4 Proper Ways To Care and Storage Your for Fur Coats

Winter is the most beautiful time of the year. This season offers us a little rest from the sun which does not bother us anyway, but also from the high temperatures that we have during the summer. It is a perfect time of year to go somewhere in the mountains, to go to a ski resort in the world or simply to a summer house where you can enjoy with your family. Low temperatures go hand in hand with winter, so buying a winter wardrobe must be considered. As a particularly important part of the winter wardrobe, we would single out winter jackets, coats, and fur coats as the warmest pieces of clothing that are the right choice for low temperatures and snowy weather.

We must do our best to make the winter wardrobe as convenient and practical as possible. By this, we mean specifically the part related to the thickness of the coat or jacket that we will choose, as well as its composition. If you live in an area where winters are not so cold it would be okay to buy a regular flared jacket, but if you come from an area where winters last long, there is often snow that lasts for days and temperatures are often below zero, in that case, it is necessary to buy a piece of clothing that will include wool, but also a piece of fur that will keep the body warm at a satisfactory level.

Winter wardrobe requires special treatment and care. This especially refers to its storage, but also its maintenance or cleaning must not be forgotten. Each piece of clothing is different in itself and requires different care. So it depends on whether the wardrobe has wool, leather, fur, whether it is fluffy and the like, say from who have been selling quality winter clothes that are easy to maintain for many years. Therefore, in the continuation of this article, we bring you the 4 proper ways how you should take care of winter coats, jackets, fur coats, and the fur on them, and it will be yours only to follow us from the comfort of your warm home.
  1. It is often necessary to thoroughly clean these pieces of clothing, the best option is through dry cleaning – we wear winter clothes for the longest time in a year. Winter clothes are worn for an average of 4 to 6 months depending on the weather conditions that your region will have in the specific calendar year. That is why it is necessary to clean these pieces of winter clothes often. Now you must be wondering why … The answer is the following – we wear this wardrobe very often and in all conditions, in all locations, and under different circumstances. It is especially important to clean this wardrobe often in these moments when a coronavirus pandemic is going on and we are often among people, so a sample of the virus can be found on our clothes at an inconvenient moment. But despite this, we need to clean them to protect ourselves from other viruses and bacteria that are all around us in winter. We recommend wearing dry-cleaning in a quality dry cleaning service where they will take care to professionally clean the winter clothes, as well as the fur that is on it. Be careful not to go to an unchecked place where your piece of clothing may be unintentionally damaged.
  2. Make sure you ventilate your winter clothes at home – the clothes we often wear in our everyday life, in addition to being often washed or cleaned, it is desirable to be regularly ventilated in the fresh air. With the ventilation, we will restore the freshness of the clothes a little, and in this way, all the bad smells can be eliminated, with a special reference to the fur which often knows to be with a bad smell of cigarettes, smoke or other smell that no one wants on themselves. . For that reason, it is enough to hang your jacket, coat or fur coat on a hanger and leave it outside for about an hour to eliminate odors and refresh your winter piece.
  3. Add a freshener to the closet, but make sure it also protects against moths – walk into the markets and look for one of those fresheners that refreshes the clothes in the closet but also protects it from moths. This moment is very important because most often winter coats, jackets, and fur coats are a frequent target of moths that are found in almost every closet. That is why we recommend frequent cleaning of the closet with a cleaner, ventilation of the clothes and at the end, as a prevention, have a freshener attached that will keep the beautiful smell of your clothes, will refresh it, and at the same time will protect it from these bad insects that eat it the clothes. Of course, these fresheners also contain an ingredient that does not harm you or your clothes but harms moths that try to attack the clothes. It is of great importance for all types of coats, especially for furs that require cleanliness and freshness.
  4. When the season is over, clean the clothes and vacuum them to be safe, clean, and fresh – with the beginning of spring, the cleaning of the closets begins, the replacement of the winter with spring clothes, which means moving and sorting the coats, fur coats, fur pieces. and jackets. Our recommendation is to pay enough attention to them at the end of the season. What does that mean? It is necessary to clean them well, ie to take them to dry cleaning where they will be properly washed and prepared for packaging. Then get some vacuum bags to put these pieces in and vacuum them with a vacuum cleaner. In these bags your winter pieces will be safe, protected from all kinds of pests, they will be fresh and ready for the next season. Take care of the fur because you need to be especially gentle and careful with it so as not to ruin it unintentionally.

If you follow our tips, do not have any problem with the storage and maintenance of your furry winter clothes. They will be clean and ready to wear at all times. Take special care in storing them when the winter season is not current because then it is most important that they are properly stored. Now you are ready to spend the winter, enjoy the snow and the fresh winter air!

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