalty of actual and potential customers. This is your strategic advantage and an essential base for building a stable, strong, and prosperous business. Now is the time to customize your email marketing.

Email Subject Lines

Gated content email opening phrases

  • Are you really ready to miss it?
  • [URGENT] You have ONE DAY to make a purchase!
  • Does your child have similar problems?

Useful blog post email opening phrases

  • Don’t you have time to do all the tasks? Our [X] tips will come in handy!
  • Are you tired of not achieving the desired results? See how to fix it!
  • You are not the only one suffering from [pain points]!

Webinar email opening phrases

  • Don’t forget about the [company’s] webinar!
  • [Title] confirmation and instructions for webinar registration!
  • Don’t forget about our online event on [the date]!

Sign-up email opening phrases

  • We just have a responsibility to tell you about it!
  • Your registration is completed, so you can use the [company’s] services.
  • If you have subscribed to our newsletters, you may also like…

Case analysis email opening phrases

  • Let’s talk about the use of these services.
  • See what you can achieve with us!
  • Research results: what successful people do in the morning…

Externally published article email opening phrases

  • Do you want to get more info on [topic]?
  • Read a new article from [external publisher’s name]!
  • We have some articles on what you love!

Brand mention email subject phrases

  • Our secret to success is…!
  • We appreciate your interest! You can use the [link]!
  • Do you want to get more information?

Must-read email opening phrases

  • We have an essential [company] update inside! Check it!
  • Read the new post on our blog!!
  • Follow the link inside to see how to solve your problem!

Email Template Ideas

Over the past few years, email marketing has come a long way and acquired new tools and functions.. But how often do you open emails, run through them with your eyes, find nothing interesting, and immediately close them? In 2019, the average CTR across multiple industries was 2.6%, according to Campaign Monitor. So, what’s the problem?

Writing a convincing email with the right structure, which will bring excellent results, is not an easy task. Email marketing strategy is both art and science, which harmoniously complement each other.

  • Gated content free email templates

Dear [name],

We have been successfully operating with [company name] in [the area of activity] for [how long]. We have achieved promising results jointly. You can find the exact information here [link].

We will be happy if you join us. Here are options for how we can help you solve your concerns:



  • Email example on a blog post

It is so nice to see you again, [name].

We have information in our blog that may be helpful to you.

[insert a link to a site or attach the files]

It can be valuable for you because [explain why].

  • Email example of webinar invitation

Dear [name],

We want to announce the webinar [title] on [date]. [X] great speakers will discuss different issues.

(List of speakers/presentations)

Click here [link] for more additional info regarding the event.

See you soon!


  • Email example on subscription

Look, who’s here!

Thank you for your desire to receive our emails. We are happy to have a reader like you.

We have some advice related to the update on [topic].

(List of tips)

Please contact us whenever you want.

  • Free HTML email templates on case study

Good morning, [name],

We hope these [products/services] help solve your problems.

We want to show you successful examples of partnerships in our report:

  • When and where [products/services] should be used;
  • What results can be achieved?

We expect this issue is interesting to you.

[Attachment of the case study].

  • Email template for externally published articles

Nice to meet you, [name].

We sent you details about [product name], and now you can try it.

We have several [guest logins/free samples/vouchers] that can be used to access/receive [product or service]. Share them with your colleagues. It would be fascinating to hear their opinion.

We will happily discuss everything in more detail by phone or in person. What do you think of it?

  • HTML email templates on a new brand

Dear [name],

The [external publisher name] website has some great [articles/blog articles/other content] that can be very exciting.

Articles mentioning our brand are called [titles] and cover topics such as:

(List of topics)

We hope you enjoy it. You can see more content here [link].


  • Must-read email templates

Hi there,

We would like to inform you about the latest developments at [companies]. Therefore, we believe that the following [new/updated/changed] information is important.

(List of announcements)

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this announcement.


So, you can use these email templates free download for your business. When creating an email, check whether its structure complies with the AIDA rule and if there is nothing extra. The easier it is to read the email and the less unnecessary information there, the more likely it will interest the subscriber. Remember to review reports and analyze mailing results to make emails as effective as possible.

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